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No Cost Travel Fun

bored cats

If you are a NJ parent, your kids are probably off from school for Teacher’s Convention, right? For some, you are headed out on a mini vacation before the holiday season while others are struggling to keep boredom at a minimum.

I remember the days of being a single mom and feeing like there was just enough money to pay the bills so I can’t possibly think about traveling ANYWHERE, right? I always wanted “to do” things with my daughter besides those cheer travel trips BUT (I know I hate the word, too) everything seemed to cost money which I didn’t have.

Then I took some cues from a very wise friend who taught me so much.  She and her kids were always doing something.  We often tagged along.  The BONUS was some girl time for me and our kids got to enjoy some fun.

First, you must realize you already live in abundance.  Have you ever thought about the blessings you do have.  Healthy kids.  A job to pay the bills. Now think about the beauty of the sun rises every morning and the birds singing.  We have roads to walk on, parks to spend time in and people around us to have interesting conversations with.  Stop focusing on what you don’t have and focus on what you do have.Next, get creative.  Start looking outside the box for alternative solutions.  When was the last time you packed a snack and headed to the park with the kids.  Live close to the beach, how about a walk on the beach to collect seashells or look for sea glass.  There are ways to make even routine trips fun without spending money.  How about a ride with no destination?  Maybe you know but the kids don’t – pack a lunch and head to a new spot with a park or no cost activities.

If you were new to the neighborhood, where would you go to explore?  The library? The park? A craft show? A flea market? Check your local paper for activities.  The Fall is full of outdoor happenings – how about stopping by a local football game to cheer on the Pop Warner kids.  How many people (other than parents) attend those games?  Make it an adventure – tailgate.  Dress in the local team’s colors, bring some food & drinks and have some fun.

Pack a lunch and head to the park – embrace the child in you while you have fun with the kids.

No kids around?  How about window shopping?  Remember when you were younger and had no money.  Stop in your favorite store and try on some clothes you always wanted but would never buy.  Have fun.  Call a girlfriend and go for a walk.

Keep Looking on the Bright Side.  Let’s be honest. Staying upbeat when you have little money isn’t easy.  Seeing the bright side is a choice you make and a skill you can develop. You deserve to feel good no matter what the status of your bank account is. You deserve to have fun.  You deserve to go places without spending money.

So, where will you head this weekend?  Share with us your best NO COST travel tip.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Are You on a Team?

384c93e080304655bdc98a4210d2210eWOOHOO! It is Friday!  Typically, weekends are not my favorite days of the week.  I start my 3 days of “work“.  What I do get excited about is FOOTBALL!  For those that know me, this was something new when hubby came into my life (15+ years ago).  When we were both off on Sundays, it was the thing we did.  Now, he is usually at work and I am racing home on Sunday to catch the end of a 1PM game and get ready for a 4:30PM game….

Opps… I “squirreled” just a little…

So, are you on a team?  Or were you ever?  Growing up, I was not on any sports teams. I was on the Yearbook and I would consider it an amazing team.  On the other hand, my daughter, Belinda, was on a sports team from the time she was about 6 years old.  We or I should say she did gymnastics, field hockey and was an all-star cheerleader.  I am grateful for those years because it taught her many lessons she might not have learned being an only child.

As a single mom, Belinda and I were a team.  Hubby and I are a team.  So, whether you think of it in those terms or not, all of us are a part of some team.

If you have your own direct sales business, maybe you have a team of women under you but I can almost guarantee  you have a team above you.


As a member of a team (any team), you are very special to the other members.  In direct sales, the women under you feel safe enough to have YOU as their sponsor and to have YOU as the one guiding them.  WOW!  Please, do not take it lightly. I know I don’t.

I am going to focus right now on your team in your direct sales business.

Make sure you get to know each person. Find out her ‘why’. Learn about her life. Care about her. Connect with her. Legitimately join her on this journey. She NEEDS you and is dying for you to guide her. Don’t let her down. This is one of the most important aspects of your job/business.  The women on your team came to you, sought you out, trusted you and are excited about something with YOU. Be a part of their life, jump in to it full force. Be there for them. Don’t let them down.

On the flip side, don’t hold their hand every step of the way. Guide them to the available resources. Give them a solid foundation to start on. Share your wisdom and knowledge.   Encourage their desire to learn more, how to have fun, how to get in the groove of THEIR business and help them figure out what gets them stoked. Your business and their business will be totally different,  It is a BEAUTIFUL and exciting thing,

Remember to work with her – you don’t work for her. Walk along side her, don’t pull her behind you. Lead her down the path SHE wants.  screen-shot-2015-07-14-at-12-13-13-am

It is so not about you or what you want –  it is ALWAYS about her. Make sure she knows how much you care.

What other teams can you apply these words of wisdom to?  Share with us what kind of team you are on….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Unclutter Your Life

Be More Fearless in Life

2 meanings of fear

FEAR!  We all have it.  For some it is greater than others.  For some, they simple hesitate for a moment and then keep moving forward.  For others, FEAR paralyzes them and they STOP dead in their tracks.  Which one are you when FEAR comes knocking?

Honestly, it almost depends on my mental state at the time as to which reaction I will have.  When I entered rehab to overcome my addiction, I was scared shitless!  I overcame the FEAR because the other option was even scarier.  When I first started blogging, I was afraid.  But I rose to the challenge and conquered the FEAR.  Health challenges have created a FEAR yet I continue to go to the doctor’s seeking answers, not knowing is not an option.  When it comes to my business, FEAR can paralyze me.  When it comes to FEAR in my personal life – YUP, FEAR paralyzes me (sometimes).

