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Getting Unstuck

As I walked into the room, my eyes surveyed the lay of the land.  I was early but that was nothing new.  I was looking for a space to put my things – nerves were creeping in and I needed to get rid of them.  I wasn’t speaking, I was just attending this AMAZING event.  I knew ALOT of the women attending the ETTM 360 Power of Connection event.  They were women that I talked to all of the time.  Women who saw me as being successful in my business, at goal weight and confident.  WOW!  Did I have them fooled?  The truth was that is how I wanted to see myself and due to the excess baggage that I carry with me on a daily basis – it doesn’t always happen.

I looked at the bios for the Keynote and Workshop leaders when I was drawn to Heather Cauvin.  Mental Health and Self-esteen a great combo me.  So, here is what struck me as she seemed to simplify what I (we) needed to do to get “unstuck” and move forward in our business.

  1. What is your current biggest fear?  Go ahead, say it out loud.  For me, it has always been failing and disappointing those who love me.  For as long as I can remember, that has been my greatest hurdle.  Heaven forbid if someone uttered the words “I never expected that of you” or anything close to it – I fall apart.  Afraid that if anyone really knew the emotional mess that goes on inside me, they would run for the highest hills.
  2. How do you want to feel?  Confident!  Seems basic right?  I actually want to see myself as others see me.  Smiling, confident and always ready to help.
  3. What ACTION step are you going to take to get to where you want to feel?  Talk about powerful right?

The truth is that we all know the answer to these questions but we don’t say them or write them down for FEAR that someone else may see them.  So, here are Heather’s “5 Essentials for Getting Unstuck”

Make a date. I honoured the time like it was an important doctor’s appointment that I could not miss. Put that shit on your calendar and don’t let anything get in the way!  For me, it is my attending ETTM and WON for networking as well as Lydia Circle for church.

Find an accountability partner. When getting outside your comfort zone, it’s a great idea to be accountable to someone who will hold you to your goal.  I definitely need one of these but I am not sure where to start in finding one.

Reach out. Who is already doing what you want to do? They understand what it feels like to be stuck and they may have some advice. Reach out to them. Ask questions. Show up to an event. Get the support you need.  I did that this week at the conference.  I actually had a God moment where I shared with someone something that came from the deep pit of my memories.  Something that I truly believe was a pivotal turning point in my life and I had never shared before.  LaTia shared with me too and she is ready to help me get unstuck.

Show up. This means you actually have to follow through with what you’ve set yourself up to do. Show up to the running club, the event, the phone call. Don’t back down. This is where your anxiety and resistance will be the greatest. Follow through.  I am actually getting better at this.  Showing up is becoming easier for me even picking up the phone.

Keep going. Step 1 complete. Now do it all over again. You have a goal. One-tiny-baby-step in front of the other. You got this!

WOW!  Now, you know why I was drawn to this amazing women who is wise beyond her years.  She left us with the final quote

“Everything that happened to you, is happening for you”

Who is joining me in getting unstuck?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks

What if You had No FEAR

That was a question that we were asked during the ETTM 360 Conference by Britt Bolnick.  She got my attention when she said that she typically coached in jeans & boots or jeans & flip flops.  She didn’t dress to fit the image of what others thought she should look like – she was herself.

What if you had NO FEAR?  I know you probably think “I don’t have any fear” but the truth is for many of us there is a fear that lurks in the background.  Maybe it is a traumatic incident that changed your life.  Maybe it is a result of bullying or verbal abuse.  Maybe you don’t even know what IT is.  You just know that you are stuck in your business and you want to move forward.

You have heard it all before – connect with you your why!  Sometimes that is easier said than done, right?  Your vision is your vision for the world (you know the BIG picture).  For me – I want to make a difference in the lives of women who are struggling personally and financially.  I always said if I took my own advice, I would be a ROCKSTAR.  The truth is I am unable to move forward in my vision because I am stuck with some old baggage.  As a result, I don’t see myself as others see me.  So that stifles my vision.

When we talk about mission which is the other foundation – it is about how I connect with my mission.  Makes sense but I always wonder how to figure that out.  Crazy considering that I used to write mission statements when I was in the non-profit world and it came easy to me.

One of the things to being successful according to Britt is that you need to “Know your value.”  How do people benefit from what I do?  Be crystal clear with 10 – 20 benefits.  I don’t know about you but some days this is easier said then done, right?  One of the first things for me is to make a list of the 10 – 20 benefits on how people can benefit from what I do.  What about you, do you have a list of benefits?  The question is do you truly believe in those benefits or is something holding you back?

I realized that one of my biggest blocks to sharing the gift of Thirty One is not that I don’t believe in the company or the opportunities.  It is directly related to whether or not that person will be successful.  I play the “what if” game in my head.  What if they join and they don’t find all of the same benefits that I have found?  What will they think of me?  What if they join and never book a party?  What if they join and don’t make any money?  Yes, I am crazy but these are some of the things that I worry about.  Time to let those things go…

The truth is, if I offer the gift of Thirty One (or substitute in your business/product) and do everything that I can to help them be successful and they aren’t, do I really need to own that?  NO!

