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“He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income” Ecclesiastes 5:10

How many times have you said “When I have enough money, I will retire, living comfortably and doing just about anything I want.”?

How many times have you focused on your own ability to make money and just when you thought you had everything (or at least reaching your dream); the wind was knocked out of your sail and you lost everything?

How many times have you changed jobs for more money only to loose it or end up leaving it?

These are the times that our focus is on money and not trusting in God.

That has been me in so many ways.  I can look back on events in my life and realize that it was God at work – teaching me a lesson.  Okay, so I didn’t think that at the moment.  I cried.  I became angry.  I sat in my pity pot for days, weeks and in some cases years, thinking “poor me”.  The truth was that God was just waiting for me to turn to him and ask for help.

As I work through my Leadership Bible, I realize how many times I stopped trusting in God and thought I could do it on my own.  I was never good at money management.  For years, I allowed credit cards to rule my life.  I robbed Peter to pay Paul.  Debt was/is an addiction for me.  Crazy, right?  But it is Satan’s way of trying to keep control in my life.  Then SMACK – a wake up call from God.  Why? Because God loves us too much to allow us to continue down that destructive path.

When I talk to new potential recruits on their “WHY”, the focus is often on money – more money to pay bills, for a vacation, and the list goes on.  Isn’t that why so many of us start their own business or change jobs – for more money?

The truth is that when we live a life according to God’s plan for us – we will have everything that we need.  Notice I said “need” and not “want”.  I am learning that I have enough money for what I need but maybe not everything that I want.

Have often have you asked for “God’s will in your life” when secretly you didn’t want it in all areas.  But the truth is, many times I  wanted to pick and choose which ones?  Truth be told – money and finances were on the top of the list.  I was afraid that if I let God’s will be done, I would not get what I wanted!  OUCH!

God’s plan for us is that we become good stewards of the resources we are given.  Making money should not become the idol in our lives.  Check your motives today and see if your financial life can stand Jesus’ scrutiny.

Are you operating as a steward of the financial resources He has entrusted to you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!