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Customer Appreciation Month is Here!

OMG!  Did you know Thirty One will be 15 years old in October, 2018?  I love the fact we are celebrating all year long – special perks for consultants and NOW one for our AWESOME customers…

Maybe you remember the famous coupon clutch which was in our product line awhile ago, well it has been tweaked and it has returned as the “Save Your Way Clutch”.  The clutch is perfect for coupon queens and savvy savers.  It zippers shut and has as set of five Save Your Way inserts. Additional sets of inserts are available.


How many of you remember our “inspiration case” or better know as the Bible carrier?  It too is back as the Day by Day Case.  The cover has a pocket which zips closed and can be personalized.  The best part is it comes in the new Virtuous Verses print.

Check out all of the options available now through January 14th at 40% off….

There is still time host a party of your own… The orders will not be in by Christmas BUT if it is a holiday gift, I will supply you with a “your gift is on the way” card.

Wondering what the Customer Special is?  Well from now till December 15th, if you spend $35 you can pick TWO items for 40% off.  I know it is AMAZING right?

Or, if you want the traditional offers, how about TWO of these:

Or, while they last the original December Customer special is:

You can mix and match ANY of these specials as long as there are TWO for every multiple of $35 you spend.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!







Business Tips and Tricks

How to Make Money In Bad Winter Weather

This past weekend was the first of what I am sure will be many cancellations of events and parties during the rough winter months.  I am working on a plan to keep my business consistent while I (and my customers) are snuggled warm at home.  Last winter, I was able to hit my goal as was my team with some planning – I always have a plan B….

Here are some tips to help you keep your sales up during those cold winter months…

1.Flash Sale Fridays (or any day)IMG_3907.jpg

Pick a product or a bundle of products and offer them at a discount for a 24-hour period only.  Let your customers know by sharing the products LIVE on Facebook or via an email or even in a text message.  Encourage them to share the flash sale with friends – the more the merrier.  If it isn’t in your budget to offer your own discount, utilize the specials offered by your company by creating bundles  for your customers.  By creating a sense of urgency (today only) you can encourage people to shop.

2. Facebook LIVE parties

Facebook LIVE is a great way to demonstrate products, do drawings, and have fun. By letting your customers see you LIVE, then establish a connection with you, see your personality shine.  Encourage attendees to share the video with friends.  Ask simple questions like where do you live so everyone checks in.  Acknowledge those who check in with a greeting or comment.  The more interaction, the more people will see it on their Facebook newsfeed.  The end result is to take orders by sharing solutions to their every day problems with your products.

3. Show on the Go parties

Pack up some samples of your products, catalogs and share them with 6 of your friends. Encourage each of them to collect $100 in orders.  Give it a fun name and split the hostess benefits between them.  Chances are they will collect more than $100 in sales.

4. If it’s just a flurry

Have a flurry sale offering, get rid of retiring prints and products or excess inventory – we in direct sales always have excess inventory.  Have a home party, offer a discount or special gift if the party holds and guests attend or order.

5. Hold a Mystery Host party

Text, email, phone or facebook message past/ current customers for orders.  Anyone who places an order will be entered in a drawing to win ALL of the hostess benefits.  The more orders, the more benefits.

Be sure to OVERBOOK your calendar in the winter months.  One date is the party date and the second date is fa snow date, just in case the original date needs to get postponed due to weather. If a home party is cancelled, switch it to a ZOOM or Facebook LIVE party. You were scheduled to work, so work your business.

Another fun idea to get people out to a wintery party is to offer a fun theme party with a summer or tropical theme… all the way down to the dress and snacks. It’s a fun way to bring hope the winter will soon be over and allows everyone to dream a little.

What is your best tip for keeping your business consistent during the winter?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Coupon Clutch and More

Happy Saturday!  I am off to St. John’s United Methodist Church in Hazlet for their fall fest and craft show.  If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.  I will be partying Thirty One style along with having my handcrafted angels.

Today, I decided to focus on one of Thirty One‘s “overlooked” products.  I say that because when customers see the words “coupon clutch” they immediately react with  – I don’t use coupons.  I have to admit, even though I use them – I seldom carry them with me unless it is a PLANNED shopping trip.  As you know, I have been talking about budgeting and Dave Ramsey‘s envelope system.  I have a friend who got an adorable cash envelope system from Daisy Lane Designs on Etsy which got me to thinking (since I am all about different uses for Thirty One products) what would work the same way?  ANSWER:  The coupon clutch.

coupon-clutch 1

The coupon clutch has 5 accordion pockets for each of your categories along with 5 colored tabs for labeling each dividing pocket.  You can even have it personalized to encourage your saving habits.

Not into budgeting?  Are you a commuter?  Do you gather lots of receipts when you travel only to have to try and sort through them when you get home?  Why not use the coupon clutch to store those receipts?  You can label the tabs as: transportation, food, business expenses, medical – or whatever other labels you need to keep your bookkeeping records straight.  You can either carry it in your purse OR leave it in the car and then on the first of every month, take those receipts, log them in and return the clutch to the car to start all over again.

One of my “mom” customers, uses hers to hold all of those loose things in her purse.  I would use a mini zipper but am always open to suggestions.  She says it is easier to keep band-aids, tylenol packets, shout packets (for those little messes), nail file and more in this clutch.  If she is going to the fields to watch her children play sports, there is a pocket for her id, money and even her cell phone.  Add a wristlet strap and she is ready for any minor emergency.

So, the coupon clutch isn’t just for coupons… what would you use your COUPON CLUTCH for?  Add your ideas here and who knows you might even win one of your very own.