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Are You Being Seen?


The Fall selling season is upon us.  The holiday ads are just around the corner.  Many in direct sales have jumped on the bandwagon to try things out during this BUSY time of year.  So what will make YOU stand out in the crowd.  Why will people click your link and not someone else’s?

First, let’s talk about your profile picture… shouldn’t be of your dog, or your cat.  It shouldn’t be of a product.  It should be of you.  I change mine on a monthly basis (sometimes more often).  I am always in the picture – sometimes alone, sometimes with family or sometimes with friends.  The key is that I am always in the picture.  WHY?  Because my customers want to see me.  If there are several people on their social media feed doing the same business, I want them to remember me!  They may not remember the name but they will remember my face.

Have you been creating your own community (or group) on social media and hearing crickets?  Why not join communities that already exist.  Every big social media platform has a community aspect.  Facebook groups.  Twitter chats. Pinterest group boards. Instagram hashtags.  Joining groups and sharing not selling will help you build relationships which will help you build your business.  I don’t mean just liking a page.  I mean leaving sincere comments, interact with people so that you can be SEEN by the RIGHT people (your target population). Who knows you may also make some awesome friendships along the way.

I LOVE this tip! Treat *every* social media post as a potential landing page.  Let’s be honest, how many people will actually click on your website or blog the first time they see you?  They will see you a few times, watch your posts or look at your pictures then click your website or blog.  So, think about the content of what you are posting and saying on social media.  Think to yourself: does this Instagram photo or Pinterest pin represent my brand? Is this tweet grabbing my audience? Create content that is useful, inspiring, or memorable to your target audience so that it is landing page-worthy.


Start to utilize Pinterest and Instagram more.  I have to be honest, I have never really thought about the return on investment in either of these forms of social media.  BUT, stats show that these forms of social media are growing which  means more traffic, more visitors, more clients.   For anyone running a blog or online biz, it’s kind of magical (and a total necessity).  Make sure you include a call to action in your pin descriptions and in the pins themselves, if possible.  People need a push to take action in the direction that you want them to.  Add “click here” or “click through to read the full post!”.

What is your best top for boosting traffic to your blog or website?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Hello, my name is….

name tag


Picture this: you’ve just met someone at a conference or the local grocery store. You’re chatting as you both introduce yourselves.   Maybe a new friend?  The dreaded question always comes:

So, what do you do?

For some the answer is easy, I am an accountant/teacher/writer, I work at the hospital, I am retired – you get the idea.  For others of us in non-traditional jobs, the question can be a agonizing.  If you’re anything like me, you cringe thinking about the times when you stumbled over your words trying to muster up an answer.

Usually, it is “I have my own business”.  Okay, not bad but then comes “What kind of business?” This is where I stumble.  I mean we are  more than just purses, right?   I know, where is my 30-second elevator speech, right?

I love what I do and I am the CEO of my own business.  I have office hours, appointments outside the office, have a budget, draw a salary and have an awesome team.  So why is it so hard to tell people what I do?  Mainly because I have pre-judged what they are going to think.

Thank you to The Nectar Collective  for some great tips.  Here are some of the samples they provided:



Instead of saying you’re a blogger, try, “I run an online website geared toward helping creative entrepreneurs build their dream business.”

Instead of saying you’re a freelance designer, try, “I help small businesses build a strong web presence through design and consulting services.”

Instead of saying you have a jewelry store on Etsy, try, “I own a jewelry business that’s focused on environmental sustainability. We only use recycled products in our designs.”

The key is to focus on what sets you apart and how your business adds value to the people it serves. Not only will this make you more memorable to new friends and peers, it will also deepen your conversation and give you the opportunity to elaborate further on what you do.

So, how does this work for me:

I “honor others positive energy” with a variety of products  for you, your friends, your family, and your home.

KISS – Keep it Simple Sister.  Use words that the average person is familiar with. Focus on ways to communicate your work in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

Practice! Practice! Practice!  Now, I don’t mean just reading it.  I mean SAY IT!  Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!  Simply reading it just isn’t enough to introduce yourself and mean it. Do it so much that it becomes natural.  Try this: every morning when you’re getting ready in front of the mirror, push your shoulders back, stand up straight, and say your elevator speech. The more you practice, the more natural and effective it will be when someone at your local coffee shop strikes up a conversation with you. This time, friend? You’ll be ready.

So, what are you going to do?  First thing is to figure out the value you provide to others.  What makes you different.  How do you help others? Who do you help?

Then put it into just a few short sentiences using words that the average person will be familiar with, especially if you are in a field that people don’t know much about.  Finally, PRACTICE!  Then continue to practice it for a minute each day until it becomes second nature.

I’d love to hear your new introduction! Share it in the comments below. What do you do, friend?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Blogging in Direct Sales


TGIF!  Can you believe that another week has gone by?  What did YOU accomplish in your business this week? CELEBRATE without qualifiers.

I am celebrating that I have blogged for 804 days and I am awesome at sharing my strengths, hopes and experiences.

Thank you Eryka Peskin for showing me how to celebrate my successes! So, many people ask me “why should I blog”, “what will I say”, and the best one “will people read it”.  My answers are always the same..

When Vanessa Coppes challenged me, I asked the same questions.  For those that know the story, I did it as a challenge that had an accountability factor to it.  My original why was to clear my head of “stuff”.  I tell new recruits to just keep asking me questions because I don’t know all of the stuff that is in my head. Sometimes I amaze myself.

