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We are a little over half way through January and already I am doubting my ability to check off my achievement list (my word for goals).  Am I the only one?  Have you already broke your New Year’s Resolution?  Have you already got caught up in the crazy pace of life and forgot about your plan, your goals, or your vision?

Take a deep breath – RELEASE.  Here is an interesting stat from

The average employee spends 13 hours each week on email. That, plus endless lists of to-do items, hours of seemingly pointless meetings and unexpected interruptions creates noise that prevents productivity, inhibits creativity and gets between you and the day you hoped you’d have. 

YIKES!  Since I am my own boss, I am not sure that 13 hours a week on email is accurate but I can tell you that my to-do list is usually WAY too long.  So, what if we were to take CHARGE… yes, again… to get the professional and personal life that works for you?  Are you ready for some tips courtesy of the writers at

1. Define success. Only you know what will make you feel fulfilled.  Write it down and refer work toward it every day.  

2. Visualize that success. Work for that future you and don’t hold that person back with your own pessimism.  I was blessed to be on a coaching call with some Thirty One sisters the other night when I could visualize and even feel the emotion that went into my promotion to Director.  That helped me to release the limits on my perception of success so that I could dream (and work) for the next level – Senior Director.

3. Forget entitlement. Don’t expect that what you want will fall into your lap or that you are more deserving than someone else. Focus on the work or expect to miss out on something great.  Honestly, I am just the opposite, I always think that I am not deserving of the promotion, the applause or the praise.

4. Think small to think big. You can’t change your ways overnight, so set small, achievable milestones and slowly build momentum toward your goal. Don’t set yourself up to fail by taking on too much too soon.  WOW!  I guess I better throw away my dream of a magic wand.

5.Consistency is key. Procrastination can quickly turn to panic, kicking your brain into crisis mode. Consistency for me (or most in direct sales) means reaching your personal and team goals ever month.  Planning not procrastinating.

6. Prioritize. Do the most pressing or important item on your to-do lists first. Willpower is often at its highest at the start of the day rather than at the end of it. Monitor yourself to understand when you are the most productive and organize your schedule accordingly.  I am most productive BEFORE 9AM and by 12Noon, I am usually done!  If I could only figure out the best way to connect with my customers and my team during my most productive hours.

7. Delegate. Learn to let some tasks go and relish in the new perspective you’ll get in return.  This has ALWAYS been tough for me even when I was working in the non-profit world.  Not because I thought I could do it better just because as a care-giver, I want to take care of the world.  Definitely working on this.

8. Find collaborators. To make these steps stick, enlist likeminded friends, colleagues and family members who will hold you accountable, celebrate your achievements and share their insights. Support can come from the unlikeliest of sources. Just make sure you’re open to the possibilities.  I am blessed with an AWESOME-sauce group of Thirty One sisters.  Do you struggle with this because you are afraid of people seeing your weaknesses?

9. Stay motivated. To keep engaged and weather any setbacks, make yourself a “motivational manual.”  I LOVE doing this for my friends, my customers and my team – I just wish that I could head my own advise sometimes.

10. Take stock and try again tomorrow. If you feel like you have too many plates in the air, stop and just focus on one at a time. Try spending time on one project every day and see how much you accomplish.  

So which one of these are you ready to work on?  Share it with us….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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