Time to make my list of 20 benefits from being a hostess to joining this AWESOME company.  My goal is “NO FEAR”, what is yours?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Destination Addiction

Has the name of today’s blog made you curious?  Are you wondering if I stumbled across a new addiction?  The truth is that during the ETTM Conference, Jennifer Bronsnick of “The Mindful Mommy” had this great quote

“Beware of Destination Addiction – a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is the next place, the next job or with the next partner.  Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where we are”

It got me to thinking about my latest struggles – nothing major just not really being mindful or intentional about my business.  Wondering what changed over the last 6 – 8 months that my passion seems to have changed.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my Thirty One business and I am truly in my element when I am talking about the products and sharing the opportunity.  Something changed in me, and I am searching for answers to JUMP start the momentum again.

During Thirty One’s National Conference this year, we talked a lot about being intentional with our business and I thought I came home focused on being in the present.  As the summer was just okay and the fall started off slow, I am beginning to realize that the problem is ME! Like that is a surprise, right?

Mindful Business = Successful Business

One of the things that really struck me hard was the whole multi-tasking thing.  I used to think it was a compliment when people told me that I was great at it.  The truth is, it is not really a good thing in today’s business world.  The end result is that I miss cues from people so I miss opportunities.  This is going to take some practice but my goal is to become MINDFUL about my business and as a result STOP multi-tasking.  Do I think this is the end all to be all of building my business? NO but I do think it will help me to focus on the present, paying attention to the things and people around me.

I keep stepping in different directions but as Roe Coutoure DeSaro of Gutsy Girl said “a step in the wrong direction is better than no step at all”.

So, where are you?  Are you a destination addict?  Are you always thinking that you will find happiness when “I get a new job”, “I earn more money”, “I get the next promotion”, or “(fill in YOUR next)”?  What if you were to be mindful – in the moment just for today or maybe even this week?  What do you think you would find?

I challenge you to try for one week – don’t multi-task and be in the moment!  Can you do it with me?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

The Canvas Crew Carry All

MY canvas carry all

Happy Saturday!  I am headed back to ETTM‘s 360 Power of Connection conference.  Yesterday was full of so much information and connecting that I can’t wait to get started today.

I wanted to share with you another AWESOME Thirty One product – the Canvas Crew Carry All.  In August of this year, Thirty One offered yet another incentive.  If we, as members of Leadership made our personal and team volumes, they will send us one of these for FREE with our name and title on it.  I mean who doesn’t want custom made bag, right?  If you are wondering, yes we did it!  Despite the slow pace of August, we made it happen.  I thought the bag was going to be really big and I wasn’t going to want to use it.  Then there was that crazy thought “you can’t use white in winter”.  Okay, I can’t be the only one who has heard that and even lived by the un-written rule for most of my life, right?

This is one of Thirty One’s newest bags.  It is 17″H x 17″W x 4″D with an interior zipper pocket and one flat pocket.   Since the straps have large lobster claws on them, I have seen some even change the straps – connecting them to make a cross body.  Of course, this short person would look silly doing that but some can carry it off.  Rumor has it that it will be part of a new collection coming to Thirty One (maybe in the Spring or Summer).

I actually used it for a few weeks as a purse and I loved it.  Of course, I am tempted to carry everything in it but it is a nice alternative to my retro metro bag.  Big enough to use for a small run to the grocery store and yet not too big that you couldn’t use it as a tote/ purse to carry every day.

Off to spend the day with some AMAZING women… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Together We Achieve More

ETTM conference 2014

I am so excited… today is the FIRST day of ETTM (Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms) “Power of Connections” Conference.  If you are not attending this AMAZING two day event, don’t worry because I will share with you the lessons learned from some of the AWESOME speakers.

I know that you are probably tired of hearing about ETTM and how AWESOME I think it is, right?  I am sure there are a lot of good networking groups out there.  Places where women come together to share their strengths, hopes and experiences with other women in business.  I have to admit, I am partial because besides my Thirty One sisters, this is the first group that I have been a part of that is truly into helping ME grow my business.  Networking in general helps you to expand your circle and opens new doors for business opportunities.

For those of you that see the bigger picture – outside of sales, parties and recruits – you totally get what networking is about and how it can impact your business.  I have gotten some business but I have learned so much more.  I learned about branding myself and my business. I learned about blogging.  Just think, if it hadn’t been for a challenge in March of 2013, I would not be writing this blog.  I have had the opportunity to share Thirty One with Oprah.  I have connected with inspirational speakers from all of the country who  now follow my blog and know where to come for their Thirty One products.  They refer customers and events which helps me to expand my business.

ETTM is not a “yes” group.  They will give you constructive criticism and help you to focus on your goals.  I used to dread the “Think Tank” portion of our meetings.  The chance to introduce ourselves and our business as well as talk about any struggles while the group gives their input.  Then we set 30 day goals which we are accountable for at the next meeting.  This is where I fine tuned my introduction to:

” Hi, my name is Hope Wissel.  I am a blogger and an entrepreneur.  I CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE- REWARD women with a Girl’s Night Out while shopping for fun, affordable and fashionable purses, totes and accessories.  My goal is to Help Others Purse Excellence in their personal and professional life.”

For those that are new to our ETTM family, there are always lots of great questions.  I talk about my blog because that is a vehicle that I use to talk about my Thirty One business.  If they want to know more about the business, I share about my Thirty One journey.  This 30-second introduction has helped me when I meet I meet new people and they ask what I do.  It is so much more than “just a purse”.

So, I am off to experience the “power of connections” where “together we achieve more”.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!