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Do You Have Passion?

What are you passionate about?

Passion is defined as: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

Passion is an emotion which requires action.  Emotions as well as feelings are tough for me since MS.  I have some feelings but emotions tend to be missing which is a struggle. BUT I won’t let it kill my passion!

As I reflect over the years, my passion for things changes based on what is happening in my life.  I have to admit I don’t think I was really passionate about anything until I started volunteering with the South Jersey AIDS Alliance.  That’s when I began to understand what the word passion was all about.  My passion for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS continued for many years (about 13+) and everyone I talked with knew it.  As I left the field of HIV/AIDS and began working for Bethel (a non-profit), my passion became a larger group of underserved populations (the homeless, the underemployed, etc.). To this day, I still do what I can to be an advocate for those who struggle.  These communities will always have a piece of my heart.

When Thirty One entered my life almost 10 years go, another passion found its way into my life.  In the beginning, it was a hobby with just a mere thought it could be more.  When I made the decision to leave Bethel after 7 years due to the long commute (4 hours round-trip daily) and health issues, there was a growing glow of passion for my Thirty One business.  I began to see it as a way to continue to make a difference in the lives of others

Every time I do a party or talk to someone about the company or the products – my passion glows.  The sparks are flamed by my hostesses, my customers and my team.  I LOVE seeing them grow and their passion get fueled by the possibilities this business has for them.  I LOVE solving organizational challenges and the smile it brings.

So, why do I let Satan steal my passion some days?

We have all struggled over the last year as life as we know it has changed to a “new” normal.  I will admit, I saw my passion waiver. I saw my JOY turn to a numbness which made me question everything.  Maybe you know what I mean.  I was letting fear take hold of my life and question my faith.  Nothing was going right in the world.  There were no parties on my calendar.  I was afraid to ask people to order or even join my team.  I spent a lot of time in prayer, reflecting on whether or not I wanted to live my life in fear, even continue in my business or if I wanted to enjoy life.  Once I made the decision to enjoy life and embrace the changes, I started to find my passion again.

Is my passion always “pink clouds and rainbows”?  NO! Let’s be honest, we all have days when the pink cloud brings rain, right?  No matter what your business, there are days when we forget about the passion that got us to where we are.  Will you let it defeat you or will you BREATH and give yourself a break?  Why not take a moment and remember all of the reasons you were passionate about your business?  Focus on the positive, letting go of the negative doubts and fears.

So, I ask you again – what are YOU passionate about?  Share your passion with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Relax, Reflect, Recharge

Stop Doubting Your Value


Thank you Gwen Smith for today’s message:

I may look confident and put together on the outside (when I’m not in my yoga pants and a ponytail) but on the inside I often wander back to that little girl who questions her value and wants to make a difference.

There are lots of ways this inner struggle presents itself in me …

I tether my value to how I look.
I tether my value to how my jeans fit.
I tether my value to how I perform.
I want my husband and kids to love me perfectly,
even though they can’t.
I want to love others perfectly, but I don’t, so I 
juggle guilt like a hot potato.
I get distracted and waste time, so I feel unproductive.
I want to make a difference, but I try to do too

The Bible showcases a perfection that I implement pathetically. Like that love chapter in 1 Corinthians that most of us had read at our weddings. Verses like “love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way” (13:4–5 ESV). Wait, what? Geez! The way I love doesn’t even come close to this list! And then the big left hook smacks me hard: “Love never fails” (v. 8).

The magnitude of God’s perfect love is epic. The magnitude of my love is minuscule.

I try to be patient. I try to be kind. I try not to envy or boast. All of it. But my efforts are less than. I stub my toe on my ego all the time. I get edgy and loud. I insist on my own way. And then I beat myself up!

If I were a better mom, I would’ve ____.

If I were a better friend, I would _____.

If I were in better shape, then maybe _____.

If I were more talented, I would be able to _____.

And because I’m not content with my own body, my own behaviors, and my own abilities, I struggle to see how a perfect God can look past my brokenness. I know in my heart that He loves me, but I sometimes struggle to accept that He likes me, because sometimes I don’t even like myself.

These doubts and insecurities cause me to question my value and my ability to make a difference. They cause me to feel insignificant. Invisible and ineffective.

Yet I know that the Bible says the opposite. And because of this, I’m reminded to, instead, tether my value to truths like these:

I was created in the image of God.
I am sealed with the Holy Spirit.
Jesus loved me so much that He endured a horrific death so I could be saved.
These truths matter. And because they matter, they confirm to me that I matter. And they confirm that you matter too.

