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Do You Downsize Your Dream?

Do you have BIG dreams? The kind which scare you and make you wonder if they are even possible…

Do you dream BIG for a moment and before the thought even finishes, you have found 100 different reasons it won’t happen?

There was a time (pre-MS brain fog) when I would DREAM BIG of having my own business where I was financially stable (no debt) , I could make my own hours and do what I wanted, when I wanted.  The dream soon became reality – or at least a little bit.  I have my own business where I make my own hours and am slowly becoming debt-free but I have downsized those dreams.


For me, it is more about health issues.  I dreamed of promoting in Thirty One, of being part of the Gives Council BUT over the last year or so, I have begun to accept some things.  Traveling is more difficult.  Processing thoughts is a struggle most days.  My memory is just not what it used to be.  Some would say I settled.  Others would say I am realistic.  I am happy where I am, enjoying the moment.

Do You Dream BIG?

The truth is most people downsize their dreams out of fear. Fear of criticism. Fear of failure. Fear of success and doubts about whether they can keep it up. It’s risky to dream big. The truth is, the real risk is living small. It’s getting to the end of your life and realizing so much more was possible, if only you had been willing to listen to – and pursue – the desires of your heart.

What’s your real dream? Not the dream you’ve downsized so it feels more manageable, but the true desire of your heart. Too often, we surrender to fear and settle for something less than what we really want. We even try to convince ourselves we don’t want what we want. But it’s useless. You can try to bury your dream, but it doesn’t mean it will die.

One of the most powerful decisions successful women make is this:

I do not downsize my dream.

Whether it is a vision of being debt-free and financially independent or a career calling you or a fitness goal – be bold enough to declare your real dream and go after it. Persist. Do the hard work. Be willing to face disapproval or the criticism of others. In doing so, you will be true to yourself and set the stage for creating a life which is an authentic adventure of meaningful experiences.

Don’t judge other’s dreams or even when they change their dreams.  Don’t compare yourself to others if you have similar dreams or goals.  These are the thoughts which will keep you dreaming small or not dreaming at all.  They will keep you from living the life you were meant to have.

What is YOUR big dream?  Share it with us.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

The Gift of a Lifetime


The stores are starting to fill with holiday decorations – and I don’t mean Halloween! Are you already dreading the holiday season?  Why?  Does it mean credit card bills, a limited budget for gifts or maybe it means working crazy hours.

What if you could make your own hours, make extra money AND get your holiday shopping done at a HUGE discount?  Do you think it is impossible?  The truth is for the first time in MANY years, I will be paying cash for Christmas gifts.  All of this is thanks to my “purse gig”.

Want to hear the BEST part?  You can join our pink bubble for just $1.  Yes, you read it right.


So what’s the REAL deal?

Now till October 14th, you can join Thirty-One for $1+ the website fee, which is $14.95. This does not include the $99 enrollment kit or any paperwork…BUT…

You get ME and a whole team to help you.  We will set up your launch party on your website where all your friends and family can order from your launch party!  When you host your own launch party (with my help), you are going to get SO MUCH in return!

To start with:

  1. You earn ALL hostess benefits!
  2. PLUS You earn the COMMISSION!

So you can pick your OWN kit with your hostess credits and commission from your first party! You can personalize it the way YOU want to ensure you are a walking billboard for your business.

There is MORE!

We’re going to get you to a $600 launch party. And then, you ALSO get to pick 1 of these SIX kits for FREE! This is our Start Swell Program for new consultants.


So, now you have.

  1. Joined for $1 + website fee
  2. Earned all the hostess benefits
  3. Earned 25% commission from your party
  4. AND… one of these start swell kits!

What happens if you SMASH $600 in sales and hit $1000 in sales? You get MORE!

You can pick either a $75 credit OR one of the hostess exclusive items!  MORE product  or you can order catalogs, order forms, anything you wanted!


GUESS WHAT?  This isn’t a one time deal.  NOPE!  You can do get this every month for the first 4 months. YES!  There are actually FOUR Start Swell periods! Here is what it looks like:

Days 1-30: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit

Days 31-60: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit

Days 61-90: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit

Days 91-120: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit


I know, you are thinking…. this catalog has been out since August so who wants to buy, right?  Well, our holiday guide came out October 1st and it’s HUGE!  It has lots of NEW products as well as some holiday favorites.  Your friends and family are going to love the fun holiday prints and products!  Combined with one of the best catalogs I have seen in my almost 6 years – a win/win start.

