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Are You An Effective Leader?


Deep down I believe we are all leaders.  Now, for some it may be a little deeper than others.  You know there are people who leading seems to come naturally, right?  Then there are others who struggle with doubt in their abilities to lead.  Which one are you? Or do you fall someplace in the middle.  I will admit, depending on the situation I can fall in either category.

The truth is, the only qualification for being a leader is “you make decisions which influence other people”.  Yup, it is as simple as it comes.  Since we are all leaders, we might as well work on being a great ones, right?

The key to becoming a great leader is not to focus on becoming “a great leader”  but to focus on whether or not you are someone worth following.  This can apply to anywhere you are a leader – our home, your job, your community or in your own business.

Every since Andy Andrews was a speaker at Thirty One’s National Conference, I have been diving into his books and his ideas.  He says there are THREE key qualities of someone who is worth following and they are:

unknown 1. They are truly transparent
This seems to be the new “buzz word” in the business world.  Being transparent means you always take ownership of your mistakes and shortcomings in front of the people you’re leading. You don’t pretend to be perfect and you admit when you’re wrong.  I am definitely transparent!

A truly good leader will also know the difference between a mistake and a bad choice.  Do you know the difference?  A mistake is something accidentally done, but with good intentions. A bad choice is something purposely done.  I tend to make more mistakes than I do bad choices although when it came to my addictions I would have to say it was more bad choices.

Knowing how to handle the consequences of both by being transparent builds your followers’ loyalty.  When people understand your thinking and see you are human, they will want to follow you.

images   2. They know how to get back on track
Leaders along with their followers make mistakes and poor choices.  A great leader will know how to get not only themselves but also their followers back on track when they are negatively affected by a mistake or bad choice.

Leaders can shift perspective back to the big picture when things go wrong.  Leaders remain calm in the face of confusion and crisis.  When we are transparent, followers feel safe coming to us with their own mistakes and bad choices.

6a00e54f8c25c9883401157249b1b2970b3. They take advantage of teachable moments.
To remain a leader and help people grow, great leaders take advantage of opportunities to teach.  Don’t we do this as parents?

How many times have we let our “bad mood” handle a situation inappropriately?  The end result is not good and usually leads to a screaming match, right?  How often have you used a moment like this to be transparent with your kids.

As a single mom who was a recovering addict, I needed to acknowledge my bad choices and ask forgiveness.  If it was just a mistake, a simple apology worked to make things right.  If I made a bad choice, I didn’t wait to be transparent.  I easily shared what was happening with me and the fact it was no excuse for how inappropriately I had acted. I will admit, many thought I shared way too much with my young daughter BUT it always strengthened our relationship. The valuable teaching moments rarely occured at convenient times.  So, it meant stopping what I was doing, checking my emotions, and taking a sharp detour. Great leaders seize teachable moments, whether they’re inconvenient and uncomfortable.

It is easy to focus  on ourselves when we think about effective leadership but it can be overwhelming at time.  So, shy not shift from a “ME” perspective to an outward focus.

Ask yourself:

  • Who stands to gain from my improved leadership?
  • How will my leadership help those following me?
  • How would a steady, calm presence of leadership make those around me become more effective?

Picture those people in your mind—your family members, your co-workers, your employees, or whomever else you might be leading. They will give you all the motivation you need to become someone worth following.

Who do you follow?  Picture one of those leaders from your own life, right now.  What did they do to make you want to follow them?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

The Power of 3


What do you think of when I say the “power of three”?  How about The 3 Little Bears, 3 Musketeers, 3 Blind Mice, or 3rd Rock from the Sun.

A very wise and successful mompreneur, Desiree Wolfe, encourages that we do things in our business by 3’s.  I know, I was skeptical too.  I always thought that giving someone 2 choices was the way to go – I mean it always worked with my daughter when she was growing up.  I gave her two choices, either of which I could live with.  She got to feel like she had control and it was one less battle to fight.

The truth is that the brain loves the number 3.  When you add any more, it gets confused.  Take one away and people feel like they don’t have enough choices.

Here are some suggestions:

  • 3 sets of products on display.  I know that I want to show EVERYTHING but it becomes overwhelming for guests.  The NEW Thirty One catalog has THREE chapters – For You, For  Family, For Home.  So maybe 3 products from each collection is enough?

for just you For your familyfor your home

  • 3 offerings on your website.  For those of you that create your own website, I have heard many times that a person only will click THREE times to get to where they want on your site.  If they have to click more than that, they will move on to something else.
  • follow up 3 times.  The money is in the follow-up, right?  When I am intentional about my calls and follow the 3 method, good things happen.  Here is what my 3 plan is: 1 – the day after a party or an online order is placed just to thank them for their order.  2 – about 2 weeks AFTER the order has arrived to see if everything is okay.  3 – About 70 days out to see if there are any problems and they are still enjoying their product.  Thirty One has a 90-day no reason for return policy if an item is not personalized.  If you are hostess coaching BEFORE a party, 3 calls to keep the excitement going and ensure a successful party for your hostess.

fortune in follow-up

What ways do you use the Power of 3 in your business? Share your tips with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!