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End August with a BANG

What’s today???? We are almost at the mid-way point in August.. That time when we start talking about going BACK to School, maybe enjoying your summer vacation before you have to go back to work OR you are starting to look at your Fall calendar and think – AGGHHH!!!!  This summer has been rough for me, without a full-proof plan for booking parties and sales, I struggled and felt completely blessed to reach my personal and team minimum goals.  Okay, so I know that August isn’t over yet BUT I will reach those minimums thankful to an AWESOME incentive from Thirty One.


Without parties, I didn’t have the opportunity to book parties for the Fall sooo now it is time to pick up the phone (mine doesn’t weigh 500 pounds anymore) and make some calls.  NOW is the time to start laying that foundation to make these next few months mine and your best selling season EVER!

I saw a blob post from Becky Spieth that shared THREE simple things to do now that will get us set for Fall.  I have already started to pick up the phone and put a plan on paper, now it is time to take some action.

Back to School: Begin thinking about your product line and how you can incorporate them into the season and fall activities. This is an easy one as a Thirty One consultant because we have some AMAZING products for all ages that are going back to school.  Our Spirit Collection lets you show your school spirit with practical and affordable bags that you can use all year long.  Think of how you can help your customers go “Back to School with Ease” and create themes and parties around that idea.

More Money: This is a great time to talk to college students about your business opportunity. They are looking for ways to earn additional income working around their own schedule. In addition, people are already starting to think about Christmas. Now is a good time to start sharing your opportunity to help them with their Christmas cash.  I am going to be intentional about sharing the gift of Thirty One with everyone by talking to everyone about being a consultant or joining for the discount.  I mean I started as a “kitnapper” and now I have a growing team.  My challenge to you, mail a packet with recruiting information to at least 10 people per month, see what happens.

recruitment special

August Themes: August is National Golf Month, so consider some golf themes you could incorporate into your parties. It’s also National Panini Month which is a great excuse for a hostess to have a party at your local sandwich shop.

  • August 15th: National Relaxation Day – time for a spa party!
  • August 17-23: National Friendship Week – Celebrate your friendships with a party!
  • August 26th: National Dog day – why not have a party with your furbabies? Or contact your groomer or veterinarian to host a party.

Sales down, calendar looking  little bleak… don’t give up!  There are still 2 more weeks to make the most of this month and to start you off strong for the Fall selling season.

What are some of YOUR best tips for increasing sales and booking parties during this time of year?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Confused by Style

I talk about my “style” or “fashion”  or should I say lack of both a lot.  I look with envy at those who seem to be able to pull an outfit together with little effort.  I am grateful for the help with some AWESOME shirts from Marina of The Virtuous Closet but I still get stuck.  I was grateful for an article that appeared online in BellaNYC Magazine entitled MAKING STYLE SIMPLE by Kara Wahlgren .  This is excerpts from the article that gives me hope that I might actually be able to pull together an outfit and develop my own personal style.

Everyone has their own unique look, but what draws one person to casual comfort and another to haute couture? Find out what factors influence your fashion sense – and how to find a personal style that truly flatters you. From Jennifer Aniston’s low-key Cali style to Victoria Beckham’s sky-high heels and skin-tight dresses, celebrities have a look they’re known for. But developing your personal style isn’t always an easy task. If you’ve ever changed your outfit six times before heading out the door, you know how overwhelming fashion can be. Luckily, pinning down your personal style doesn’t have to be a painful process. We asked three local style experts how to find – and flaunt – your own signature look. 

 Assess your personal taste. The first step to developing your personal style is to figure out what you’re drawn to. Natalie Tincher, founder of the image consulting firm Buttoned Up in New York City, asks clients a few key questions to help them define their personal style: “What is your current go-to outfit and what do you like about it? What brands or celebrities are you drawn to? What parts of your body do you like to accentuate or camouflage?” Asking yourself these questions will help you ignore the fads and focus on what you really like. 

Make comfort look chic.  Self-expression and comfort can go hand in hand. You don’t need to wear stilettos to the grocery store to be stylish. “There is a happy medium between being comfortable and still feeling put-together,” says Valerie Halfon, a personal shopper at “Wear color. When you color-coordinate, even your gym clothes will look well-thought-out. Take a simple outfit to the next level with a scarf or statement necklace. 

Don’t be tempted by trends.  The key is to adapt the trends to fit your style, rather than changing your style every time a new trend comes along. “It’s never good to chase a style that doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t flatter your body type,” Tincher says. Before you buy a trendy item, she cautions, “Make sure you can make at least three outfits by pairing it with items you already own.” This will help you gauge whether it really complements your style. 

Recognize a style rut when it happens. As long as your style reflects who you are, it won’t take long for your new look to become your signature look.

My go to outfit is always a pair of jeans (blue and colored) and a nice top.  Time to invest in some statement jewelry and a few scarves to add style to my outfit.  Not good with heels but I do LOVE my shoe boots that have a small heel.  Going out to do some shopping this weekend in between my vendor events and parties.

What is your go to outfit?  Are you tempted by trends?  Share your style tips with all of us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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