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Attract What You Want


Last week, I was blessed with the help of customers, family and friends to deliver 31 thermal totes filled with snacks to Ocean County Hunger Relief.  In addition to the snacks, there was a small gift for MOM because we know that moms struggle too during rough times.  Here is the message that was included for her:

the sisterhood

To see the tears in Lee’s eyes as I presented her with the thermals was a game changer for me.  It made my business vision clear.  I have talked a lot about changing the energy of my business. I have talked about wanting to do more fundraising programs.  I have talked about wanting to bless women/ children who are struggling.  I am done talking and now it is time to take action.  I am eager to shift the energy flow of my life as well as my business!

Are you looking to shift the energy flow in your business or in your family?  I love this simple game of “Fill Your Bucket” that I saw in recent blog post:

 Fill Your Bucket Game:

  1. Sit at a window seat at a table closest to where a drive thru customer would pull out after just receiving their order.
  2. Wave and smile at them as they drive past your window.  Try to get their attention.
  3. If they smile or wave back then you have successfully filled their bucket with some positive energy.  Try to get at least 10.

How simple right?  But how many people do we pass every day and we are too busy.  Too busy checking our phones.  Too busy checking our orders.  Too distracted with other things to even acknowledge someone’s smile.  Don’t get me wrong, we are all guilty of distraction.  We are allowing the worries and stresses of yesterday or tomorrow to bog us down.


What if, we said ‘no’ to distraction?  I mean how easy is it to just start observing our surroundings and look for good things to happen.  Remember the excitement that you had as a  child waiting to open your birthday present?  What if we lived with that excitement every day?


Here are a few small actions that  we can take this week to start shifting the energy we are attracting to ourselves, our families and our businesses.

  1. When you pull into a parking lot expect to get the front row.  I almost always do.
  2. When you’re talking to a potential new client hold your head high and speak confidently.  Know that what you have to offer is worth their time to listen. See how they respond.
  3. When you’re going to a new place be on the lookout.  You are often there specifically to meet someone or learn something.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be there.  An errand isn’t just an errand.  It’s a chance to experience the world.  I love this one!

Are you doubtful that these simple steps will shift your energy?  If you have doubt, your energy won’t shift.  Why? Because you are expecting it not to happen.  Remember you experience what you have attracted to yourself.  Do you know the difference of insanity?  Doing the same things and expecting different results.  So, how about changing things by putting out different energy.

Awareness is simply choosing to slow down and take it all in.  Stop rushing so much.  You’re missing opportunities to grow your business, improve your relationships and earn more money.  Take an interest in people.  Ask more questions.  Share more resources.

When you realize how important your thoughts are to the reality you are experiencing everything changes.  You no longer are a victim to a reality you don’t want, you create what you do want.  You look for positive surprises.  You expect to meet amazing people.

Who knows, one day you may look up at the drive thru and see smiling and waving at you.  You drew that energy to you and you smile and wave back.  As you pull out of the lot you sense that all is well in the world.

So, who is going to play the bucket game with me?  Let me know how it goes

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!