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Direct Sales and FUNdraising

I don’t know about you but as soon as it hit September 15th, I feel like my mailbox (snail mail and email) has been hit with LOTS of requests for donations.  Some from organizations near and dear to my heart while others are those spammy kind which try to pull on your heart strings.  As someone who does fundraising through my direct sales business, I tend to look at the pleas in a different way.

Fundraising can be done with monetary donations or by making a difference in the lives of others with gifts which will bring a smile to their face as they battle their struggle.

I know, you are wondering how to make fundraising work for your direct sales business right?  I actually issued this as a challenge to my team.  Find out what causes are near and dear to the hearts of your customers, pick one which is also dear to you and go for it!  What better way to get to know people then by finding out what causes they love.

So, why is fundraising a good move for your business?  Let’s start with your desire to build a team and move up in leadership.  In most DS companies, you earn income not only from your business but also from those who are on your team – bigger team = greater income.

If you want to grow your team, statistics show the more people you’re in front of, the more you will recruit. It’s a number’s game.

TIP #1:  Some of your best recruits can come as a result of being the hostess of fundraisers. Don’t forget to ask them to join your team and do their OWN fundraisers in the future! If they are raising money for a group, chances are-they know TONS of people!

TIP #2:  Make sure you funnel everyone into your customer group so they will continue to see your recruiting (and booking) posts.

TIP #3: Make sure you invite people from the Facebook Event to your team’s monthly opportunity night!  Find the one who comments a lot, who already has a lot of your product or the one every seems to ask for their opinion.

TIP #4: This is the most important as far as I am concerned! Send a “thank you” email to everyone who ordered from the party with links and graphics for booking and recruiting.

How can fundraisers help you with your bookings?  Again, the more people you’re in front of, the more bookings you’re going to get. Funnel everyone from your fundraiser into your customer group and you’ve created a breeding ground for future bookings!

TIP #1: Create a way for everyone who attends the fundraiser to help even more Tell by offering a booking incentive.  Something like, anyone who books a party (limit the dates) will also have 10% of THEIR party donated to this fundraiser/cause.   This is a great way to get your hostess booking parties for you! I also offer something to my hostess so she is pushing the bookings too.

TIP #2:  I do my events so they are linked to my public business page so everyone can SHARE the event! Maybe even do a giveaway for anyone who shares a certain post onto their personal timeline.  Create excitement.  Make it fun.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an extra $500 to $1000 a month in baseline sales BEFORE you even enter in any your regular parties?

What are some of you best fundraising tips?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Hostess of the Month Club


Are you longing for the weekend?  Do you wish you could put an out-of-order sign on your head? Are you always on the run?  Would you like to escape for just a few minutes?  Do you laugh when friends ask you to stop by or better yet invite you to a girl’s night out?

What if you could shop from the comfort of your home?  I know the internet is full of things, right?  What if I could help you with gift giving ideas to eliminate some of the stress in your life?  I know, what’s the catch, right?

The truth is that I have an easy solution for you….


Yes, it is March but there is still time to join one of the groups.  For a simple purchase of $35 per month by you or one of your friends, you will receive all of the benefits of being a hostess WITHOUT the work.  Have I got your attention?

You have seen those “surprise box” clubs where you subscribe and you never know what you are going to get.  Guess what?  YOU will get to pick exactly what you want.  Better yet, gather your list for gift ideas and when you need them, I will help you get the best deal on the month they are on special or ensure that you receive them in plenty of time.

Then at least once during the “club” period – YOU will get to earn the hostess benefits.  You can decide to do NOTHING and just collect the $25 in FREE product, 1 half price item and 1 hostess exclusive. OR you can have a party – home, Facebook, online, catalog or fundraiser.  When you do your benefits JUMP!  Here is what March’s hostess is working towards:


It is easy to join.  Complete the form below and join in the fun.  I will send you a WELCOME package to get you started.  Then as soon as I get the upcoming special, you will get it in the mail.  Be the first to know about upcoming specials.

Not interested in being part of the club… that is okay.  Join me in my VIP customer group on Facebook.  CLICK HERE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!