Which means YOU…get to start your business with a BANG! For just $1! What better way to kick off your business during the start of the busiest season of the year.   unnamed

So why not join this pink bubble… then gather a few friends and help them get their holiday shopping done. BUT WAIT!!!!

if you ask a friend to join you on your journey, you can earn even more.  If they join in your first 4 months, and they qualify ($1000 in sales) within their first 4 months, you earn $100 BONUS! There is no limit!!!!  The more friends who join you, the more money you can earn.


Did I mention, that on top of all of this you get ME and the Rays of HOPE team to help celebrate, encourage and support you on your journey. Why not try it for 3 months? If it doesn’t work, what is the worst that has happened – you have earned some extra money and gotten some AWESOME products. BUT what if you find out you LOVE it! You could have a new business or even a new career.

logo2014-08-09 18.17.46

Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to answer them for you.


 Here is how you can reach me:

Website: www.partywithHope.com

Facebook: Hope Wissel

Facebook VIP Group: Hope’s Purse Closet

Email: HopeWs31@gmail.com

Have a ThirtyOne-derful Day!

Hope Wissel

Is Your Desk Ready for Success

e1c0f24f5e17429895626f49a8c12f36Whether you run your own business or run your household, we all want to be successful, right?  Did you know that making your space more functional and clutter-free can open you up to all sorts of opportunities?  And you thought getting clutter-free was just about tossing things!

Today we are going to Feng Shui your desk.  Many years ago, I read a lot about Feng Shui and actually used it in our home.  My goal then was for peace and love to fill our home.  It wasn’t long before hubby came into our lives “out of no where”.  Coincidence, maybe?  God’s timing? Definitely.  But I was also open to the possibilities.

Feng Shui is a practical science for our living space.  I believe that when we apply the principals of Feng Shui to our space, it also changes our mind set.  The whole Law of Attraction starts to work.  The idea is that you energize your business and your life by cleaning out and moving things around a bit.

Here are some tips from Jenn Aubert of LearnSavvy

It all starts with a Feng Shui map called the bagua.  You overlay it in any area in your home to help promote supportive and beneficial energy.  Here is the basic bagua:


Sit down at your desk and place this right in front of you… where the career is nearest your lap.


To invite more abundance and wealth into your life, place a healthy plant or a symbol of wealth in this corner. Plants symbolize growth. Find a plant with lovely rounded edges or even a money tree (yes, there is such a thing). You can also place objects or images that represent wealth to you or something that you hope to afford once you’re abundant. Have some fun with it   Location: Upper left


Boost your reputation by focusing your accomplishments here. Add a name plate, awards, credentials or a recent positive review. This is also the perfect place for a lamp or candle! Location: Upper middle


Place a picture of your business partner or a photo of your honey in this corner to help promote those relationships.  It’s the ideal location for a lovely vase of fresh pink/red flowers.  Location: Upper right


Keep pictures of your family here to boost your familial ties. It’s also a wonderful place to promote new projects you may be working on or want to work on. Add something made of wood or the color green to enhance and promote new beginnings.  Location: Center left


This is not only for the health of your business but also personal health. Keep it clutter free and tidy! It’s easy to have piles of stuff in the middle of your desk but it needs to be as clean as possible! You can add earth elements to enhance including rocks, stones or earthen items.  Location: Center middle


Boost your creativity by placing items here that inspire you. Keep your notebook or journal here to capture those aha moments. Boost the area with items made from metal such as gold, silver or copper.  Location: Center right


Are you ready to learn a new strategy or simply increase your knowledge? Are you looking to improve your mindset and boost your self-confidence. Keep your favorite books here that you refer to often. Location: Bottom left


Front and center! This is the perfect place for your computer. To further enhance your career have an image of water as your screensaver to boost abundance of opportunities.  Location: Bottom center  YEAH!  I got one out of 9!


Keep your appointment book, calendar, client files, phone and list of people you want to connect with here. Location: Bottom right  YEAH!!! #2 out of 9!!!

