Hope Wissel

Get Large in September


I know a strange title for a blog post but it caught your attention, right?

I’m sure that there are many different emotions as we get close to the first day of school.  Some are super excited while others are dreading the end of summer.

 This is the perfect time for some “ME” time. I know, you are thinking… “I have NO time for a party“.  Money is tight since we just bought all those needed school supplies.

What if I told you that YOU could reap all of the benefits of a “home party” without the work?  What if I could meet you for coffee or at restaurant for lunch or in the parking lot at work?  What if you just carried a catalog with you and sent all of your friends to an online Facebook party that was fun?

I know, you have heard it all before and the results were never what was promised. I get it. Check out this month’s “stuff” and then let me know what you think…. This months’ Customer is the most popular special EVER offered by Thirty One.

#1 –  September’s Customer Special is AMAZING!

Thirty One’s Customer Special for September is the LARGE UTILITY TOTE AND the STAND TALL INSERT for the large utility tote!  Did you know that over 10 MILLION – yes, I said million, of these totes have been sold since they became a Thirty One product.  The addition of the Stand Tall Insert takes the tote to a whole new level. The perfect way to let your tote stand on its own.  It also adds pockets to the inside of your tote.

#2 – Be a hostess and the gifts just keep on coming…..

Did you know that an average Thirty One party is over $600 in sales?  So what does that mean?  Check out all that YOU get

#3 – Would you be interested in paying CASH for all gifts at Christmas?  What if you could add some extra money while chauffeuring the kids to activities or sitting at the field while they practice?  What would you do with an extra $300? Or are you more interested in having some ME time?  Time with friends away from the kids?  Or do you just love FREE products?  Whatever your reason (or dream), Thirty One can help you reach it!

For just $99, you get over $350 in FREE product


PLUS you can get up to $600 more in FREE products over the next 4 months with our StartSwell program.  Which one is YOUR favorite?  You could get up to 4 of them!


PLUS there is still time to earn DREAM REWARDS through the end of September which could get you up to a $1,300 gift card!


I have peaked your interest…. for just a $99 investment you get FREE product, gift card AND commission.  Of course you will get paid to have fun and collect all of these FREE perks.

So, there are THREE opportunities with Thirty One this summer:

3 options

Which opportunity is for you? Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Make Your Dream A Priority


It’s Friday… let’s do some dreaming.  What have you always wanted? You have probably spent countless hours on Pinterest wishing and dreaming, right?  How often do you act on that dream?

Maybe your dream is to have a new house. Maybe it is to change jobs. Maybe it is to start your own business.  How many times have you put YOUR DREAM on hold?

We always seem to find a way to do what is important to us yet that seldom seems to be our dream.  How many things have you bought that are lying around the house that never get used?  If we were to add the cost of all of those items together, I am sure their cost would be more than the investment it would take to get our dream off the ground.

I realized how true this is. Of course, there are times when getting serious about our priorities may take longer than we’d like. Are you like me and want instant gratification?  But whether your priority is getting out of debt, making an important transition, or following your dream, it begins with a decision that your dream is a priority. And if it is a priority, you must be intentional about investing in what it takes to bring that dream to life.

I will be honest, I have been guilty of this same thing.  WHY?  First, my dreams are not going to come cheaply. I don’t necessarily mean in money but they will take a lot of time, effort and confidence. Quite frankly, they scare the heck out of me. I am moving forward with my knees shaking, not knowing what the future will hold.  I do have faith that God will be with me whatever the answer.

I am investing the time, effort and some money for an AWESOME coach to help me reach my dream.

What is your dream right now?

Whatever your dream, I encourage you to commit to it on a whole new level. Know that it will take some sacrifice. Get creative about finding the time, the money or other resources you’ll need. Get serious about making it happen. Get brave about trusting that God is with you if you follow the desires of your heart. Don’t expect it to be easy. Just expect it to be worth it.

I challenge you to take some time to write down the excuse you have made for why you cannot have your dream? If you were to let go of that excuse, what would you have to do to make it happen? Are you serious enough about your dream to do that now?

Who is ready to reach for the stars?  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!