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On Fire

At Thirty One’s National Conference, I had the honor of hearing from Debbie Phillips founder of Women on Fire.  Since then, I have been following their blog “The Spark” which always has a message that I need at just the right moment.  This one was a gentle reminder of not only the mistakes that we make as women – I know, who wants to be reminded of mistakes, right?  It also shared the formula for heading towards the life that you truly want for yourself.

So here goes…

1) Women fail to cheer on the successes of other women. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has said, “I think there is a special place in Hell for women who don’t support other women.” We agree!  When we cheer on each other, it inspires “a rising tide to lifts all boats.”

I am grateful that at Thirty One, we do CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD each other for our successes.

2) We fail to ask for help and take everyone on ourselves.  Often becoming martyrs in the process.  Enough said!

My hubby would say this is me.  I never seem to think of it that way, it just is something that I have always done – take care of everyone.  The word NO is seldom in my vocabulary.

3) We compare ourselves to others.  We often look at what other women have and do and then we feel less than.  I’m here to say that there will always be women smarter, wealthier, thinner, best dressed and with better behaved children, so we need to STOP comparing ourselves to anyone other than our own goals, dreams and desires.  And measure against that!

GUILTY!  This is probably my biggest mistake.

So Women on Fire F.I.R.E. has a formula to focus on living the life you truly want:

F — Friends — Surround yourself with positive, uplifting women (hey, you’re here so I know you’re doing that!) who will cheer you on and support you. Minimize your contact with “friends” who mock you, ignore your successes, and are negative, toxic and draining.  Working on this every day.  This is part of why I not only LOVE spending time with my Thirty One sisters but all with my ETTM peeps.

I — Inspiration — Find a way each and every day to inspire yourself.  I keep a stack of books filled with inspiration on my bedside table. I open up to any passage in any of the books and am guaranteed to find a way to start my day out on a positive note!  This one is a little tougher for me.  I am trying to do a meditation every morning to help jumpstart my day on a positive and inspiring note.

R — Resources — You need the best resources when you’re going after your dreams to save yourself time and money. The best sources are often friends, family and colleagues who are willing to provide you with tried-and-true resources and contacts.  Thankfully, I have access to LOTS of resources (systems), the problem is that I don’t always use them.  Or just the reverse, I want to try them all and get lost in the mix.

E — Easy — If going for your dreams feel hard (and that is different from sometimes feeling challenged as you pursue your dreams) or if you can’t stay focused on what you want, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your dreams and goals.  You may face tough times when pursuing your vision, but it should feel natural and easy that it is the right thing.  WOW!  This is one always gets me to thinking….

So, are YOU on the road to living the life that you truly want OR are you caught up in making mistakes?  Share your journey with us..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Women on Fire

super day

As I entered Super Day, I had an overwhelming feeling that God was there nudging me to DREAM BIGGER.  To have faith in Him to provide the way as long as I was ready to do the work.  The speakers for Super Day, brought everything into the light for me.  A true AHA moment or should I say, a smack on the head!

I have talked forever about my struggle with my why and what success is for me.  I may still struggle but if I reflect on the lessons of this day, I will be able to put things in perspective.  Debbie Phillip from Women on Fire kicked things off.  I knew I was in for a treat because she was recommended to me by someone who changed my life – Stephanie Dalfonzo.  Women on Fire provides support for your dreams, strategies for your goals and inspiration for your passion.  Debbie Phillips did all of that for me in her brief talk.

