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Life Lessons And Blogging


I love blogging, most days.  Even though I love to write, I do get writer’s block.  I have doubts – I wonder if anyone is reading it.  Am I sharing too much personal stuff?  Am I pushing my business too much?  So many questions run through my mind.  Doubts plague me.  Like that should surprise you!

Then someone will reach out to me and says “thanks, that is what I needed to hear”.  Those doubts melt away until the next time.  I smile and say “you are welcome”.  God has provided a “wink” moment to let me know that he is still in control.

When asked what my blog is about, I often hesitate because I am not sure just how to answer that question.  My goal is and always has been to share my strength, hope and experiences so that others may benefit from my struggles.  I want people to be able to get to know me – all sides of me – the good, the bad and yes, the ugly.

I have learned to stop worrying about who is reading my blog as well as what people think.  Now, if I could apply that to the rest of my life, I would be ROCKIN’.  I am who I am.  I know that some will like me while others will run in the opposite direction.  I know there will be critics.  Through it all, I get through it.

I like to mix things up in my blog with things that I have learned in business along with life lessons combined with things about my family, friends and of course, my pink bubble.  Are my details too intimate?  The things I share in my blog are things that I would be comfortable sharing even if we were having a conversation face to face.  I want to be honest and open with my readers.  I want to create a relationship with them, as best I can over the internet.

I have heard from a few people that they want to start blogging but don’t know where to begin.  I remember being there and my first blog was actually something dear to my heart.  I shared about the bullying that my daughter endured in school.  It was hard but I wanted people to understand that just because parents don’t know what is happening, it doesn’t mean that we are bad parents.  Thank you Vanessa Coppes for the push, I will be eternally grateful.

Blogging has helped me to be confident.  It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  It has helped me face my fears by putting them out into the universe.  Even though writing is a cleansing process for me, I try to use it as a way to help others to overcome their fears.

The truth is that I journaled everyday for years as a way to work through things.  Blogging allows me to share what I have learned while encouraging others. Can you tell that today was one of those days that I wasn’t sure what to write?

If you are thinking about blogging, try it!  Step out of your comfort zone.  If you are already a blogger, post your link below so that we can all read your blog.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

A Facebook Retreat

When you think of a “retreat”, what do you envision?  Massages? Healthy food? Relaxing? Quiet time?  Now what if it was a Facebook Retreat?  Thinking it isn’t possible, right?  The truth is that I actually attended one last week – Authentically Audacious Virtual Retreat: Fall In Love With Your Biz…Again put together by the AMAZING Britt Bolnick from In Arms Coaching.

Was it all warm and fuzzy? NO!  Did she ask tough questions? YES!  Did she make me think? YES!  Do I feel energized? YES!  Am I ready to tackle the obstacles in my business? YES! All of the things that I didn’t think would be in a retreat.  She made me think about and dig deep.  Asking some of the “age old” questions but in a way that made me look at things differently.

I first met Britt at an ETTM Conference last October.  Her story touched my heart so whenever I get the chance, I am ready to soak up all she has to offer.  This past week, had me digging a little deeper, thinking about my business in ways that I had never thought of before.

If you are in direct sales (or any business), people are always asking you “What is your Why?”, right?  For some it is easy but for others it is hard to dig deep and really figure that out.  There are the answers of “financial freedom”, “girl time”, “to pay for kids school”, etc but what if you were to dig a little deeper.  These are the the two questions that Britt started us off with:

What do you want SO badly for your business or work that you’re NO LONGER willing to settle for NOT having it?

What would the ripple effect be OF you having it? How would it affect your life, relationships, even your health?

I LOVE the ripple effect because for someone like me who struggles with that emotional connection to their “why” seeing how it plays out in all areas of my life makes it easier to connect.  If you are feeling stuck and need that emotional connection, take time to answer these two questions honestly, from your heart.  What is the result for you?

Are you seeing the BIG picture? The one beyond the immediate goal/ need, to how this will effect your entire life or the lives of those around you.  Let me share with you my ripple:

Consistent sales would mean consistent income which would mean paying down personal credit card debt which would mean financial freedom and the ability to provide luxuries (like trips) for hubby and I. All of this would mean no stress and less worry for hubby.

