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Saturday Spotlight: Younique

Today’s Spotlight is on Rose Castro from Younique.  I met Rose several years ago and we hit it off from the start.  I will be honest, I am not a fan of their famous 3D mascara but I’m not a fan of any mascara BUT I do love the other products I have used.  My favorite is the Beachfront Bronzer.

Here is what Rose has to say about her journey with Younique:

What started out as a love for makeup turned into so much more after I joined Younique in November 2013. The 3D mascara got me hooked. I love our makeup and as we grow the products keep getting better and better. But it’s not just about the makeup and mascara. The friendships and customer relationships I’ve built are important to me. My earned trip to the Elite status retreat in Utah was life changing. Getting to meet Melanie and Derek (the owners) and having dinner at Derek’s house with his wife and children….just like family. I learned so much about the company and what it stands for in that weekend.

Younique’s was started in 2012 by a brother and sister team with their mission of Uplifting, Empowering & Validating women. Younique has a foundation that helps sexually abused women. Every Younique order placed has the option of donating to the foundation by rounding up your order to the $.

What I love about Younique?? It’s not just quality cosmetics….it’s a family.

Be sure to “like” Rose’s Business Page and check out her website for more awesome products.

Once you have shopped with Rose, you will need a place to store all of your new products so you have easy access…. Why not try Thirty One’s Glamour Case? Organize cosmetics and toiletries in style with our amazing Glamour Case. It has roomy compartments to fit everything from lip gloss or a compact to full-size bottles. 4″ H x 9″ L x 5 1/4″ D

You can check out all of her AWESOME products at our upcoming BINGO event:

What is your favorite Younique products?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

Sizzle not Fizzle

Here we are at the last day of June and rolling into another “J” month.  For some in direct sales, they dread these two months.  WHY?  The summer is here, people are headed to the beach, lake or pool to have fun with little thought of hosting a party.  For those of us who rely on our business to pay our bills, it means getting creative.

I honestly used to hate “J” months but it is definitely a mindset.  Yes, what you speak into the Universe will happen.  I used to say “no one wants to party” or “sales are awful in the J months”.  The result, horrible sales with few parties in January, June and July.  Truth be told, I headed into June this year with NOTHING on my calendar.  I am ending the month with over $2,000 in sales. Why?  Because I changed my mindset and got creative.

Your direct sales party plan business doesn’t have to stop when the summer heats up.  You actually can make money and have fun during the summer months.

Here are some tools from Misty Kearns, CEOofMe.com you should pack in your business beach bag so you can have a sizzling hot successful summer.

Swim Suit = Parties! Parties are the core of our business so be sure you always have parties booked. Cancellati­ons and reschedule­s are higher in the summertime so be sure to over book. Offering fun, summer time themed parties will help you book more parties and have higher attendance at your parties too. A few of my host & customer’s favorite party themes include Luau, Garden Party, Party at the Park, Pool Party & Ice Cream Party. You can do these as home and online parties and even have fun with themed catalog parties too.

Sunscreen = Don’t let yourself get burned out in your business! You should apply training often. Attend your team and company’s regular training events. Stay connected with your fellow team members for accountabi­lity, motivation and support.

Sunglasse­s = Have your Business Glasses on & look for new business everywhere­! Always be on the lookout for new people, places and opportunit­ies to share your business this summer. Take your business with you as you are out and about, doing summer activities and traveling.

Water Bottle = Stay hydrated & motivated. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated physically and mentally. Make personal developmen­t a daily habit. Surround yourself with positive influences and other motivated business owners. Read some new books this summer, catch up on training series you signed up for but didn’t finish or complete some business projects you have been putting off. Take care of your health too so you are able to work to the best of your ability.

Shovel = Determinat­ion! Be prepared to dig deep & work hard this summer to reach your goals. Don’t let yourself get lazy. Stick to a (flexible) schedule and be sure to do all the weekly activities you should be doing in your business.

