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Seven Years and No Itch!

The sevenyear itch is a psychological term suggesting happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven.  I know it usually applies to a marriage BUT for some I think it pertains to their business or their jobs.  When I was working in the non-profit world, I would get the “itch”.  I needed a change.  I wanted something new.  I wanted excitement.

Why am I talking about the “seven-year itch”?  No, I am not thinking of changing direct sales companies.  No, my marriage is great – we haven’t hit the 7 year mark yet.  LOL.

Today is my seventh anniversary with Thirty One.

Struggling with trying to remember BUT grateful I have blogged about this before.  Here is how the story goes…..

See, the truth is I joined Thirty One in 2009 and didn’t do much with it.  Yup, I was a kitknapper. I had a few sales but nothing much and it wasn’t long before I went inactive.

I can’t remember exactly how or why it all happened – God had a plan.  I started following Hope Shortt on Facebook and I read her story.  On February 7th, 2011, I talked with her and told her I wanted to join her Thirty One team. She asked me “what my why” was?  Kind of the standard question when someone joins your team…

I was nervous and being a “people pleasing person” I told her I wanted to earn some extra money.  I had a good job – Chief Operating Officer for a non-profit and who had time for much of anything else.  BUT the truth was, deep down I had a big dream but fear and doubt crept in along with Negative Nellie so I stuffed it down deep.  I started sharing the products at vendor/craft shows, not wanting to do home parties and really not interested in having a team.   Recruiting wasn’t an option because I joined the day before the FREEZE. No, not the weather although it was cold; Thirty One froze enrollment because they were growing so fast.  I was relieved. I had been doing craft/ vendor shows for over 20 years, so it was going to be easy. Hope listened and said she would be there to help when I needed her. No pressure just support and kindness.2014-08-09-18-17-48-4

So started my journey with Thirty One.  I did LOTS of vendor events. Still NO home parties.  Fear and doubt kept me company.   I didn’t have much confidence – I know amazing, right?  This was so far out of my comfort zone.

I got my first TWO potential recruits during the freeze.  I was honest with both of them from the start,  I was going to be learning along with them. Believe it or not, they still joined as soon as the freeze lifted and quickly qualified with $1,000 in sales.  I was now a Senior Consultant. YIKES!  I wasn’t sure what it meant but it was okay.  I was having fun and slowly building confidence.  Then my first home office lead wanted a HOME PARTY! Panic set in… it was someone I didn’t know and I was clueless.  I stumbled my way through it – no additional booked parties or recruits but I had sales and it was kind of fun.

My FIRST Thirty One National Conference was August of 2012.  It was there I set a goal and decided tout my dream on paper and go for Leadership. The goal was to be Director BEFORE National Conference 2013. The stats say those who go to national conference earn more – TRUE! Those who go to national conference – PROMOTE – TRUE! In October, 2012 I DIQed and in January 2013, I earned my $1,000 Director Bonus.  I had gained confidence as a consultant but being a Director brought new fears and challenges.

At National Conference 2013 along with my daughter and members of the Rays of Hope Team. I walked across stage and was CELEBRATED as a NEW Thirty One Director. Tears of joy flowed freely all weekend and continue each time I think back to the moment. Hope Shortt, my National Executive Director, hugged me on stage.  I struggle with memories but the emotion of walking across the stage stays with me bringing me to tears each time I think of it.

Since then my why has changed so much. I no longer work full-time and we rely on my Thirty One business as the second income in the house.  It pays bills and allows us to travel a little bit.  It allows me to work from home as I struggle some days with my MS.

I sometimes struggle with my “why” and learning to DREAM BIG. I still get nervous before a Home party.  I continue to work on personal development because inner gremlins still on occasionally haunt me.  I am blessed with a sisterhood across the country who helps me when I am struggling, who celebrates with me and who encourages me when the struggle is real.  My team continues to grow and inspires me everyday.  They accept me for who I am and have helped me to learn to love me for me.

I would say the biggest blessing from my Thirty One business is the confidence I gained which was lost when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. Yes, I earn FREE products! Yes, I am paying off debt & travel as a result of my commission checks!  Yes, I found a sisterhood I didn’t know existed in my Thirty One sisters! Yes, I have grown in my walk with God, learning to trust and believe his will will be done in my business!

