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Do You Socialize With Customers

After yesterday’s post about finding NEW customers this one may seem a little strange but it got me to thinking.  I know a scary thought, right?

The buz words in direct sales is “building relationships” with our customers but have you really thought about what that means?  Do you hang out with your customers?  I mean beyond the initial family and friends who are on that list of people you first went to when you started your business. Or beyond the party?

I have to admit, I am a bit of an introvert – imagine that?  I used to “hang out” a lot when my daughter was growing up.  I had work friends and kid friends (the parents of my daughter’s friends) but since I was a single mom, my life pretty much revolved around those two worlds.  I always said that I needed a life!  When Belinda went away to college, I still had work friends but I slowly lost touch with “kid” friends.  As I retired from my full-time job, I was stuck!  I needed to find new interests and new friends.  I have been blessed to re-connect with my best friend but there are three types of friends..

3 friends

So, let’s think about our customers….when you see something on sale that they mentioned they were looking for do you send them a text?  When they mention (or you see on Facebook) that there is an event in their life, do you send a card?  When you see them in church, do you stop to chat or just smile and pass them by?

I love my church family – they all know that I sell Thirty One and will quickly refer people to me.  Why?  Because we have a connection beyond my business – we are in bible study, Sunday services, church dinners and more together.  Sharing our lives.

So, why not translate the same concept to our customers.  I am looking for a charitable group to volunteer with so why not volunteer or help out at an event that is dear to a customer’s heart.  Help their cause while you get to know them beyond the party or sales.  Isn’t that what friends do, is support each other?  It doesn’t mean that you are selling your products, it means that you are sharing a common thread in your lives which will lead to more sales and more connections.

LISTEN to your current customers!  Take notes and then follow-up on a personal level.  This is one method that I am using to build relationships this year with my customers.  It may mean spending a little bit more time on social media or keeping track of who is attending what events but the results will surprise you.  I am really putting my tickler file to use this year to track these things.  Now, I don’t mean you should stalk your customers but show a true interest in them.

Don’t you think that people will respond better to your emails or calls when you have shown an interest in her, her friends, her family or maybe even her favorite cause.  Better yet, maybe they will refer their friends to you!  If your customer is not ready to host a party, maybe she has a friend who is up for it.

How do you socialize with your customers?

Have ThirtyOne-derful day!

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