Hope Wissel

December Kick Off

Did you open your newspaper today to find lots of Black Friday sale circulars, each one luring you their store with unbelievable sales, and early opening?  Yes, I will look at the circulars to see what there is and I might actually venture out in the LATE afternoon to see if there is anything left but most of my shopping will be done online with other direct sellers this year.

Thirty One is kicking off the December customer specials starting TODAY!  These are some of the BEST specials I have seen during the holiday season.  The Littles Carry Alls and the Mini Zipper Pouches for $5 are a great teacher gift.  Fill the Littles with a box of tissues, some hand sanitizer and a gift card.  Or maybe get a mini zipper pouch and add a gift card to their favorite coffee place.

I am most excited about the addition of the Savvy Sleeve, the Glamour Case and the Around the Town tote to the December sale.  The Around the Town Tote is one of the BEST deals.  This bag retails for $78 and did you know you can get TWO bags for less than the cost of just this bag.  Spend $35 (on anything in the catalog) and get an Around the Town Tote for $25.  The BEST part is you can pick a second customer special.  You can pick any one even another Around the Town Tote.

Did you know there is still get FREE and discounted products?  I know you think you are too busy to host a shopping event BUT you can do it in just 31-minutes on Facebook.

I will send you a hostess packet so you can share it with your local friends, family and co-workers. PLUS everyone who orders or hosts a party, will be invited to my VIP Customer Appreciation BINGO event (online) where $200 in FREE products will given away.

So, let’s recap what you get for just gathering 6 orders (all it takes for a $200 party):An average Facebook party (with a little help from you) is about $600 which gives you the chance to take advantage of the December Hostess Special:

How many people could you check off your holiday gift list with the free and discounted products you earn for hosting a party? Maybe even treat yourself to something special.

Have you been crunching numbers to figure out YOUR holiday budget? No time for a part-time job? You work full-time? Are a mom taxi 24/7? What if I told you, you could earn up to $1000 and be able to have a debt-free holiday? Impossible right? You are thinking not enough hours in your day….. I may be able to help with an investment of just $99:


Share the catalog with friends, family and co-workers. You would do it anyway if you were hosting a party, right? Why not get paid to help them do their holiday shopping? What is the worse that could happen? You have ALOT of your holiday gift shopping done with just an investment of $99. OR, you could make some money, earn some free product and enjoy a stress-free (okay, maybe not totally) holiday season.

Which would you like to do?

#1 Shop for the things on the holiday gift list. Spend $35 and get your choice of TWO: mini zipper pouch or little carry all for $5, the glamour case for $10, a Savvy Sleeve for $15 or the Around the Town Tote for $25.

#2 Gather some friends (via online, Facebook, home, or for coffee/drinks). Earn FREE and discounted products.

#3 Join my team and earn money (and products) for a stress and debt-free holiday season.

The choice is yours? Which will it be?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Spring Premiere 2017


Today is Thirty One‘s Spring Premiere for consultants.  For those in direct sales, you know the introduction of NEWNESS creates a lot of excitement.  You are eager to share the catalog with friends, family and customers.  You want everyone to be excited so YOU can fill your calendar.  This would be AWESOME, if the catalog started in the next few weeks.  What happens if you get a sneak peak in December and the catalog doesn’t start until February 1st?

woohoo copy

As a hobbyist, I was one of those people who wrote off the rest of December and January; eagerly sharing the new catalog with everyone.  I didn’t have a plan on how to get through December and January.  I would just push for the Spring.  I mean who doesn’t want to think about warm sunny trips when the temps are dropping every day?  My customers had seen the same catalog for the last several months and they were ready for something fresh.  What was the result?  Not only were sales down BUT my paycheck took a nose dive.  Could I have expected anything more?

The last two years as a result be being a part of an AMAZING upline team with Thirty One, catalog changes take on a whole new meaning for me (and my team). Now, I put a Damage Control Campaign in place.  These two months are crucial because they are part of the numbers for the Leadership Incentive Trip I am working towards for hubby and I.

We are in the busiest selling season of the year, so make the most of it.  Your direct sales company may have a cut-off to ensure delivery in time for Christmas BUT don’t close up shop once it has passed.  Does Macy’s close their doors after the holiday blitz?  What happens over the next six weeks will effect your business in three months.  Do you want to be sitting with an empty calendar in February or March?  I know I don’t.  It’s crucial to set GOALS and have a plan.  This way we can kick off an AMAZING Spring Summer season.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Use Customer Care Card or Door Prize Slips to secure bookings and leads at events.
  • Use Hostess Stacking and booking games at parties.
  • Use games to keep the party fun and help to fill your calendar. To keep your business growing, your goal should be at least 2 bookings from every party or event.
  • Build strong relationships with customers and hostesses. Communication before, during and after the party is the key that builds trust and begins building a solid relationship.
  • Think outside the box of a home party in December or January.  Take your party on the go. Couldn’t we all use a break after the holiday madness? What about a Facebook Live party or a ZOOM party?
  • Knowing what is available, and what is coming in the following month helps to build consistency. It encourages conversations with potential hostesses.  It allows you to have one on one conversations,  making them feel special because you are providing them with a sneak peek of the upcoming hostess and customer specials.
  • We all want to keep our January booked and busy even though our customers are going to want to get their hands on the new Spring catalog.   Offer a fun enticing way to get them to book in January. Give your hostesses the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the new spring catalog at their party in January.
  • January is a great month to offer last chance opportunities for the current catalog. Last chance/ first glance parties.  These give your customers a chance to purchase retiring product as well as get a glimpse of the NEW items. Encourage your hostesses or customers to plan parties or purchase early in the month, as items begin to sell out closer to the end of the month.

