Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Leadership Myth #2

Do you feel like you are watching The Dave Letterman Show?  Okay, so I am showing my age, right?  But he has always done the Top Ten of things in reverse order…

This myth, I kind of knew but had my doubts about it….

Myth #2 is You have to create financial incentives or contests for you team.

Having been with Thirty One for over three years, I have been blessed with a variety of company AND team incentives.  Were they the reason that I pushed for bookings, sales and recruits?  NO!  Okay, so occasionally, I have – I mean who wouldn’t want some of the AMAZING company incentives – new products and trips.  My Upline is offering a 4-day cruise right now and I am pushing but not for this trip.  It requires me to promote but in order to do that, I need one more on my team to promote.  It is out of my control so I will just CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD in the hopes that prayers will be answered…

The truth shared by Dana Wilde is that MONEY is not necessarily the best motivator.  Motivators can be public recognition, personal connections, being a part of something bigger, and just plain friendly competition.  My upline is offering the cruise incentive and I have passed it down to my team in the hopes that this will be enough incentive for my team to want to promote.

I have learned one thing… if the company is offering an incentive, there is no need for me to offer one.  These were the words of given to me by my upline – the AMAZING Hope Shortt.  I am learning to make solid business decisions which means that even if the “fun, creative” side of me wants to offer lots of incentives….the practical side says – this is not a good business decision.  Everything that you do in YOUR business has to fit YOUR budget.  You don’t need to compare yourself to others (even though we sometimes do).

Happy mail seems to be just as much fun for my girls.  Happy mail can range from a simple postcard to candy bars to cookies to a small gift.  Give happy mail a try for not only your team but also for your hostesses….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!