It helps me to visual my vision.  To see myself along with hubby and my family enjoying the fruits of my labors.   This is what excites me.  Okay, I know that paying off a credit card should (and probably will) give me some excitement.  My vision needs to be tied to emotions to motivate me.  When my Thirty One NED Hope Shortt asked me to describe how it would feel to walk across the stage as a new Director to the waiting arms of my daughter and hubby – it made it real.  Every time I think of that night, I cry.  This is the emotion that I need now to keep my SPARKLE in my business.

I challenge you to do the ripple effect for your business and your why.  Share how it felt or if it helps you on your journey.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Hope Wissel

ID Life

Today’s Saturday Spotlight is IDLife.  I first heard about this company at a vendor event before it even launched.  The consultant tried VERY hard to get me to sign up but I am always skeptical about any ground floor opportunities especially those that haven’t launched.  I was just not looking for “healthy” or supplements because I didn’t think that I needed them.

Fast forward to an ETTM workshop where I had the pleasure of meeting Val Ryan.  Val is a Founding Member of IDLife and we started to build a relationship, a friendship. Val didn’t try to sell me.  My hubby by this time was spending hours researching vitamin supplements and he had set up a regime that seemed to be working for both of us.

Val asked me to take the online assessment.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was AND that the results of the assessment were the same as what it took hubby hours, days and weeks to research.  Think of the time he could have saved.  LOL.

So, here is a little about IDLife:

For the last 18 years, a group of scientists and doctors have worked on developing a one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement program that takes all the guess work out of what your body needs. The result is a truly personalized, pharmaceutical grade nutrition, with your name on it, delivered monthly to your door. Through answers you provide on the IDAssessment, IDNutrition recommends what your body needs, leaves out what you don’t, and blocks things known to the system to have a negative effect.

Vitamins are taken in AM / PM doses, so that the proper nutrient is delivered to your body at the right time of the day, for best absorption. And costs stay down as the vitamins are packed in strip packs rather than having to manufacture expensive plastic bottles.  Such a great idea for those that travel.

IDLife does not make any medical claims but many people have shared testimonials of increased energy and mental clarity, as well as  just overall feeling better. There have been some dramatic results reported as well since people have been on IDNutrition – they have gone off blood pressure medication, their migraines have lessened or have completely subsided, and some diabetics have either lowered or stopped their insulin use.

IDLife has another popular product too called Sleep Strips which are:

mint flavored, natural & organic sleep aid that incorporates a tri–phasic approach to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and most importantly, keeping you in a deep sleep, all while waking up rested and refreshed the following morning. People have reported that they have walked away from prescription medication sleep aids all together and love the fact that they do not wake up in a fog the next morning.

All IDLife products are natural, organic, non-GMO, and gluten/soy/casein free. Take your free, HIPAA compliant health assessment today at www.IDLifeJersey.com for your own customized nutritional recommendation.

For more information, email Valerie Ryan at IDLifeJersey@gmail.com.

If you are interested in having YOUR business in our Saturday Spotlight, complete the form below:

I have not been paid to endorse any of these products or businesses.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Blogging Is Good for Business


Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that a business has to engage with customers and ultimately serve them better.

I LOVE this statement.  I have heard it for almost two years.  Thank you Vanessa Coppes for my challenge almost TWO years ago!

I am NOT going to tell you that blogging will get you instant customers or increase your business by X%. What I will tell you is that it has helped me to build relationships with potential customers and hostesses.

I am blessed that on most days, writing comes easy to me.  On occasion,  finding a topic may be tough since I do this every day BUT once I have an idea, the juices start to flow.  I consider it another form of social media that will help you to build your business.

Want to know how to start…. JUST DO IT!  Here are 4 ways to spend your time blogging productively:

  1. Solve one problem per post.  I know you are all probably thinking that I should take my own advice, right?  LOL.  The truth is that you want to be the person your customers turn to when they need something.   You want your customers to think of you, you want them to think of how quick, smart, helpful, knowledgeable and to the point you are.
  2. Speak your clients’ language.  Write in terms that YOUR customers will understand.  If you use acronyms and technical terms, you may loose them.  The key is to figure out how your customers actually speak, so you can relate to them on their terms.
  3. Stop writing about yourself (or stop blogging).  I know that I include a lot of commentary in my blogs and some are personal but they have a purpose. They are a way for me to share what has worked or NOT worked for me.  Hopefully, my personal stories help others to avoid my mistakes or to know that they are not alone.  Sharing details of your personal life can help potential clients know, like and trust you. That can be very powerful.  You need to find a good balance between the two and know your blog audience.
  4. Tell your readers what to do next (and make it easy).  I have to admit that this is not something that I do well (or at least I don’t think I do).  I need to remember to tell my readers to do something when I end my blog.  Fill out a form, email me, like my Facebook business page, etc.  You get the point right?  At the end of every post, tell your reader exactly what to do next. Make it a simple, low-risk task that requires next to no thought. For example:

