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Summer Tips to Use Your Time Wisely

The first full week of summer and I have already seen a slow down in business.  My first thought  “This is going to be just like last summer”.  UGH!  The truth is, I can Sell or Sink, submitting to the “bad” months or I can make them good with a vow and a plan to NEVER (okay in recovery I was taught to NEVER say NEVER) have a “bad” month again.

Deb Bixler is great for sharing tips as well as suggestions from other business professionals.  She had a guest on Direct Sales Radio name Michael Krause who shared some ideas for having a “butt-kicking” end of the year.  July 1st started the second half of 2013 – are you on target with your sales goals for the year?  How about for the quarter?  Or even for the month?  Remember what you do today will affect your business most 3 months down the road.  WOW!  My over all sales goals are going well so far but I am concerned that this quarter could really hurt my end of the year goal.  I am not willing to settle so, based on their suggestions – here is my plan of action:

  •  Refresh your contacts.  For me, that means picking up the PHONE!  Oh, no, did I say a bad word!  Leave a voice message for your past customers just checking in.  Did you happen to see that they had a birthday coming up on Facebook?  Call and wish them a Happy Birthday.  Have you had some amazing hostesses?  How about a cookie gram to just say “hello”?  Even a piece of snail mail that says “I was thinking of you”  “Wishing you a GREAT summer” helps you to reconnect with past hostesses and even though AMAZING customers.
  • Change your routine.  For me this can be tough but I am going to give it a try.  I usually schedule office hours in the AM but I am going to try and do some calling in the early evenings to see if it makes a difference.  Spending time in front of the TV, why not write out a few postcards to your past customers & hostesses.
  • Review your leads.  We all have them.  You know, the ones that we promised to call back at a later date to set up a party or keep them informed about specials.  Give them a call, drop them a postcard or send them an email.  It is later.  I always have lots in this area because follow-up is not one of my strong points though I am getting better.
  • Network – go to a meeting and interact with TWO new people.  You may already attend a networking group, step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to TWO people that you don’t already know.  Who knows where that will lead.

You are in charge!  You have the ability to change the way your business is going for the next 8 weeks and then into the next quarter.  Are you going to “accept” the summer slump OR are you going to GET BUSY!  I challenge you to change your mindset and have a KICK BUTT second half of the year.

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