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personal development

This week’s calendar is filled with lots of things and I am wondering if I overbooked.  I thought I was learning how to block time for every aspect of my life – well, at least most of it.

Personal Development is something that I usually leave for last.  I know, after  LOTS of networking and training events with Thirty One and as an Executive with a non-profit you would think I would know better, right?  Or at least add it to my calendar blocking.  As I have said before, I do better when I am busy – when my calendar is full of appointments, meetings calls and parties.  Then it is easy for me to carve out time for me (and my family). Weird, huh? But, I never seem to find time for reading or doing things that will improve ME!

Today’s calendar is all about personal development which just happened by mistake.  I am starting with a Leadership Call with Thirty One.  From there I move into a training with JulieAnn Jones on Virtual Parties.  Yes, I said “virtual” not Facebook.  As soon as I understand the difference, I will share it with you all!!! In between these two things is my National Leadership Mentorship training.  I am hoping that all of this will keep me moving forward to reach my goals in personal volume this month.  Okay, so you are wondering, why is she rambling on about all of this, right?

Personal development is defined as “activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations”.  

I have identified some of my weaknesses in my business so I am working hard to learn all that I can about improving those skills.  Did I just realize what they were?  NO!  I just never thought I had a lot of time for personal development.  I left it for conferences and trainings without seeking out ways to improve on my own.

I have identified areas in my emotional, mental and social life that need to change too.  So, I am taking steps to make those changes.  It is not always easy but they are important.

Personal development is about change – accepting what is lacking in an area, looking for solutions or ways to improve, being willing to change and then EMBRACING the change so that it will become a habit.  I bet you never thought about personal development like that, right?  All along having faith (even the size of a mustard seed) that God’s plan for you will come to fruition.

What are you doing for YOUR personal development?  Need help in finding some solutions… share with us and maybe one of our readers can help.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!