The seven year itch and some vision casting with the Beacon of Hope Team (my upline’s team) had helped me to focus on my why again.  To Make a Difference in as many lives as possible while becoming debt free.  I am being intentional in all I do this year.  I know it is only February but January was a good start…. now to keep moving forward.

A $99 pink box almost seven years ago, CHANGED MY LIFE. Could it be the thing which changes yours?  Till February 28th, you can also join for $1 and I will help you get started…. which would you pick?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

After Christmas Sales


The day after Christmas – a HUGE day for retailers between returns, after Christmas sales to clear out inventory and everyone using their “gift” cards to get the best deals.  Well, let’s add Thirty One to the mix!15492136_10211696471794095_1349140670617066369_nThis time of year is a love hate relationship for me.  We are preparing for a catalog change. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of the NEWESS. I can’t wait to weed out my inventory and get new product. I HATE the fact some of my favorite products are always on the chopping block. If you are in direct sales in any way – a customer, a hostess, a team member – you totally get this.

Here is what is going away at the end of January (if not sooner)….

15440550_10158009801015220_5015821010225370471_o 15493417_10158009801485220_2028354060139079199_o

I know when some of my favorites like the Go To Tote and the Perfect Party Thermal area headed out, there is something AMAZING things being revealed in the new catalog.  Did you think I would reveal the new catalog?

15541541_10153992203232461_6362283721541955244_nYou are so silly!  Those who are getting a sneak peak are my Hostess of the Month Club members.  The rest of you will just have to wait a little while longer….

15317734_1130002677049134_6690085779265471014_nActually, you don’t have to wait very long because when you make a purchase at the Outlet Sale December 27 – 29th, you will receive a NEW Spring Catalog and February sale flyer with your order.

15541350_1600930156587547_1714346335291808724_nNow, if you were thinking of joining my team, this is a GREAT time to do it! Why?

#1 The Fall Enrollment kit! You get over $400 in product (plus all the order forms, catalogs, and more to get started) for just $99.


#2 Host your launch party and enter $600 in your first 30 days and YOU will earn your 1st Start Swell! You get to choose ONE kit when you submit $600 in your first 30 days. Submit $1000 and you will get an added bonus. Which one do YOU want?! And in your first 4 months, you have a chance to earn FOUR of these kits! Each kit includes business supplies. The BEST part is because we are so close to a catalog change, you can wait and use select your Start Swell with all of the NEW products and prints.









#3 Ask a friend to join you on your journey. If they join you in your first 4 months, and they they qualify within their Start Swell period, you earn $100 BONUS! There is no limit!!!!

money contest#4 The January customer special = a GREAT start for you!


#5 The BEST part is that when you enter that $600 (or $1200) launch party, you’re going to earn $150 (or $300) in cold hard cash!!

31 payday

Did I mention that you get ME too. I’m the one in the “mouse ears”.  This year’s Customer Pick for me to wear to National Conference!

IMG_2017  IMG_2011

I am here to help you on your journey. Let me know if you have an questions about joining Thirty-One. I LOVE to answer questions.15492270_10158024558590220_5889916502994262920_n

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Emotional Why

2013 director gift

It is Throwback Thursday!  Today’s picture is from my FIRST Thirty One National Conference as a Director which was July 2013.  I continue to wear this charm as often as possible as a reminder that “faith as small as a mustard seed” will help you to get through all things.

During a coaching call with Hope Shortt, she had me walk through what it would feel like as I walked the stage as a Director.  The emotions that poured out that day is what helped me to stay focused on my goal.  Those same emotions pour out every time we share that story.  It wasn’t about paying off debt, it wasn’t about earning the Leadership Trip – it was about the feeling of accomplishment and making my family proud that propelled me to work towards my dream.

When I went on the Leadership Retreat, my main goal was to find my emotional why.  I can easily say that my why is “financial freedom”, to take my family on a vacation but the reality is that it is more basic.  My love language is “words of affirmation” so why would I think that my emotional why would be something tangible.  Don’t get me wrong, the trip would be AWESOME.  Financial freedom is always a goal.  But the real reason, as shallow as it may be to some, that I push forward to achieve each of those things is for the “words of affirmation”.

