Hope Wissel

Small Business Saturday

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Today is Small Business Saturday…  I have been a small business owner for more years than I can count.  As a hobbits crafter, I always wanted to move my business from a hobby to a full-time business.  Unfortunately, I never made that transition when I was making “preemie baby clothes”, then it was American Girl Doll Clothes and now my Angels.

I was blessed when Belinda was in high school to be able to be an home-based business as I did consulting work for various non-profit agencies.  A dream come true since I was able to make my own hours, stay home when the weather was horrible and work with a variety of agencies that provided AMAZING services to disadvantaged populations.  I LOVED my job but the stress of bidding for contracts always put a damper on things.

As you have all heard (a million times), almost 3 years ago (in February) I was blessed with the gift of Thirty One.  Now, I could DREAM BIG and reach for the stars with my own business.  Okay, so in the beginning it was a hobby but now I see the potential of building my business with Thirty One.  Yes, there are months that are a struggle booking parties and reaching selling requirements.  Yes, there are months that I am overwhelmed by the amount of recruits who want to join our Rays of Hope Team and the record breaking sales of our entire team.  Through it all, I would not trade it for anything – having my own small business.  I have been blessed with AMAZING friends and family who have supported me on my journey and continue to give me the support I need each and every day.  Words can not express how grateful I am for my customers, my hostess and those who continue refer me to host parties for their friends and family.

I encourage you to shop locally, support those small businesses in your community as well as those who you know in direct sales.  It is with your support and purchases, these business owners are able to re-invest in their own communities.  Some of my favorites small business owners: Names at the Jersey Shore, EnV by Vanessa Coppes, and Sea of Dreams.

Share your favorite SMALL business with us.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!