Beach Ball = Build a Team & Bounce Up to Leadership­! It’s not really much fun to play on the beach by yourself. You need a team to play with. Focus on recruiting­, finding new team members and helping them get off to a strong start this summer. You’ll enjoy an increased income, leadership promotions and most of all be able to help others reach their goals.

Bucket = Something to carry all the money you will be making! That’s right, if you work your business consistent­ly and apply these ideas you will be carrying home a big bucket full of money instead of just sand at the end of the summer. Buy yourself a beach bucket from the dollar store and write your goals for the summer on it. Put your beach bucket on your desk for daily motivation­.

Flip Flops = To remind you to keep on moving. Remember NO means “next opportunit­y” and gets you one step closer to the next YES! Keep on sharing your business & moving forward no matter what!

I am teaming up with three other friends in direct sales for a BINGO night.  A chance to book some parties, get some sales and expand our customer base.  

What are you doing to make your summer sizzle?  Share your best tips with us..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks

Bingo Fun for Your Business

How many of you like to play BINGO?  Be honest, do you have your good luck charms you always take with you?  Many years ago, I started playing BINGO at home parties and then moved to events and now with the surge of Facebook Parties, it is going to be another way to hold a Facebook LIVE party.  Yes, I said LIVE.  Of course, you can do it with lots of posts BUT wouldn’t your guests like to see you and the products up close?

First, you need a hostess or maybe a Mystery Hostess party or a battle of the hostesses… In April, I am going to do a Mystery Hostess BINGO party online playing  BINGO.

If you have a hostess, then you will begin by hostess coaching her on how to get people to join her party.  I do multiple forms of invites – snail mail, VIP invites with incentives to help the hostess collect orders, email and of course, Facebook.

Then you will need a BINGO board for YOUR business… This is for Thirty One, I’m not sure who did it but  I wish I could so I could thank her.  Set up a Facebook party (an event) for a 2 to 3 day period with the actual event happening on a specific time and day.  For example, the party may run from April 3 – 5 with the event actually happening on the 4th at 8:30PM.  Just because the event is actually only for a few days doesn’t mean you can’t post some fun things leading up to it.  I don’t usually go more than a week out with a Facebook party.  When I create the event in my VIP group, it will be for one night only.

The night before the party, you post a grid of products – your BINGO board and tell your guests to pick 5 numbers, and meet back at the designated party time. Then at the designated time, you meet back on FACEBOOK to pull numbers and share about your AMAZING products.  Now the prizes don’t have to be big BUT I would encourage you to do something that adds to your personal volume increasing your sales.

This is a great way to get interaction and share about your products.  The guests are all there hoping to win but they are also learning about the products.

Yes, the guests may pick some of the same numbers.  The directions are to choose 5 numbers BUT they do not have to be in a row or column.  Do you know what they will do?

When they are told to pick any number, they will subconsciously pick items they LIKE! A total AH-HA moment! Right?  You are starting to build a relationship with potential customers to help them shop for products they like and want.

This game works for you in so many ways!!

  1. It gets people excited and interacting in your FB party or VIP group.
  2. If you post it the night before the party, you can also remind them to come back the next night to join in the fun LIVE.
  3. Each time you ‘call’ a number, you are telling them about the product.
  4. You now have a WISH LIST for your customers and guests!!


  1. Post the Bingo grid, tell them to pick 5 numbers, any number, they do not need to be in order, give them a time frame and tell them when Bingo will be played.  I am playing the next day BUT you may want to post the board and play the same day.
  2. They need to post their numbers in the comments of the post with the Bingo grid
    I remind them a little before Bingo time
  3. You can post the grid again, say let’s play Bingo!
  4. If you are just posting pictures, in the comments of the post, you can post theI ‘called’ numbers.  You can pick numbers from a hat or post random numbers.  If you are doing it LIVE, you can post an album of the products so they can see the details without going to another link.
  5. When all 5 of their numbers have been called, they post BINGO!
  6. I give away a prize – something small and I will mail it to them.

The next day, send a message to everyone who played,  and thank them. If you are playing in your VIP Group, DO NOT sell or offer anything, just reach out to say thanks.  If you are doing this as a party for a hostess, then of course, in addition to thanking them, share the link for her party.