You are thinking – I thought my desk would be clutter-free!  These items don’t have to be large. Believe it or not they are probably already on your desk.  Just moving them to  a different place can boost the energy of your business.  I challenge you to try this for 30 days and then let me know what happens.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Unclutter Your Life

What Kind of Friend Are You?


I recently read a blog by Valorie Burton which touched a nerve with me since I shared my MS status last week.  I have gotten encouragement from people that I never expected or haven’t talked to in years.  I have met new people as I (and they) share our strengths, hopes and experiences.  My tribe is growing every day… personally and professionally.

I want you to think about the women that you are friends with – the ones you are closest to.

Do you have one really good friend that you rely on?  You know the one that you can call at all hours of the day and night.  Do you rely on her for everything?

Do you have another group (or tribe) of women that you turn to for certain things like business, spiritual support, parenting, etc?

Did you know that there are actually six specific types of friends that every woman should have?  Be sure to check out Valerie’s book for the full 411!

I am learning that not just one or two friends can meet all of our emotional or spiritual needs.  I always had a VERY small circle of girlfriends which hasn’t changed much as an adult.  I tend to be introverted – imagine that!  I was surprised to read that statistically, a relationship with your girlfriend will likely outlast your marriage, your parents and your co-workers.  I can see that.  WHY?  Because I have a bestie that I met 25 years ago.  We have been through a lot together (and apart) BUT no matter what, we are there for each other.  No matter the distance or the span of not talking/seeing each other, when we get together, the time just melts away.


So, here is Valerie’s list of the six types of friends every woman needs:

  • The Wise Friend.

You can count on them to talk you out of doing something you’d regret, help you solve your latest dilemma, and give all-around sound advice about just about anything.

  • The Fun Friend.

Want to have a good time, be adventurous, or laugh ’til your stomach hurts? You can always count on this one.

  • The Travel Buddy.

Drama-free, this friend is adaptable, maybe even adventurous, and loves to see the world.

  • The Relationship Coach.

Transparent, real and willing to listen, this friend has figured a few things out in the love department and genuinely wants to see you happy when it comes to romance.

  • The Career Comrade.

You share a similar background and goals in your work life, and encourage each other to higher professional success.

  • The Accountability Partner.

To maximize your potential, this is your go-to pal to help keep you on track.

So, do you have a friend in each of those categories?  Or, do you seem to have more friends in just one category?

Now, think of your four closest friends.  Which one are YOU to each of them? Do you fill the same “category” with everyone or do you float between categories depending on the relationship with that friend?

I probably fall into TWO categories: the “Wise Friend” and the “Career Comrade”. Okay, so maybe I am stuck or type cast but that is okay with me.  I do have a little bit of each of the different “types” in me but I would never want to commit to them.

What category do you fall into?  Share it with us…


Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Hope Wissel

What is YOUR Career Path

Happy Saturday…. I can’t believe it is the last day of May.  I am so looking forward to the warmer temperatures even though I am not much of a pool/ beach person.  I guess I should say that I am not much of a bathing suit person – I LOVE the beach especially during the week BEFORE all of the “shoobies” invade…

I saw on Facebook at quiz that you could take about “What career should your actually have?” and I thought – WHY NOT?  I don’t usually take them nor do I put much stock in them but this one had me curious.  I mean I left a full-time 24/7 job with a non-profit to find something less stressful without a commute.  So far, I blog, have my own Thirty One business as well as work part-time at WaWa.  I am still trying to find myself.  You would think I would have done that by now, right?  I mean if I haven’t found myself or my career by 57, will I ever?  I think I have but it is always good to get confirmation from the universe…

So after answering a series of 10 questions which seemed to me to have nothing to do with a career choice, this is what it said:

You have a skill for language, your imagination is vast and you are artistic and creative. Your brain is just overflowing with ideas, and all you have to do is get a piece of paper and share it with the world. You were born to turn words into magical stories

WOW!  Believe it or not, this made sense to me.  I love to blog and share my ideas with the world (even if I am not sure anyone is reading them).  I am learning to turn my words  at my Thirty One parties into magical stories that help people to visualize what products can help them in their own lives.

What about you??? Click HERE to take the test and share with us YOUR results…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!