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The Benefits of Coloring


coloring book & crayons

When was the last time that you sat down and colored?  If you have kids, chances are you do it once in awhile.  What about if those kids are grown?  I can’t remember the last time that I picked up a crayon and started to color.

I loved to color as a child.  Creating pictures that transformed from a mere black and white piece of paper to works of art worthy of hanging on the fridge for all to see.  It actually was a great way for keep busy and entertain myself.

Of course, I had no idea that it had some mental benefits.  It is for that reason that coloring has become the new rage with adults.

  • Coloring is relaxing.  You have to sit still and focus on what you are doing.  The coloring books for adults have intricate designs so you really need to pay attention if you a re going to stay within the lines.
  • Coloring helps you to de-stress.  When you focus on coloring, you don’t have time to think of the day to day stresses.  You can be more creative.  When you are done, you feel refreshed.  
  • Coloring can take you back to a time when you felt happy and carefree.  Those awesome childhood memories come flowing back.
  • Coloring requires both halves of your brain to work together.  This was a fact that I didn’t know.  By using both sides of your brain – you will stay strong and nimble.

Now that my daughter is grown (and no grandchildren yet), I haven’t thought about coloring in years.  Then this idea of coloring started popping up.

colorful creations

Who would have ever thought that you could transform a product you bought into a work of art while relieving the stress of the day?  This is a great gift to give yourself or anyone in your life that could use a little de-stressing time.  Gather a group of friends for a night of de-stressing and see what a difference in makes in your week.  A useful product carrying your unique design made with an assortment of Sharpie color markers.

color with me party copy

Need to de-stress right now!  Grab a FREE download image to color from  Yellow Mountain Coloring Books.  They also offer free weekly mandala coloring patterns too.

What do you prefer to color with?  Crayons? Markers? Colored pencils?  Colored pens? You can find an assortment of tools on Amazon.  Keep them organized and looking cute.


C&T Publishing offers a series of adorable coloring books great for kids AND adults.  Boho Designs books have styles that will inspire you to tap your inner 60’s artist.  These make great gifts for kids or treats for adults!

Make coloring part of your daily or weekly routine to find your “happy” place.  Then once you finish that work of art – hang it on the fridge or stick it on your wall in the office to reflect on when things get stressful.  Worried what your co-workers will think since they know you don’t have kids?  Share with them the benefits of coloring or simply tell them that a child did it for you.

So I challenge you to grab some crayons and a coloring book and let the de-stressing begin.  Take time for yourself and a little self-care.  Take a picture and share it with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Hope Wissel

Kid Friendly Party Ideas

bored cats

MOM, I’m bored.  There’s nothing to do.  I am sure you have heard that ALOT this summer.  I used to hear it from Belinda more times than I could count.   She was busy in the mornings with gymnastics or field hockey or cheering but by late afternoon or evening – I’m bored was her cry.

What is a mom to do, right?  How about a kid-friendly party?  Outside without a lot of fuss….

Water Party

Maybe you don’t have a pool – it’s okay, let’s have a WATER party.  Water balloons.  Water guns.  Sprinklers.  Host a WATER party with everyone.  Kids get to play.  Moms get to hang out and shop.  Let’s use Thirty One’s AWESOME products in the summer fun activities. I can feature your favorite outdoor products while everyone is enjoying some summer sun!  I will even b ring some prizes along for the kids….

Carnival Theme

This is a great idea and an easy way to have maybe 2 or 3 direct sales consultants come together.  Each “consultant” would have their own table to showcase their products and have a  Mystery Hostess Party.  Have lots of activities for the kids to enjoy and have fun doing.  Games could include pin the tail on the donkey, three legged races, face painting, ring toss, water balloon toss, etc.  Each consultant supplies a prize for the winning child and their mom.  Kids have a good time, and moms won’t miss the chance to be scoping out your products.  All kids will receive a “goodie” bag to go home with.

Photo Shoot Party

Host a photo shoot with our products and your guests. I love this idea..It is not only a fun event for families to get together and capture photos but it allows your guests to get a sense of how they would use your products with their families.   Email them the photos for them to keep.  Have fun props too – hats, silly shirts, etc.  Kids love the chance to be “famous”  and have their picture taken.  I will bring some additional props to add to the fun.


Nap Time Online Party

Can’t get everyone together in person, let’s have a “Nap Time Online Party” for Moms! Host an online Facebook party while all of the littles are sleeping soundly.  You, as the  hostess, are in charge of rounding up the attendees and get the hostess benefits. I will offer prizes and promote the event yourself  as well as offer up some extra incentives for anyone who decides to schedule a party for themselves during the event.

Colorful Creations

My NEW favorite party for moms and kids.  Guests pre-order their favorite black playful parade product.  The night of the party, the kids get to color with the markers while moms get to enjoy some girl time.  This is great for any age because if the color gets on the black, it won’t show up.  Who doesn’t enjoy making their own bag?

coloring party

Color Party 2

What are YOUR best SUMMER kid-friendly party ideas?  Share them with us.  We still have 3 weeks left of summer.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!