Click here and enter your e-mail to learn more about how [your great service] can help you with [their problem].  Then follow up with some useful information about your services and an invitation to talk by phone for a few minutes. Keep it simple.

I have been asked how long it takes me to blog.  The truth is, I never thought about it.  I write when the mood strikes which is usually early in the morning so it takes less time.  If I am struggling with a subject or a topic, then the time frame changes totally.  I have been told by a few bloggers when I get stuck that “if you’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to write about, you should probably be blogging less and talking with your potential clients more.”

Talking (and listening) to people in your target market is the best way to generate ideas for your blog. Are you blogging?  Share your blog below.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel, Relax, Reflect, Recharge

What Happen to Me

Thank you Traci Bild for another nudge.  It was your blog – along with some AHA moments at the ETTM Power of Connection Conference AND a comment from hubby that got me ready for today’s appointment.  This afternoon, I am headed to see a new counselor/ life coach.  She takes our health insurance – YEAH! and according to her bio, she is the one.  Okay, so I am 10 steps ahead of you, right?  Let’s see if I can do a condensed version of this journey…

Traci’s blog was entitled “The Day I Realized I was No Longer The Woman My Husband Wanted”.  Don’t panic folks, there is no trouble at home.  It was just an AHA moment for me.  Those fun things that I used to plan had turned into a routine.  The cute emails and notes – no more because we were married.  I actually came across the emails that hubby and I had written in a box…. he printed and saved them all.  My little hoarded helped me to realize how much I had changed.  I read some of them and thought “who is this person”.  The person in those letters was always smiling, crazy busy (okay so maybe that hadn’t changed), willing to put work aside to spend time with the people she loved and was romantic – totally in love with her man!  Okay, so the totally in love part didn’t change but I did!  Somewhere along the way, I got comfortable – not always a bad thing. I wasn’t sure what I was changing into but I was sure I wasn’t 100% happy.

Fast forward to the ETTM Power of Connection Conference where God began to work his magic or better yet, he picked up a 2×4 and hit me in the head.  I longed to see myself as others see me…”your smile lights up a room”, “your business is booming”, or “you look great, are you loosing more weight”.  Okay, so that wasn’t what I saw when I looked in the mirror.  Then at a pivotal point and for what seemed like no real reason, I shared a DEEP secret with another participant.  The funny thing was, as soon as the words were out of my mouth – I covered my mouth.  You know like putting the lid on a pot after it has boiled over.  LaTia smiled and simply said “now it is time for you to soar.  You have taken the first step of letting go of the one thing that has held you back”.  She signed her book “Burdens in My Backpack” and I came home ready to share all of the wonderful things that I had learned at the conference.

WRONG!  When I started to tell hubby all of the wonder things…his response “blah, blah, blah”.  I was shocked, hurt and then I felt the nudge to listen to what he had to say.  That is when he shared that “I was my own worst enemy” – really, like I didn’t know that, right?  He said, “you need to find someone who can help you finally get over this hump and move on so you can ROCK your business”.  Deep down, I think he is hoping that the girl he fell in love with over 42 years ago will return too.  Yes, that was ME!

So, after a few tears, and beating myself up a little.  I was on a mission to find someone who was not only willing to help me overcome this secret but who was also going to help me move forward in my business.  I knew all of the things that I didn’t want in a counselor which was a lot easier to list than what I wanted in one.  I actually found one that takes our insurance AND focuses on the things that I want to do in my life including my business.

So, today is the day and I am excited, nervous and willing to move on.  This secret has controlled my life for 40 years and I am ready to let it go.  I am ready to blossom and shine.  I am ready to return to the woman that my hubby fell in love with and ROCK my business.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!