So, what is YOUR best tip for keeping your calendar full during a catalog change? Share your tips with us.

Have ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

It’s December Already at Thirty One


That’s right December has already started at Thirty One…. WHY? Because we wanted to make sure you had a chance to take advantage of the AMAZING customer special and still receive you orders in time for the holidays…

Check out December’s “stuff” and then let me know what you think….

#1 – December’s Customer Special is AMAZING!

December is all about an assortment of “Holi-Buys” available with a $35 purchase: Mini Zipper Pouch – $5; Your Way Bin – $10; Style Sleeve – $10; Go-To Thermal – $10 and the Catch-All Bin with exclusive Red Swirl Dot – $20.  A gift for everyone on your list….

The Littles Carry-All Caddy is the perfect gift for just $5. For teachers, add a box of tissues and some hand sanitizer with their favorite gift card. Add a plant or some homemade cookies for a co-worker. So many options and even the holiday littles are on sale.

#2 – Be a hostess and the gifts just keep on coming…..

Did you know that an average Thirty One party is over $600 in sales? So what does that mean? Check out all that YOU get:15032065_10208040520193963_3325840288739478820_n

There are some extra perks with being a hostess this season….FIRST, you will get an early pass to the December Outlet Sale to shop. If you have been to one of our sales, you know how exciting that is. SECOND, there are THREE Hostess Specials to pick from:

Don’t forget the Medium Utility Tote Bundle Hostess Exclusive for just $25.  It includes the medium utility tote bundle which is a medium utility tote, a stand tall insert and a lid. Oh, did I mention it comes in the Snow Daze print which was one of our biggest sellers last season?


#3 – Now, if having money to pay for all those gifts from Christmas interests you, then we need to talk. You could earn some extra money while chauffeuring the kids to activities or sitting at the field while they practice? What would you do with an extra $300? How about $500 extra? Or are you more interested in having some ME time? Time with friends away from the kids? Or do you just love FREE products? Whatever your reason (or dream), Thirty One can help you reach it!


PLUS you can get up to $600 more in FREE products over the next 4 months with our StartSwell program. Which one is YOUR favorite? You could get up to 4 of them!x4See how this “purse gig” can make a difference in your life or someone you know…..Refer a friend who joins my team and YOU will receive a $25 gift card…..

What opportunity is for you?  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

A Gift Giving Solution

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Can you believe that is just 18 days it will be Christmas?  YIKES!  How many of  you have all of your shopping done?  Is your house all decorated and ready to receive guests?

I have to admit that my tree is not up yet!  It is on my list to do but I vowed not to rush through it this year.  You know the “I have to do this so let’s get it done”.  I want to treasure the memories of each ornament as I get ready for the girls to come home for Christmas.

With that being said, we will be doing a lot of running around during the 6 days they are here.  Family and friends to visit with.  Shopping to finish up.  Grocery shopping to do.  Then the trek to my best friend’s house for Christmas Eve.  The one bag that will be with me through ALL of this is my Thirty One large utility tote.  Okay, so maybe I will have more than one…



Not only will I look organized but it makes packing the car so much easier.  I know you are probably thinking, my large utility tote doesn’t stand up like that unless it is packed full, right?


The secret is a “Stand Tall Insert“.  No, you can’t find them in the catalog.  They are on special this month for $15 with a $35 purchase.  So, if you buy a large utility tote for $35, you can get the insert for $15.  PLUS you can pick TWO, yes I said TWO more of the customer specials for a total of THREE with a $35 purchase.  No, I haven’t been sipping wine already this morning, it is the BEST monthly customer special yet!


So whether you need a large utility tote for the athlete in your family

LUT basketball

Or maybe you are a realtor that recently sold a home or know someone who is moving into a new home:

LUT welcome home

Or maybe you want to help someone be prepared for whatever storm may come their way


The Large Utility Tote is a perfect solution.  Remember that if you want to be guaranteed Christmas delivery, be sure to order by December 10th.  Save on wrapping, packing and trips to the post office by having your gift shipped direct to that special someone.  Their Thirty One gift will arrive in our special holiday wrapping:


What is your favorite use for your large utility tote?  Or who do you know that could use one of these?  Share your thoughts with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!