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Who Will I Have to Become?

Last week, Thirty One announced their 2019 Leadership Incentive Trip – Maui!  Yup, Hawaii and a whole year to earn it!

For me, this is a HUGE goal I really want to accomplish. I’ve never been to Hawaii and it is on my bucket list PLUS this is a spot hubby and I talked about going some time.  I had to laugh when they announced it because it brought back a memory of when Edythe and Elsie (my aunts) wanted to take my grandparents to Hawaii.  My grandfather’s response “If I can’t drive and take the camper, I’m not going”.  Okay, so I squirreled for a minute….

Do you have a dream you can’t stop thinking about – a dream you wholeheartedly want and sometimes even wonder how you can possibly achieve it?   Maybe it is to have your own business.  Or be debt free. Or quit your job and travel.  Whatever it is, it is actually possible if you set the groundwork to accomplish it….

There is a powerful question which can help you.   When I heard it, it hit me like a 2×4 because I knew there are habits and thinking patterns I would need to change in order to get to my vision.

The question is this:

Who would you have to become in order to accomplish your biggest goal?

The truth is the thing which holds us back is usually us. We need to get out of our own way by being willing to make changes, face fears and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  I started a new 8-week program called Fit Within which is helping me to get out of my own way.  I’m only on week 2 and it has really brought some of these things to light…

When challenges arise, we either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.  A fixed mindset believes your talents and intelligence are set. A growth mindset believes where you are today is just the beginning, and you have far more capacity for growth and learning than you realize.  Which one do you have?

When was the last time you said  “I’m just not good at ________ (fill in the blank)”?  The problem with thinking like this is there are challenges which require you to stretch to places which feel uncomfortable to achieve the desired goal.

When you feel like you aren’t good at something, do you put forth a little bit more effort than you have in the past or do you just give up?  With age, comes greater expectations, especially what we expect from ourselves and as a result some things may not come as easy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  You might have to change your approach and your mindset.  You may have to become a person who puts forth more effort when things are more difficult.

When we come up against a challenge, we must sometimes accept there are things which worked in the past which won’t work now.  OUCH!  We can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.

What got you to this point, won’t necessarily get you to the next point. Who will you have to become in order to accomplish the goal you really want to accomplish? And are you willing to do it? That’s really the ultimate question.  Here are some things to think about as you are working on the person you will need to become…..

  • What’s the shift you have to make?
  • What steps would you have to put in place?
  • What would you have to change in your environment?
  • Who might you have to change in your environment?

These are all choices you get to make.  Believe it or not, if you make them and remain consistent, you will become the kind of person who can accomplish ANY goal you truly want.

I know working on “inside stuff” is tough.  At the ripe old age of 60, I am still working on inner stuff and squashing those gremlins BUT it is so worth it,

I BELIEVE you can do it.

I challenge you to be willing to stretch in an area where you previously limited yourself.  I want to you to allow yourself to become the kind of person who can accomplish your biggest goal.  Share you BIG goal with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Near Miss with Rachael Ray

It is Election Day so don’t forget to get out and VOTE!!!

The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions and excitement.  Here is the story….


Yesterday morning about 8AM, I got a Facebook message from a friend, Shannon.  She said that she had gotten a call from the Rachael Ray Show and they were looking for some fun people to be on the show and play a game.  WOW!  Guess what???? She thought of me.  I was surprised and honored because I aspire to be FUN but always wonder if I achieve it without looking scary or weird.  She got the call because she had actually been on the show about a week ago when they did a Mally makeover.  Oh,  squirrel moment!  They needed someone to be on the show TODAY!  Well, as much as I would LOVE to be on the show – being on her show is on my bucket list – I had 2 doctor’s appointments so I turned her down.  No, that is NOT where the story ends…

As hubby and I were talking at lunch, at our favorite spot – Taylor Sam’s – eating the AMAZING salad that they named after me, I told him the story.  He gives me the same look he did the day I questioned whether or not I should do a bag for Oprah when a friend met her for dinner.  You know that ARE YOU CRAZY look?


All of my reasoning did absolutely NOTHING to get rid of that look…. so I sent Shannon a message and said if it isn’t too late – count me in.  I wrote it off.  It was hours after the deadline.  To my amazement, the phone rang about an hour later and it was Erin from the show.  She wanted to talk to me about being in the segment.  It was a game with an unnamed celebrity – did I want to be a part of it?  HELLOOO!! Of course, so she sent me an email so I could send her pictures.  UGH!! Pictures of me.  I was on my phone, on my way to my MIL with hubby so I told her the pictures would be limited… she said that would be fine.  I hunted for the usual ones – you know, the ones that make you look good?  Then I decided to add one of the pictures from National Conference with my cowboy hat and scarf.  About an hour later, the producer called me to tell me that she loved the pictures.  See having fun at Thirty One’s National Conference pays off. She told me that they were still working on the logistics but she would reach out to me before the end of the day.

Now, my brain is reeling with managing today’s schedule if I was going versus if I wasn’t going.  About 5PM the call came – there was a miscommunication and they only needed 1 person for the game.  Melissa, the producer, was wonderful and apologized continually for the error on their part.  She told me that she would keep me on file for another segment.  So, to say the least, I won’t be on Rachael Ray today BUT it was just fun thinking about it.

Hubby says it will happen.  You know that I am now stalking her website for chances to be on the show…

Oh, well, back to cleaning the house today and getting ready for a full week at the JOB.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day

#Rachael Ray