As I look back on my blogs, there is a lot of negativity associated with sharing personal struggles and business tips.  A new Thirty One year and a NEW attitude.  The changes actually started after our Leadership Retreat combine lessons learned there with several counseling sessions with a therapist/life coach and some kick butt coaching with Britt Bolnick, and Eryka Peskin for a new emerging style.  I am still sharing my strengths, hopes and experiences but it feels different.

Okay, I squirreled for just a moment.  The truth is the best way to blog is to blog about something you know.  For those in direct sales, there’s nothing better to write about then sharing your amazing products and their uses.  Share what you learned at National Conference or at a training session or tools that work in your business. You are not selling, you are sharing your knowledge. Some of my learning lessons may seem like no-brainers but I am a slow learner. I always say that is because I am OLD, you know creeping towards that Senior Citizen classification.

Will people read it? YES! I am amazed and humbled by the people who follow my blog.  The biggest smile comes when I get a new Twitter follower.  Why? Because the only things that I tweet about are my blog and some of my posts on Facebook.  So, for me, the excitement of sharing my blog with more people means sharing my business with more people.  You may not become a professional blogger. You may not have thousands of readers. What you may have are friends, family, employees, team members or followers who not only read what you write but will share it.  They are sharing your business which is potential customers, hostesses and team members.

Do I look at my blog dashboard to actually see how many people open my blog? NO!  It is the old adage “what I don’t know won’t hurt me”.  I measure my success by the personal emails and the comments that are shared about how lives or businesses are transformed –   these are the things that touch my heart.

Direct selling is all about building relationships. I am building relationships every day through my blog.  Some I already know while others are learning who I am. When all is said and done, if I have helped one person to smile or get through a day – my job is done.

What do you have to share? Remember it takes 21-days for something to become a habit – so try it everyday for 30 days. Then, if you want, do it weekly. Try it. Don’t let fear stop you from building relationships or sharing your knowledge. Believe me you probably have more to share then you think – I know that I do.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day

Hope Wissel

Life Lessons And Blogging


I love blogging, most days.  Even though I love to write, I do get writer’s block.  I have doubts – I wonder if anyone is reading it.  Am I sharing too much personal stuff?  Am I pushing my business too much?  So many questions run through my mind.  Doubts plague me.  Like that should surprise you!

Then someone will reach out to me and says “thanks, that is what I needed to hear”.  Those doubts melt away until the next time.  I smile and say “you are welcome”.  God has provided a “wink” moment to let me know that he is still in control.

When asked what my blog is about, I often hesitate because I am not sure just how to answer that question.  My goal is and always has been to share my strength, hope and experiences so that others may benefit from my struggles.  I want people to be able to get to know me – all sides of me – the good, the bad and yes, the ugly.

I have learned to stop worrying about who is reading my blog as well as what people think.  Now, if I could apply that to the rest of my life, I would be ROCKIN’.  I am who I am.  I know that some will like me while others will run in the opposite direction.  I know there will be critics.  Through it all, I get through it.

I like to mix things up in my blog with things that I have learned in business along with life lessons combined with things about my family, friends and of course, my pink bubble.  Are my details too intimate?  The things I share in my blog are things that I would be comfortable sharing even if we were having a conversation face to face.  I want to be honest and open with my readers.  I want to create a relationship with them, as best I can over the internet.

I have heard from a few people that they want to start blogging but don’t know where to begin.  I remember being there and my first blog was actually something dear to my heart.  I shared about the bullying that my daughter endured in school.  It was hard but I wanted people to understand that just because parents don’t know what is happening, it doesn’t mean that we are bad parents.  Thank you Vanessa Coppes for the push, I will be eternally grateful.

Blogging has helped me to be confident.  It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  It has helped me face my fears by putting them out into the universe.  Even though writing is a cleansing process for me, I try to use it as a way to help others to overcome their fears.

The truth is that I journaled everyday for years as a way to work through things.  Blogging allows me to share what I have learned while encouraging others. Can you tell that today was one of those days that I wasn’t sure what to write?

If you are thinking about blogging, try it!  Step out of your comfort zone.  If you are already a blogger, post your link below so that we can all read your blog.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

What is YOUR Career Path

Happy Saturday…. I can’t believe it is the last day of May.  I am so looking forward to the warmer temperatures even though I am not much of a pool/ beach person.  I guess I should say that I am not much of a bathing suit person – I LOVE the beach especially during the week BEFORE all of the “shoobies” invade…

I saw on Facebook at quiz that you could take about “What career should your actually have?” and I thought – WHY NOT?  I don’t usually take them nor do I put much stock in them but this one had me curious.  I mean I left a full-time 24/7 job with a non-profit to find something less stressful without a commute.  So far, I blog, have my own Thirty One business as well as work part-time at WaWa.  I am still trying to find myself.  You would think I would have done that by now, right?  I mean if I haven’t found myself or my career by 57, will I ever?  I think I have but it is always good to get confirmation from the universe…

So after answering a series of 10 questions which seemed to me to have nothing to do with a career choice, this is what it said:

You have a skill for language, your imagination is vast and you are artistic and creative. Your brain is just overflowing with ideas, and all you have to do is get a piece of paper and share it with the world. You were born to turn words into magical stories

WOW!  Believe it or not, this made sense to me.  I love to blog and share my ideas with the world (even if I am not sure anyone is reading them).  I am learning to turn my words  at my Thirty One parties into magical stories that help people to visualize what products can help them in their own lives.

What about you??? Click HERE to take the test and share with us YOUR results…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!