“Networking is dead – long live community”…. WOW! Those words hit me hard because I really believe in networking.  When she talked about the 5 ingredients to creating YOUR community, I realized that is really what I was doing… So, here goes:

  1. Purpose – What is YOUR purpose for your business?  Mine is to carry the Thirty One mission of providing women with an opportunity for financial freedom while sharing fun, functional and affordable solutions to life’s challenges.  This could be by providing them with the Thirty One opportunity, helping them plan a much needed Girl’s Night Out or helping them to organize a room in their house.
  2. Philosophy – What is the foundation of your business?  Here are some questions that may help you with this one – I know it did me.  Do you treat others & yourself as someone special? Do you give before you ask?  Do you invest in others?          IMG_0154
  3. Behaviors – The recommendation is to pick behaviors that you want in your community and begin to choose who will be a part of that community.  Here are some behaviors: cheer on the success of others, invest in self, ask for help, be aware of the impact on others, honor and appreciate those who support you, always play BIG, and never compare yourself to others.   For me, the behaviors that I want in my community are: cheering on the success of others, ask for help, honor & appreciate those who support you and lastly, never compare yourself to others.  The other behaviors are good to but I find when I surround myself with people who have these similar behaviors – we all GROW together.
  4. Communication – This is something that we hear a lot “people do business with people they know, love & trust”.  You need to be consistent in your communication and you need to have FUN because both of these traits transfer into reliability in the eyes of our customers.  Pick a form of communication that is good for you (and your community) – phone, email, text?  For me, I am still trying to find the perfect form of communication.  I have learned that it varies with the people that I am interacting with in my community.
  5. Rituals – are a form of comfort sort of like comfort good.  Your community can count on you and those in it for comfort when you are tethered together for a purpose.  Providing support and encouragement during all aspects of our community members lives help them to feel support and comfort.  It is not just about the sale, it is about making them feel special and important because YOU may be the only one in their life nourishes them in this way.

Are you ready to build your community?  As you build your community, you will begin to book, sell and recruit – the basics of our business.  When we take the focus off our needs and wants, place them on the wants and needs of the community, we will reap the blessings that God has for us.


What are some of you rituals?  Are you networking or building a community?  Share your stories with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Director Day AND Super Day

coffee hour

WOOHOO!!  Today is Day 1 of National Conference.  I am so excited to be in Columbus, Ohio with 14,000 other Thirty One consultants.  That is only those who live East of the Mississippi…can you imagine what it would be like if we were ALL together.  YIKES!

Director’s Day will be exciting because I will be able to share it with my FIRST downline Director – Brandie.  She is a ROCK STAR in recruiting and has decided to make Thirty One a career so her goals are locked in.  They haven’t shared who the speakers are for this segment – or if they did, I missed it.  The excitement will be contagious as we learn how to grow our business AND how to lead our teams.

After a break filled with renewing of friendships and making new friends, the Directors and above, will join LOTS of Thirty One consultants for Super Day. This is an extra training that was earned for FREE by most of us.. Here we will get to hear these AWESOME speakers:

Debbie Phillips who is the inspiring founder of Women on Fire®, a national membership organization that provides inspiration, strategies and support for women of all ages to live their dreams. She’s the creator of the award-winning Women on Fire books, including the most recent volume in the series – Women on Fire: 21 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!).

Lisa Harper who is an author of multiple books and one of the top Bible teachers and speakers in the country. With six years of experience as the director of Focus on the Family’s national women’s ministry, Lisa has been called one of the “best Bible tour guides around,” by renowned pastor Max Lucado. She combines sound scriptural exposition with easy-to-relate anecdotes and comedic wit.

Robin Fisher Roffer who is the Founder & CEO of Big Fish Marketing. Robin is a brand strategist for clients such as A&E, AMC, Bloomberg, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, FX, History and Lifetime. Capitalizing on her experience at these powerhouse brands, Robin reveals must-have tips and tools in her keynote speeches and in her books, Make a Name for Yourself, The Fearless Fish Out of Water and The No Fear Career.  I can’t wait for this since I am in the process of developing my “brand”.

So, if you hear a low roar coming from the Ohio Valley, you can be assured that it is a group of Thirty One consultants who are being lit on fire by these dynamic speakers.  I can’t wait to share what I have learned from them with each of you. Just think, you don’t have to travel to Ohio to get their great tips either.

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Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!