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Essentials for a Momma to Be

It has been many years since I was pregnant and things have changed ALOT!  My Facebook feed has been filled lately with birth announcements and pictures of adorable new babies.  So are you a soon to be mom? Or do you know someone who is having a baby?  Here are some great must have recommendations:

1. A pregnancy (body) pillow or extra pillows Pillows are a good way to get more comfortable in bed. Tucking one pillow under your tummy and another pillow between your legs supports your lower back and may make sleeping on your side more comfortable. You can also buy pillows made specially for pregnancy. A wedge-shaped pillow supports your tummy when you lie on your side. A full-length body pillow will support your back and cradle your belly.

2. Tennis Balls. I know, you’re like, “What?” But seriously, keep a couple of these handy. When you’re further along, have your hubby or significant other roll one around on your lower back with his hand using firm pressure; it’s amazing. You can even do it yourself, using a convenient wall and a bit of balance–but be careful! Also great during back labor.

3. Aveda ‘Stress Fix’ Soaking Salts. These natural lavender scents help with sleepless nights and restless legs. These soaking salts used at the end of the day or early in the morning soothe those achy body parts!

4. Ginger. Ginger is wonderful for dealing with morning sickness, especially the kind that never goes away! There is candied ginger, which is slightly chewy and spicy-sweet, but you can also add it to foods or try it in homeopathic remedies.

5. Wintergreen Essential Oil. Wintergreen is a natural muscle relaxant.  However, it is really strong when concentrated so mix a few drops with almond oil to dilute {check the packaging on your oils to see if they are concentrated}. It also works wonders on headaches when applied to your temples.

6. Almond Oil. All over the body, twice a day – will help to avoid stretch marks at all costs!  If I only knew this way back when.  🙂

When I asked my customers what their top picks were for “must have momma products”  The first one was a Zip Top Organizing Tote.  It is water resistant, has 7 outside pockets and is the perfect size for carrying everything you will need.  It is a practical solution for mom before baby is born and then is can be used as a bag to take to the hospital. It can be personalized with their name, an icon or just leave it blank.


Next up was Thirty One’s Double Duty Caddy.  This makes a GREAT mobile changing station for anywhere in the house.  It has 2 separate interior compartments and 4 exterior mesh pockets, there’s plenty of room to take whatever you need with you when you’re on the go.  it will hold up to 15 lbs.!  It is approximately: 10.5”H x 10”L x 8”D


What were some of your favorites when you were pregnant?  I wanted Mexican food 24/7, crazy right?  Let the expectant momma make a wish list and let me help coordinate what she wants and needs.  What about a surprise Thirty One Baby Shower?  Who doesn’t love a party?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Home Organization

Organizing the Nursery 

Belinda copy

So, it has been about 27  years since I had to worry about setting up a nursery BUT I have been getting requests on how best to organize one.  Yes, that cutie is my “baby“….

When I set Belinda’s room up, there were lots of hangers and dresser drawers full of stuff.  This busy  mom struggled with remembering where things were especially when I needed to do a middle of the night change.  I wish someone had of shared these tips with me.


Isn’t this adorable?  Inexpensive and practical for small spaces.  Courtesy of Crafty Morning.

We can all agree that layette items should be in easy reach since there are frequent newborn changing.  I mean who wants to turn on the light and go digging for things in the middle of the night, right?

I love the idea of using baskets, bins or cubes that fit perfectly on the changing table. Keeping like items together will help to create a system that will make staying organized easier.

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We love the friends and family who buy things in multiple sizes so “they can grow into them”, right?  These chalk cubes, allow you to organize by size and are easily changeable.

Diaper changing essentials fit great in a caddy which also allows for it to be portable.  No running to the baby’s run to change a messy diaper.  A diaper caddy is a great way to keep diapers, wipes, lotions and creams together.


Bedding: Reserve a shelf or a container in the closet or under the crib for extra bedding.


Medicines: Keep medicine where you would administer it. If your child is teething you would want to have the teething gel both in the nursery, and in your diaper bag. A small lidded plastic container is a good place to store all necessary medicines (of course, out of reach of the baby or other children). Returning everything to its place will insure that you will have what you need when necessary.


How about baby furniture?  It is best to order furniture 12–15 weeks before the baby’s scheduled due date. This way you can be sure that the furniture arrives, can be assembled and the rest of the nursery can be put into place.  Be practical, making sure that the furniture will fit in with the overall decor of the house and the size of the room.

If these is your first child, consider the fact that the furniture may be used for more than one child? If so, gender-neutral and classic styling is important. You wouldn’t want to purchase furniture that is so trendy it will feel dated by the time your second or third child is born.

Will an older brother or sister need to room with the new baby?  Space planning really needs to be considered.  If an older siblings will be sharing the room, create something that will appeal to both children. Colors and patterns that both children will view as fun with functional furnishings that will keep them both happy.

What are some of your best tips for organizing a nursery or even a toddler’s room?  Share them with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!