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An Act of Kindness


Today is Throwback Thursday and I got to thinking…. I know scary, right?

I am going WAY back to about 8th grade and freshman year in High School.  I had a good friend, A.  We spent lots of time together.  We shared secrets.  Our boyfriends were friends.  We walked to the beach almost every day in the summer.

Then my memory gets a little foggy.  Somewhere during our high school years we grew apart.  Hubby and I talked about her once in awhile, wondering what had happened to her.  Fast forward to our 40th HS reunion.  I saw her name on the list and couldn’t wait to reconnect. It was awkward at first but I wanted to hear all about her life.

reunion picture

In the midst of talking, she shared that she would be starting chemo treatments when she got home.  The realization that the dreaded “c” was wrecking havoc on another friend’s life hit me hard.  After the reunion, she was headed home but the thought that she was going to be going through life long chemo kept nagging at me.  I reached out to someone on the Reunion committee for her address.

I talked with hubby and we agreed that we wanted to do something that would hopefully encourage her as she traveled this long road.  I ordered the bag above and had it shipped directly to her.  I didn’t include a note – just the packing slip would be included in the box.  I wasn’t looking for accolades, I just wanted to make her smile.  I wanted her to know that someone cared.  I wanted her to know that her friendship all those years ago meant so much to me.

Then I forgot about the order.  I didn’t even get a shipping notice so I didn’t know when it would be delivered.  Then I get a “tag” notice on Facebook.  A announced to everyone that I had sent her this gift and what it meant to her.  It makes me smile even today as I think of the blessing that I was able  to give someone else.  As she started chemo, she shared how the bag was packed and ready to go.  She was taking it with her all the time.  A constant reminder of her “courageous“-ness.

Okay, so what is the point of this story, right?  It is not about selling a bag.  It is not about the thanks we received.  It is about bringing a smile to the face of someone who is struggling.  That is my mission….

The mission of my business is to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD women (children too).  To bring a smile to their face when they are struggling.  To share my strength, hope and experiences that they might know that they are not alone.  It can be with a coffee/tea break, happy mail, a gift of a product, some business tips or a girl’s night out.  I want those who are struggling (and maybe don’t even realize it) to SPARKLE!

Do you know someone who could use some sparkle?  Let’s see if we can turn that frown into a SMILE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Core Values

When I began my journey with Thirty One, I thought core values were things like “freedom, love, family, spirituality, self-love, honesty, loyalty, respect, commitment, etc.”.

I don’t know about you but being in business for myself I feel like I am doing it all which we usually are, right?  We want it all, right?  A successful business, awesome relationships, big bank accounts, and good health.  When we don’t get it all, we wonder why?  I never really thought about aligning my values up with what I wanted in life.  I know, crazy, right?

Over the last four years, Thirty One’s Core values have become a part of me.  I apply that particular principles to my business willing myself to actually OWN it.  Can you tell that it doesn’t always work?  Here are those core values:


Authentic    Courageous Curious Flexible Fun-Loving Gracious Hard-Working PassionatePurposeful


The TWO that I would love to say is ALWAYS me are: Passionate and Purposeful.  The truth is that when I ask people which one they see as me, 95% of the time they say FUN LOVING and 5% of the time it is Passionate!  Really?  Can you tell that I am shocked?  Yes, I want to have fun with my business.  The truth is that I never really embrace the “fun-loving” side for fear of what people will think.

Alright so there are times when I don’t worry about it – National Conference, Celebrate and Connect, Premieres and anything that is specifically Thirty One.  Why? Because everyone else is in the “pink bubble” and understands the excitement and craziness.  I wonder if the REAL world would think I am bordering on crazy and run in the opposite direction or call for a straight jacket.

I wonder what would happen if I truly “owned” those two core values?  I mean not worry about what people think.  Have fun? Enjoy the moments instead of always planning for the next thing.  Would everything align?

What do you think?  Which of these 12 Core Values best describes you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!