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I am the Best

Okay, I have your attention, right?  You are probably thinking “Who does she think she is?”.  “What makes her the best?”  Although, I have some great skills and have received a few awards for my work – I wouldn’t say that I am the best.  “Doubtful Debbie” always lurks in the corner when I think I have built my confidence up to where it can’t be shaken.

In direct sales, as in most businesses, self-promotion is important but we need to say it without actually saying it.  I mean, isn’t that part of the key to growing our business and our brand?  Not always an easy task, right?  I am guessing that I am not alone in this since Entrepreneur magazine did an article about it.  Here are some tips:

1. Identify what you’ve done and and what you’re good at.  For a long time, this was difficult for me.  Believe it or not, I didn’t think I was good at anything.  I was that behind the scenes person who let everyone else get the fame and glory.  I am learning to share my achievements including the things that I worked hard on and failed through blogging.

2. Practice your communication.  I LOVE these key phrases to help – “I’m passionate,” and “I did [this]” or “I worked hard [at that].” Especially when I am talking about my passion for Thirty One, people respond.  They get excited and want to be a part of this exciting adventure.

3. Tell everybody.   This is definitely hard for me but I am getting better.  I mean if we worked hard and built an AWESOME business – shouldn’t we be able to share it with the world?  I mean when people meet me and they ask what I do, my answer is “I am a blogger and a Director with Thirty One Gifts”.  This starts the conversation rolling and allows me to share my passion with them.

4. Be prepared to prove it.  Don’t just talk about how awesome your product is – make sure you are using so that they can see it.  I had a consultant tell me once that no one took her business seriously. Then I realized that she had LOTS of Thirty One bags at HOME!  She never carried one with her.  Now that she is, she is getting sales and parties.  I always have product with me and I include my blog on all of my business cards.

5. Get creative.  For me, sometimes it is tough to get creative.  I offer my customers great service – I try to remember birthdays and key events in their lives so that I can celebrate them.  My VIP customer page offers some fun without promoting sales.  I haven’t found an unusual way to promote myself except by blogging so maybe that will catch some attention.

6. Be generous. Promote and encourage others who are doing a good job and offer your help to those who ask for it.  This is how my team continues to grow.  I love to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD them for all that they do – big or small.

Are you “THE BEST”?  Brag a little… tell us what you are the best at!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Social Media Predictions

One of my favorite things to do this time of year — in addition to spending the holidays with friends and family — is to look back on the year that was and also look ahead to what the New Year holds in store.  Now don’t think that just because I blog every day that I believe that I can made social media predictions.  This is actually excerpts from an article that I read on

Here are some of their predictions for social media in 2014:

1. Look for a shift toward visual storytelling through short-form video. 
This is definitely NOT going to be one of my favorite things.  I am trying but I get so tongue-tied when I do it.  Supposedly these are easy to create on  Twitter’s Vine app and Instagram.  It is believed that short, concise videos tell a deeper story than pictures.  Time to get over my love-hate relationship with film.

2. Businesses will embrace the ‘fandom.’ 
Okay, so this is definitely a NEW term for me.  According to Tom Fishman, MTV’s vice president of content marketing and fan engagement, fandom is essentially the sub-culture of raving fans that exist within your overall customer base.  These are the fans that are going to do a lot of your marketing for you, the ones who will promote your brand to other people.  See now those addicted “bag-ladies” have a marketing term to help us grow our business that sounds more positive.

3. Google+ will continue to grow in size and importance.                                                                           Just what I need, yet another platform to try and remember to post to on a regular basis.  Time to learn how to post on them all in an easy, concise manner.  Anyone have any suggestions?

4. There will be a bigger focus on context. 
Okay, so I am clueless here.  Brands should start asking themselves, “How are people using a particular social channel?” and “What makes a channel unique?” Then they will create contextually relevant content based on that insight.  Does these mean that I need to change my content based on the social media that I am using instead of basing it on the customers that I want to attract?  UGH!

5. More businesses will get into paid advertising.
This is NOT where I will be heading… I am sure for some in direct sales, this will be an important part of their business.  I am more interested in building better relationships with my customers.  According to the article,  If you’re serious about reaching your tribe on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, paid ads will need to be part of your plan in 2014.

As a direct seller, I think the only “predictions” that I truly want to EMBRACE is the short-video and the “fandom”.  I mean the rest just seems more practical for a business that has brick and mortar (you know, a store-front).

Are you thinking about embracing social media in 2014?  What area will you focus on or do you already have a plan?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!