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Today is known on most social media sites as Throwback Thursday so I thought I would share some of the things that used to be in Thirty One’s catalog.  Honestly, I am so glad that some of it is gone.  I did LOVE the letters and the cookie jar though.  I wish they would at least bring back the cookie jar in a future anniversary edition of the catalog….. hmm!

Okay, imagine that you have found the perfect flyer for an event, fundraiser or  party, so you don’t have to recreate the wheel and you want to make into a picture.  What do you do?  What if you found a picture that you want to add words to?  What do you do?  So I am sure that it is not a stretch to picture this, right?  Frustration sets in because you are technically challenged, at least for me it does.  You need it now but the people you reach out to for help are not available.  Thankfully, I have found (with the help of some AWESOME Thirty One consultants) a website that helps me solve these problems.  It is call Zamzar and it is FREE!  It has helped me to take pdf docs and make them into word docs.  It has taken pictures and converted them to word docs. It has actually made me feel like a techy.  Give it a try and you will be AMAZED.

Facebook parties have become all the rage.  On any given day, I have 3 Facebook pages plus events where I need to post pictures and messages.  It was becoming an all consuming task and left little office time for doing traditional income producing activities like making calls.  I tried the FREE Facebook posting programs which were great but they were free and had a lot of glitches.  I know there are a variety of programs out there but I have found one that I LOVE.  It is called CinchShare.  For a mere $10 a month or $100 for a year, you can use this awesome program.  You are able to post to ANY Facebook page where you are the Administrator or that you are the host.  The only TWO down sides to this program is that you can only post in 5 minute increments and you can only post 1 picture per post.  The 5 minute increments can be a problem when doing a Facebook party but I have found ways to work around it which allows me more time to interact with the guests at the party.  Less posts and more relationship building which is a good thing, right?  As far as the 1 picture per post, there is nothing that says that you can’t have 2 posts (or more) scheduled for the same time.  Depending on internet connection speeds of your guests, they may be out of order but they will post at the same time.  Problem solved.

What are some of YOUR favorite programs that make life just a  little bit easier in your business?  Share them with us and tell us why you like them.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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