The result of letting FEAR control your life leaves us missing out on learning and growing as a person.  We miss out on meeting and building relationships with fabulous new people.  We miss out on being successful (whatever that means to you) in business and in life.

Here is how I try to live to avoid the FEAR inner gremlin:


We all have them.  We are the happiest when we “live” within the walls of them. The truth is that they hold us back. When we are in one,  our fears are always in front of us.  No matter what your fear is: flying, awkward silences (I HATE these), or being judged by others – you are being held back from incredible opportunities. What is the worse that could happen if you said YES to more to things and stepped out of your comfort zone?

4586616dc1d540af9ec2c19a1fb4382dYou will soon realize that the more you say yes, the easier it becomes.  You become willing to step just a little further outside of your comfort zone each time.  Believe me, your confidence will GROW!


I have heard for years “You are your own worst enemy” and I never really understood it.  Then I met my Abundance Coach and Fierce Cheerleader, Eryka Peskin.  It was then that I was introduced to my inner gremlins.  An AHA moment.  It was then that I learned that my biggest enemy lived inside of me!  It was the only one who doubted me.  We all have inner gremlins within us who tell us we can’t and the difference is our response.  Do you have “what if’s”?  Take the FEAR scenario and play it out on paper or in your head.  Is the end result really that bad?


We’ve all been judged our entire lives and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it!  As much as we hate to admit it, we have judged others too –  it is a fact of life.  It is a waste of valuable energy that could be better spent elsewhere.  Wouldn’t it be better if we spent our time and energy investing in building a relationship with those who took the time to get to know us, to befriend us and to be there for us?



Are you a people pleaser?  Yup, that was (okay sometimes is) me!  If you are being yourself, you are going to piss someone off at some point and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. Opinions and beliefs differ from person to person, so you can be sure someone won’t agree with you.

“I can’t tell you the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”


You have heard all of the woulda, shoulda and coulda from a world that is constantly telling us who we should or shouldn’t be. Don’t be arrogant by sharing your accomplishments.  Don’t put yourself down because it makes us insecure. Don’t be too positive because that is setting unrealistic expectations.  Don’t be too negative because no one wants to be around you. We simply cannot win!  What if you were just yourself?  The good, the bad and the ugly!  We would love ourselves more and the Law of Attraction would find us others that love us too, just the way we are.

Who is ready to CRUSH your FEARS and get more out of life?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Happy Birthday Belinda

Belinda copy

At 7:57AM exactly 27 years ago my baby girl was born – Belinda Joan Heldreth Steinel.  I am sure she is cringing at me calling her a “baby” but she will always be my baby.

When I found out that I was pregnant, there were a whirlwind of emotions.  Belinda’s dad opted to leave us since he “wasn’t ready to be a dad”.  Was I ready to be a mom?  Probably not.  This fun-loving, workaholic, partying women thought “I can do and have it all”.  Reality quickly sunk in as I was banished for health reasons to bed for most of my pregnancy.  Life was a little, okay ALOT, crazy but I knew that we would be okay.

The morning Belinda arrived, I was due for a stress test because despite the doctor’s prediction, she was NOT early nor was she a preemie!  When I called the doctor to tell him I as in labor, he was like I will see you for the stress test. NO WAY!  Within an hour, the pain was unbearable so off Elsie and I went to the hospital.  I was having contractions but it was too early for pain meds.  By the time the doctor came back in it was too LATE for pain meds.  Yup, 100% natural labor along with a vow that I would NEVER had another child.

belinda & me wedding

It has always been “you and me kid”.  Yes, Rob entered the picture when you were 13.  Yes, I had tremendous support from family.  At the end of the day, it was “you and me kid” snuggled in our mobile home getting through life with the cats and Tinkerbell.

I picked and chose my battles when you were growing up.  Some things just weren’t worth it.  I was blessed.  You were basically a good kid.  A gymnast (thank you Edythe & Grams).  A field hockey player.  An All Star Cheerleader.  A hard working girl from the age of 16.

Do you remember the first time the realization hit you that your “baby” was a grown up?  Was it when they went to HS? How about when they got their first job? Or was it when they got their driver’s license?  Most will say, it was when they went off to college.  For me, the realization came as Rob and I walked her down the “aisle” to the waiting arms of her finance.  Yup.  It took that long – just this past August.  I was not ready for the flood of emotion that would hit as we drove back to Jersey that weekend.

2015-08-29 15.17.19

Belinda, you have grown into an amazing woman.  I have always been proud of you.  I love your giving heart.  I love your energy.  I love your self-confidence.  Yes, I even love your lack of tactic when telling people how you “really” feel.  You have inspired others to reach for their dreams.  You have fought for those who could not fight for themselves. You have blazed a trail advocating as far as Capital Hill for the things that you believe in.  You stand up for what you believe in even if it goes against the norm.

Yes, mom is shedding a tear or two as I write this.  We may not physically be together today since you are in North Carolina and I am in New Jersey but our hearts will be bound together forever.  I wish you a day filled with love and happiness.  I hope that all of your dreams come true.   Happy Birthday Baby!  It is “you and me kid”.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!