Don’t think for one little minute that I don’t sense you bristling up. It’s what we girls do when the spotlight of attention is shined on our significance. We shy away. Throw our hands up to shield the light. Contest with our best excuses …

Some of us contend, “I’m really nothing special. That word valuable makes me nervous. My life is less than. Average at best. Mac and cheese is my jam. I drive a minivan, wear ponytails, use off-brand detergent, and live paycheck to paycheck. Where is the value in that?”

Others of us contend, “I cannot believe you’re going to go there! Did you not read my bumper sticker and T-shirt? I am nothing. Jesus is everything. Hide me in the cross and stop trying to make me feel special. Slap! Slap! Slap! Shame on you for even bringing up such a topic of the flesh!”

Some of us acquiesce: “Okay. Let’s talk. I know in my mind that I’m precious to Jesus, but that often gets lost in translation on its way to my heart. Yes. Let’s have this conversation. I want everything God has for me, and I’m ready to move forward as a woman of greater impact.”

Wherever you find yourself in these responses, my prayer is that you will join our last friend with an expectant and curious heart. With a heart that is ready to move forward in the truth of your significance so that you can live out the purpose for which you were created.


Hope Wissel

Overcoming Doubts

Advice from Direct Selling Education Foundation (yes, I do love their stuff) was about overcoming your doubts in business but why not apply the same principles to weight loss.  Being so close to goal (7.2 pounds), I have doubts.  Many would say doubts are fears and fear is a lack of faith.  GUILTY!  So, here are some ways for me to face my fears and get rid of any doubts.  

  1. Establish an advisory group.  My Thursday morning Weight Watcher’s meeting is THAT group lead by the wonderful Nicole.  They have been AMAZING during my ups an downs.  In my business, I have a Director, Hope Shortt  and a team (Beacon of Hope) who is beyond words when it comes to giving advice or support.  Both of these groups help me on a daily basis to gain a fresh perspective and boost my self-confidence.  Mind you the fresh perspective is easy, it is the boost in self-confidence that is a little tougher.
  2. Get a mentor.  A mentor provides more personalized guidance.  Both of mine were mentioned when I talked about the advisory groups.  See, they are also there to help on a one-to-one basis when things get tough.
  3. Step away and clear your head. Being a recovering addict, getting “into my head” and getting overwhelmed is what I do best!  So, I need to move away – move away from the tempting cookies or candy, get my butt up and take a short walk.  As far as my business, when I get stuck and  am focusing on what I need for a given month, I step back and change my perspective.  I look at the blessings that I have been given through my business and then focus on my customers and what they need.  
  4. Do more research.  For me, doing more research involved talking to a Wellness Coach, Jodi Greene Strumeier who helped tweak some of my eating habits.  As for my business, I began networking with successful business owners like those who are part of Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms.  I have learned about blogging, and tweeting (which I actually like to see updates better than Facebook).  The professional development that they offer is presented through a general business perspective instead of just for direct sales.  Don’t get me wrong, my direct sales company has amazing weekly training and my Director has launched “Super Star University” which are semesters filled with information that will help me (and all levels of her team) to grow our business.  Talking to others in business helps me to remember that my direct sales business is just like every other business with similar challenges.
  5. Calculate your risks and create a plan.   I love the first line of this section “Much of our doubt normally comes from our fear of failure”. Seems like a no brainer, right? I have goals – personal and team goals when it comes to the number of parties, the number of new recruits and the number of sales.  Sounds like a plan, right?  I haven’t planned for everything though – what happens when there are set backs (a bad month) or how do I keep from straying off the track – trying other things?  This is when the need for a comprehensive plan comes into play.  As far as my weight loss – the plan is simple track, move more and you will reach your goal, that is the Weight Watcher’s concept.
It is human nature to have doubts, some of us focus on the doubts more which leads to “negative nellie”.  I am working each day to overcome my doubts…I will reach goal by July 24th when I walk across the stage to get my hug from Cindy Monroe, CEO, as a new Director.  The plan is already starting to formulate on where I want to be next year at conference for my business.  As for my weight loss journey, once goal is hit – the tough work begins and that is to maintain my weight goal.  What are your doubts?  Write them down, confront them and move on!

Devotions, prayers and keeping a journal are all part of how I am going to overcome doubts.  Let’s hear how you are going to overcome yours.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.