Hope Wissel

A Gift Giving Solution

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Can you believe that is just 18 days it will be Christmas?  YIKES!  How many of  you have all of your shopping done?  Is your house all decorated and ready to receive guests?

I have to admit that my tree is not up yet!  It is on my list to do but I vowed not to rush through it this year.  You know the “I have to do this so let’s get it done”.  I want to treasure the memories of each ornament as I get ready for the girls to come home for Christmas.

With that being said, we will be doing a lot of running around during the 6 days they are here.  Family and friends to visit with.  Shopping to finish up.  Grocery shopping to do.  Then the trek to my best friend’s house for Christmas Eve.  The one bag that will be with me through ALL of this is my Thirty One large utility tote.  Okay, so maybe I will have more than one…



Not only will I look organized but it makes packing the car so much easier.  I know you are probably thinking, my large utility tote doesn’t stand up like that unless it is packed full, right?


The secret is a “Stand Tall Insert“.  No, you can’t find them in the catalog.  They are on special this month for $15 with a $35 purchase.  So, if you buy a large utility tote for $35, you can get the insert for $15.  PLUS you can pick TWO, yes I said TWO more of the customer specials for a total of THREE with a $35 purchase.  No, I haven’t been sipping wine already this morning, it is the BEST monthly customer special yet!


So whether you need a large utility tote for the athlete in your family

LUT basketball

Or maybe you are a realtor that recently sold a home or know someone who is moving into a new home:

LUT welcome home

Or maybe you want to help someone be prepared for whatever storm may come their way


The Large Utility Tote is a perfect solution.  Remember that if you want to be guaranteed Christmas delivery, be sure to order by December 10th.  Save on wrapping, packing and trips to the post office by having your gift shipped direct to that special someone.  Their Thirty One gift will arrive in our special holiday wrapping:


What is your favorite use for your large utility tote?  Or who do you know that could use one of these?  Share your thoughts with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel


pink black friday

MORNING!  Many of you may be seeing this post late in the day because you are part of the CRAZINESS that is called Black Friday.  I am driving to work BUT I can’t help but think of past Black Friday mornings…

Black Friday has an array of memories.

The years Belinda and I camped out at Walmart to do holiday shopping for my best friend’s kids.  She couldn’t get there so we did the shopping and put it on layaway for her.  It was a game for us while others were getting crazy knocking each other over for what they thought was a GREAT deal.

Then there was the year that my Mom was hit head on by someone headed to a Black Friday sale at Best Buy AND she was on her cell phone.  Our lives changed that day for several months as mom healed and we are blessed that God that he kept her safe.

The years that Belinda came home from college and we headed out for “kid and me” time.  Not crazy early but just a day to see what deals we could find after the crazies headed home.

This year, Black Friday will be PINK.  Specials galore on my VIP Customer page along with unannounced specials at my events over the weekend.  Come visit me at the Avon Municipal Building on Saturday.  Check out December’s special and the BEST part is that you can get THREE (yes, I said 3) with ONE purchase of $35.


Black Friday has memories of happy and sad times but all of them I  cherish.  How are you spending YOUR Black Friday?  Shopping?  Resting? Working?  Visiting with family?  Share your favorite memories with us.

Best wishes for a safe and fun day filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

The Canvas Crew Carry All

MY canvas carry all

Happy Saturday!  I am headed back to ETTM‘s 360 Power of Connection conference.  Yesterday was full of so much information and connecting that I can’t wait to get started today.

I wanted to share with you another AWESOME Thirty One product – the Canvas Crew Carry All.  In August of this year, Thirty One offered yet another incentive.  If we, as members of Leadership made our personal and team volumes, they will send us one of these for FREE with our name and title on it.  I mean who doesn’t want custom made bag, right?  If you are wondering, yes we did it!  Despite the slow pace of August, we made it happen.  I thought the bag was going to be really big and I wasn’t going to want to use it.  Then there was that crazy thought “you can’t use white in winter”.  Okay, I can’t be the only one who has heard that and even lived by the un-written rule for most of my life, right?

This is one of Thirty One’s newest bags.  It is 17″H x 17″W x 4″D with an interior zipper pocket and one flat pocket.   Since the straps have large lobster claws on them, I have seen some even change the straps – connecting them to make a cross body.  Of course, this short person would look silly doing that but some can carry it off.  Rumor has it that it will be part of a new collection coming to Thirty One (maybe in the Spring or Summer).

I actually used it for a few weeks as a purse and I loved it.  Of course, I am tempted to carry everything in it but it is a nice alternative to my retro metro bag.  Big enough to use for a small run to the grocery store and yet not too big that you couldn’t use it as a tote/ purse to carry every day.

Off to spend the day with some AMAZING women… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!