I want to hear my hubby and my family tell me they are proud of me.  I want to hear them tell others about the successes that I have achieved in my business.  Some may think that is vain.  But for a girl who has suffered through low self-esteem for most of her life – it is HUGE!  Becky Speith shared that we need to combine our tangible with our emotional why so that we have a motivational why.  SMACK!  I have been focusing on my tangible why for so long that I lost touch with the emotional why.

My goal is to help other women who struggle with low self-esteem to overcome their demons and to find a voice.  My parties don’t have to look like someone else’s – you know that comparison thing kicks in all of the time.  At a recent party, I found out that someone at the party had attended several parties held by a Senior Director that I “adore”. Before I even started the party, I was already thinking that I couldn’t measure up.  Can I tell you how much that threw me off?  When the party was over and I was talking with the hostess, I realized that it wasn’t about the sales.  I know that the sales are attached to my tangible why and they were average.   I love what I do because I got to bring a smile to the face of a women who has been struggling for an identity for a long time.  To see her beam, to have her thank me for “convincing” her to have a girl’s night out were the emotional part of my why.

Do you know your emotional why?  We all have a tangible one – bills, trips, etc. The emotional one is the one that makes you tear up when you visualize it.  The emotional one is the one that keeps you going when you encounter road blocks at every turn.

Share your emotional why with us so we can celebrate together.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Dear X

conference 2013

Throwback Thursday – Thirty One’s National Conference in 2013.  A year filled with mixed emotions.  Humbled that I had reached my goal.  Excitement combined with nervousness as I walked the stage as a NEW Director.  Hurt and discouraged as Satan gained a stronghold in my life because of someone’s hateful words.  I remember the saying  “Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you”.  REALLY????  Here I am almost 2 years later and Satan continues to use those words as a stronghold in my life.  I know you are saying “let it go” already, right?

For the average person, they can toss those words aside and move on.  Some can turn it over to God and let him handle it.  Some can grab hold of their successes and run with it.  Some will even use it as motivation to move forward and prove them wrong.  Then there are some like me….

You see the speaker of the hateful words succeeding and all of sudden you begin believing the what was said.  You doubt your abilities.  The old tape plays again – maybe they were right.

So, I am going to try something NEW.  Something that I learned in rehab so many years ago.  I am going to write a letter to that person and then bury it or burn it.  I remember doing this to rid myself of the guilt and hurt feelings of my addiction so why couldn’t it work now, right?

Dear X:

You may not know it but your “negative” words on my special night HURT!  You made me feel like MY accomplishments were not my own. You made me feel like I did nothing to earn  my new title.  You made me feel like I would never be able to reach another goal.  You made me feel like you were better than I was.  You made me feel like my success was a result of YOUR work and not my own.  Without knowing it, you scarred me for the last two years. On my good days, I truly believe that you don’t even remember what you said.

I have watched your success and I CELEBRATE with you.  I ENCOURAGE you.  I have prayed for you.  I have watched you grow personally and professionally.  All of this time, I have measured my success against yours.  Satan has played the tapes too many times – “you will never be as good as she is”.  

I have played the comparison game for way too long. It is time to finally let it go.  I have tried many times but then SMACK the words come back to haunt me.  NO MORE!  We each have our own talents.  God has a plan for each of us and I am turning this over to him for the last time!

Today, I will REWARD myself with the gift of self love combined with a feeling of relief from those hurtful words.  Goodbye!!!  I am erasing these tapes and replacing them with “I am irreplaceable.” “I am worthy of my success”.  I am moving forward with my business – growing and building one step at a time.

What is the ONE thing that you want to say good bye to?  What is the thing that is holding you back from reaching your full potential?  As silly as it sounds, write it (or the person) a letter.  Don’t send it but tear it up when you are done after you have read it out loud.  Burn it.  Bury it.  Do whatever it takes to kill it!

Share the one thing you are burying today… let’s encourage each other to grow into the person that God wants us to be.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!