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Your Dream Customer

This post was inspired by Jen Carrington.

Over the last year, I have looked at ways to change my business… no I don’t mean jumping ship and finding a new direct sales company.  I mean seriously looking at ways to connect with my “dream customer” to grow my business.  Yes, they are out there.  I want to serve people in my business not be the “pushy sales person”.

Have you ever thought about the people you are here to serve in your business?

When you look for the people you want to serve, you are in essence looking for your “dream customer”.  The profile of the perfect person who will buy your products, make referrals and maybe even host a party or two during the year.  It is not a fantasy, it is actually possible to find them.  They are out there when we are targeting them.

Your dream customer bucket list can help you get super laser-focused on who you want to serve and connect with along your business journey.  The end result will be a rocking business…..

If I were to ask you who your “dream customer” is, what would you say?  Seriously, think beyond the high party sales, or the customer who places crazy large orders.  Can you describe them, maybe even name them?  Think about the people who would be fun to host a party with. Maybe the people whose mission touch your heart so you want to run a fundraiser together.  Make a list.  I know it may sound crazy but believe me it works.For me, a client profile focusing on knowing their favorite ice-cream flavor or candy don’t really help me, but it could if you are in the business of selling ice cream or candy.  It is nice to know when you want to celebrate them or show your appreciation but is this information going to draw them to your business.  I want to know things about my customers which will help me figure out how my products can connect with them in a meaningful way.  It is reaching the next level – connecting with them because we share similar values or interests.  Knowing a little bit about their family, their work, or their dreams.  This allows me to suggest products to help them without being pushy or salesy, just truly wanting to service them.

If you are new in direct sales, create a profile of your dream customer.  Include all the things which would attract you to them and they to you.  By doing this, you can connect to what matters most whenever you are creating and sharing content or marketing your services or products online.

And do you want to know something really cool? In the past year or so, 5 people from my dream client bucket list have hired me as their coach – completely out of the blue! I never did anything specific to target them – I just kept them in mind whenever I was showing up and sharing online.

Is it easy?  NO!  Okay for some it might be but for me I tend to struggle.  I fall into the pit of “target everyone” and those who want or need what you are offering will float to the top.  I have to admit, this hasn’t worked.  Sometimes, when I think of my dream customer – I focus more on where and how we are going to connect then I do on the reasons I want to service them.  When you lose focus, you are all over the place with little results.

Here is a quick tip if you have been in business for a while, create a second list – a “dreamy clients I’ve worked with” list. Why?  Chances are you have already connected on a more personal level with them, which gives you deeper insight into how to create and share content with them (or people like them).  You message will resonate and connect with like-minded future clients along the way.

So, have you written your dream client bucket list yet?

I challenge you to do it.  We are headed into the weekend, a chance to think about the people you would really, really, love to be your clients/customers.  Get super specific!! Scroll through your social media feeds (you know you will be on them anyway).  Think about people you know offline (yes, there are people who are not on social media).  Make a list and keep it somewhere so you can refer to when you are creating content or sending out messages for you business.  Speak directly to the people who you truly want to serve along the way.

And one day soon someone from your dream client bucket list will move to your “dreamy clients I’ve worked with” list…

Share your dream customer with us… who knows you may find them right here!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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How to Conquer Your Greatest Fear?


Today’s blog started as just a “throwback” post. One of those days when I wasn’t sure what to write so I start reflecting on things I have written.  Then God lets me see part of the plan.

On this day in 2014, I had a conversation with Hope Shortt who is not only my Thirty One sponsor but also a woman of great faith who inspires me daily.  During a coaching call, she asked me: “Do you ever remember a time in your life that you were truly scared of something?”  This question always stops me dead in my tracks.  Because just when I think  I have a handle on “fear” and think it is gone from my life – those ugly gremlins poke through a little crack of doubt.  For those who have heard the story a million times, forgive me but this is not only to squash my inner gremlins but to help someone else who may be struggling along the way.266e5328ccd89317cd0a9da2787eb30b

Today’s blog comes from deep in my heart.  I hope by sharing this again (though some may cringe at its honesty) I can bid farewell to a FEAR which is plaguing me as I stepped out in faith to work my Thirty One business full-time.  b4154ec6f1fb4e828f441585a11524ec

We are going to go back in time…say 1990 when I thought I was in control of my life. It was Belinda’s 2nd birthday or pretty close to it. I was at work when a Police Detective walked through the door and asked my boss to speak to me. FEAR! The moment when I just knew my world was going to fall apart. FEAR! The moment when I realized my “recreational” drug use might be a problem. FEAR! The moment when EVERYONE was going to know I was a fake! This may seem a bit dramatic for some but the truth is, this was when I let FEAR invade my life. From this moment on, FEAR became a major part of my life. Satan has had a field day with me ever since.unnamed-3

The truth was, I was a drug addict. My addiction had caused me to do things I knew were wrong, were “not the way I was raised”, and were “not the way I wanted to raise my daughter”. I thought I was having fun. Recreational use for over 8 years had gradually turned into more as I moved from weekend use to all the time (or as often as I could afford). My life was a mess and the only one who seemed to know it was God! I was arrested, faced possible jail time, put in a Pre-Trial Intervention Program for community service and sent to rehab. God had a plan for my life.  I had definitely drifted off course – further than I ever had before.

As I remember the dreadful day, my heart races, knots form in my stomach and tears well up in my eyes. Through it all, I am grateful. It was the turning point in my life which helped me to slowly move closer to God’s will for me. Did I have a lot of FAITH? No! Did I think God loved me enough to want to save me? No! But as I look back, I know the rocky road of recovery and growth are all part of who I am today.

So you are wondering why I bothered to share about FEAR, right? Been there, done that, got the tee shirt, right? The truth is – deep in the crevice of my soul, FEAR still has a hold on my heart. This week has been a week where I needed to fully rely on God.  Have faith in what I could not see and trust he has a plan for me.  Yup, I am again bidding farewell to FEAR! Hope talked about this in her blog:

I encourage you to be brave. Realize that when fear creeps in, push it out. My God is bigger than anything else and My God has proven that time and time again. Be strong. Be courageous and remember that He already knows what tomorrow holds-therefore fear is not how He equips you.

Will it be easy?  NO!  But let’s do it together….Let’s bid a farewell to fear this year, once and for all.  Whether it’s about your job, your car, an accident, your finances, your relationships, your business, your addiction…whatever it is, don’t let fear in. Don’t let it win….. Allowing fear to take over is actually very easy and it can cost us when it becomes to being the person God wants us and needs us to be for others. I believe it’s one of the greatest attacks on us as believers. I refuse to be taken advantage of by the enemy. He’s stolen too much from me before.

Today, I will EMBRACE the joy in my heart and my God-sized Dream. I will close the door on FEAR which hovers outside my heart ready to steal my joy.

What is YOUR greatest FEAR? Is that FEAR keeping you from reaching YOUR dreams? I challenge you to bid farewell to the fear.. will you take the challenge

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!