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Weight Loss Myths BUSTED!

Tomorrow is my weigh in day after a week of cruising and enjoying.  Did I walk a lot?  YES!  Did I eat way more than normal? YES!  But it is all okay. Life happens.  I have been back on track since I got home and hopefully this won’t be me….

I have been reviewing some of my past Weight Watcher weeklies to help me get back on track.  Somehow I seemed to have missed the one on “myths”.  I was amazed at how many of these myths are still floating around the internet (Facebook, specifically).

#1 MYTH: Some foods can boost your metabolism.

The truth is there is no evidence any food or drink can do this in the long run.  I have heard all about the benefits of green tea and even hot peppers BUT you would have to eat oodles to get a tiny spark.  I was happy to hear eating breakfast doesn’t boost it either.  I am not a big breakfast person, more like brunch… what food have you heard would boost your metabolism?

#2 MYTH: You shouldn’t eat after 8PM.

Your body is a 24/7 machine.  It doesn’t “close” after 8PM and it is working even while you are sleeping.  As long as you are eating within your SmartPoints (a WW thing) and getting in your FitPoints – you will have weight loss.  It doesn’t mean eat all of the leftover points at 10PM and then go to bed because if you do this too often, it could limit your loss.  Also, don’t go too long without eating because it will lead to overeating when you finally do sit down to eat.

#3 MYTH: Eat certain foods to flatten your belly.

WRONG!  There is no scientific evidence any food can do this.

#4 MYTH: You should cut out carbs.

Okay, I will admit I struggle with this one.  I have heard doctor’s talk about “limiting carbs” but not totally cutting them out.  Specifically carbs in processed foods so is it really the carbs or the processed foods we are eliminating.  Okay, back to the myth….When we avoid any one food category for a long period of time, chances are you will overdo it when you do “allow” yourself to have them.  Eat a balanced meal and allow yourself some of your favorites (in moderation) while you are losing weight.  Are you on a diet or are you changing your lifestyle to a more healthy one?

#5 MYTH: Losing weigh will wreck my metabolism.

WHAT????? I know this is crazy, right?  Now it is possible if you starve yourself and lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time because when you do this, the body goes into starvation mode.  When you have a safe rate of weight loss, your body can adjust to the reduced amount of food and increased activity.

#6 MYTH:  Muscle weighs more than fat.

I have heard this a million times so I know you have too.  The truth is, muscle doesn’t weigh more.  How can 5 pounds of muscle weigh more than 5 pounds of fat?  5 pounds is 5 pounds right?  The truth is muscle is more dense than fat so it seems to weigh more.  I know it is hard to wrap our heads around – I still struggle after all of these years (and 120 pounds lost).

What myth have you heard as you travel your weightless journey?  Is there something you have always heard but aren’t sure it is a myth – ask!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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Not Worthy

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  I am so happy because I have the entire weekend OFF!  Nothing special planned except that I get some much needed hubby and me time.  I know that sounds crazy right, since I talk about being off with Rob on Monday and Tuesday all of the time.  The difference is that we don’t have anything we HAVE to do.  We are just going to wing it!  Of course, the summer crowds may prevent some things because we avoid the “shoobies” but we are going to enjoy the day!

Okay, so based on all of that, my title of “not worthy” has probably got you wondering what I am talking about, right?  Since I have been dealing with some health issues – hubby thinks all will be solved by leaving WaWa – I have found myself feeling “not worthy”.  Here are some of the labels that I have picked up over that have allowed Negative Nellie to camp on my doorstep…

  1. You are old.  I have never really thought about my age as anything more than a number but over the last few months, I am feeling like I am 100 versus a mere 57.
  2. Bad housekeeper.  Now don’t get me wrong, my house is not filthy, it just is slightly dusty.  I have never been much for the crazy weekly clean.  Everything is neat but I do have some dust bunnies that have taken up residence behind the couch.
  3. Not a good wife.  I don’t fit the picture of the perfect wife – you know, the one who can do it all – but does that mean that I am not a good wife?  No, just a little overwhelmed at times.
  4. Not a good leader.  This one comes from playing the comparison game with what others do and where they are in their business.  Just when I think I have shed this thought – Doubtful Debbie joins the party.
  5. Not good at recruiting.  Okay, this is me talking negative into the universe and as a result, not recruiting.  I may miss cues but I do love to share the gift of Thirty One with anyone who will listen.
  6. Not good at direct sales.  WOW!  I am not sure where that one came from but as I look at July which is a little light on bookings, I realize that I have the ability to make the difference.  I can sit back and just let it happen or I can try to turn things around.  Three years plus in business, average party sales of $475 with at least 7 guests per party, a team of 23 in my entire downline and upcoming Rising Stars – there may be room for improvement but I got this!
  7. Fat!  Yes, this word has creeped in again.  I lost 100+ pounds and I still can’t shed that word.  The thought of putting on a bathing suit with the excess skin has not helped the situation.  I am looking forward to being off of 2nd shift and eating healthier.

These are just a few of the words that have impacted me lately.  When I shared this with hubby, his response was “You are trying to do too much.  Slow down and (basically) get some balance.”  Thank you Get Your Girl Back for getting me to STOP and see how all of this negative is limiting my ability to step into my destiny – whatever that may be.  I have always believe that I am destined to make a difference in people’s lives and my Thirty One business allows me that chance.

As I prepare to shed the things that are draining me in my life, I am headed to finding balance between my family, my personal life, my business and my part-time job.  What labels have you picked up that need to be shed?  Journal about this today and see where it leads you.  I don’t journal but I do blog and just putting these feelings on paper has helped me to realize how crazy these labels are for me.

Share your negative labels and how you are going to over come them.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!