There are so many ways to change this up to fit YOUR business.  Can’t wait to see how it works for you….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Business Tips and Tricks

Fundraising is FUN!

Fundraising is defined as the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies.


I have ALWAYS loved Fundraisers! Maybe that is why I loved grant writing so much.  Now, it is one of the favorite parts of my business!

I’ve been doing fundraisers since I started with Thirty One almost 6 years ago.  I had lots of practice getting the glitches out so I can make it fun for you and your organization.  There are lots of ways to do fundraisers to help you, your organization or cause raise the money they need this year.  What better time then during the holiday season when everyone is shopping anyway, right?14316741_10207561074928131_8710155584920521319_n

What if you aren’t a group or bold enough to ask online for help from family and friends?  What if you are the average family struggling to pay for unexpected expenses?  Or maybe your child (children) want to play on a sports team but you don’t have the money for uniforms or equipment?  What if you have overwhelming medical bills and an extra $100 or $200 would help eliminate the stress?  What if you are expecting a new addition to the family BUT the cost of new furniture, diapers (have you seen how expensive they are?) and formula is already stressing you out?

MY TOP 7 ways to fund raise!

Pick one or combine a few of them.  Whatever works for YOU!  Combining a few ensures success when it comes to hosting a fundraiser!

#1 Online Party

Easy Peezy!  We list your fundraiser on my website and then everyone can follow the link to order. 25% of all orders are donated to your organization.

#2 Home Show/ Open House

You host a home show and invite all your friends and family to see the product and order there!

#3 Facebook Event

Is everyone you know on Facebook?  This is a GREAT way to highlight product, HOW they could enjoy Thirty-One while donating to a great cause. I set it up and you invite your friends. Everything is done online.

#4 Bingo Night

OMG!  This is my favorite one!  Everyone LOVES to play Bingo.  They win prizes, and order to donate to a great cause!

#5 Fashion Show

We pick a collection of products or bundles.  Have organization members model them while we share tips for alternate uses.  Everyone has that hidden desire to be an “actress”.  We can have lots of fun while getting everyone involved.

#6 A Favorites Collection

We put together a collection of 5 to 6 products. I make a flier, and your group sells just those products.

#7 Registration Party

Everyone shows up on team registration night.  This is a great opportunity to get ALL the parents even those you don’t see all of the time. I would be happy to set up a table of products and collect orders.  We can also hand out packets so others can help collect orders.

Easier and different then the traditional candy bar or wrapping paper fundraiser. Everyone LOVES Thirty One.  The products are fun, functional, fashionable and affordable.  There is something in everyone’s price range.

Interested in knowing more about fundraising opportunities, fill out the contact form below:

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Hope Wissel



Happy Saturday Everyone!

I LOVE Tastefully Simple  and how easy it makes my life.  I also have found that I LOVE Younique .

So I have decided to team up with the wonderful Nicole  and Rose to host a BINGO event on Thursday, April 14th.  It will be held at Wurlitzers on Route 9 in Toms River.  Doors will open at 6:30PM and BINGO will start at 7PM.  9 games for $10.  Additional cards can be earned or purchased for $2 each.  Lots of fun and prizes.  CLICK HERE to get in on the fun.


Some of my TS favorites:

Onion Onion is the BEST way to add the onion flavor to a recipe WITHOUT the mess of chopping and crying. I use it is my meatloaf and chili.  I love that there is no chopping and complaining about my burning eyes.

Being gluten-free, I do like the GlutenFree Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Mix. I didn’t even know it was gluten free!  These are my top two but many of the TS products are staples in my cabinet.

As for Younique, they are best known for their mascara BUT I don’t use any because of my glaucoma.  I am really careful about any eye makeup.  I did find the Beachfront Bronzer and use it all year long.  Quick and easy for a glow that reminds me of summer.


So, mark your calendar and join us for some fun.  Want to know how YOU can host your own BINGO event?  We can do a FREE event (WHAT??) and you can raise money for your favorite cause. Ask me for the details.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!