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better together

The other night I was blessed to host a “better together” meeting for my Thirty One sisters.  I truly am better together when I am with them.  I had a plan along with a Home Office format and despite my best efforts to prepare, the meeting always follows a path of its own.  The information gets covered but in a way that works for those attending.

We talked about the WOW party format – Welcome, Offer Solutions and Wrap Up.  A new approach to the purse game was presented by one of the attendees.  The “purse game” as I know it by Melissa Fietsam can be seen on YouTube.  The game is played as part of your wrap up after you have explained the hostess benefits – preferably via hostess stacking.


The concept is the same – each guest is asked to take a mini purse AND not to open it.  While the guests are picking one of the cute mini purses, the game is explained.  Each person is given a chance to “book to look” which means they can open the mini purse AFTER they have agreed to book a party.  In the original version, the purses contained “book a party, pick a prize or grand prize”.  For me the results were always so-so.  Often people would play and then if they got book a party, they may or may not have gone through with the booking.

In this version, each purse contains a prize – ranging in value from $5 – $40.  This can vary depending on your budget.  Again, in order to open the purse the individual MUST agree to book a party.   After everyone has taken a purse, you then go around the room and ask each person if they would like to book to look.  If they agree to book, they get to open their purse and see their prize.

The prize is received when they hold their own party.  The additional twist which I think will help to cinch the deal is that the hostess is given the same prize when she attends her friend’s party.  GENIUS!  Yes, there is a slight cost to the consultant BUT you are booking a party which has so much more potential.  If it is product, present the actual product at the winner’s party in your welcome as a booking seed. GENUIS!

As for the prizes, as a Thirty One consultant,  prizes can be product from your inventory stash, an extra monthly special, key fobs, magnets, a percent off an item, a free monthly special with a qualifying purchase or personalization.  There would only be 2 prizes at the $40 level – remember that this is value not your actual cost. Be sure  to stock up with unused specials, during a company sale or purchase a hostess grab bag in business supplies.

Not a Thirty One consultant, the BOOK TO LOOK game can be adjusted to fit your business.  I am also going to use this at my next vendor event and on my Facebook parties.  You can use picmonkey to place numbers on the purses for a graphic to be used during Facebook parties.


Purses can be purchased at the dollar store, craft stores like Michaels or online at Express Yourself.  I LOVE the new take on this game because only the people who are interested to book a party will play.

What is your best booking seed game?  Share it with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Follow Up

Today’s Tuesday tip is “follow-up”.  I know you are thinking, really, this AGAIN?

fortune in follow-up

The truth is, it is a topic that can’t be talked about enough.  Over the last week, I have talked to some new customers – exciting for me but disappointing for some other consultants.  Why?  The customers love Thirty One but they were not happy with their consultant.  The number one complaint was “they never heard from them” after their initial order.

Now, I will be the first one to admit that I am not the BEST at this but I do know that it can make or break your business.

Let’s start with how you follow up with your hostess.  I know, the party is over and you are breathing a sigh of relief.  You figure you have done your job and there is nothing more to do until the order comes in, right?  What if you were to go one step further?

A few days after the party, how about sending a simple postcard or handwritten note, thanking your hostess.  How about an email to the hostess and all of the guests giving them more details about the expected delivery date of their orders along with your contact information.  In this email, I usually let the guests know how much their hostess got for FREE as well as how much they could have earned if they were the consultant for this party.  You want to keep planting those booking and recruiting seeds.

Some would say that I OVER communicate but I don’t think there is such a thing.  Once I hear from Home Office that the party is shipped, I send another email to everyone.  If the party is being sent to me, I let them know when they can expect delivery to their hostess.  If orders are being direct shipped, I make sure that they each have their order tracking information.  While the guests are waiting for their delivery, they also receive a postcard thank you with my all of my information for their records.

So, the orders have been delivered and you are still not done.  Outstanding customer service should continue.  Two weeks after the orders are delivered – pick up the phone.  YES, I said PHONE each person.  See how they like their product.  Chat with them about things that are happening in their life.  Build on the relationship that you started at the party.

Does your company have a warranty?  Thirty One’s warranty is 90 days so I tag everyone for 70 days out and call AGAIN.  I know, you hate picking up the phone but the truth is even if you leave a voice mail message, you are connecting with them.  If you talk to them, remind them that the warranty is 90 days in case there is a problem or they don’t like their product.  I know, it doesn’t happen, right?  On that off chance, they need to know it is okay to return or exchange the product.  Most won’t exchange or return things because they don’t want to be problem.

Great Customer Services goes a long way in business.  Is there really such a thing as too much follow-up?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!