Business Tips and Tricks

After the Sale

Are you thinking of your business as one sale, one party at a time?  Are you planning for future sales or just grabbing what you can?  Time for me to get gut honest….

I have been in direct sales for 6 years.  In the early years (okay so maybe until about a year ago), I only thought about the month I was in.  As a Director, I had certain goals personally and as a team in order for my paycheck to be a certain amount.  I didn’t think much past the current month or maybe even the following month.  I was all about grabbing the sales.

Things started to change when I went from working my business like a hobby to working it as a business.  Back in October of last year, I started to implement some things in an effort to think about long term business.  It wasn’t until late January I saw those things start to pay off.  Now they are a consistent part of my business.

Congratulations, if you are making consistent sales.  Let me ask you, are these repeat customers or are they all new?  Your business should be a mix of both.

You spend time with potential customers either one on one or at parties,  they purchase your product – them what?  At a recent training I heard this “when the phone rings so does your cash register”.  What does it mean?  If you are not picking up the phone (I know it weighs 500 pounds) then you are missing out on business.  Yes, I went there.

I know you have heard it a million times – “the fortune is in the follow-up”, right?  Yes, I believe it to be true BUT I also believe you need to stand out from the crowd.  You need to be someone your customers will remember.  Does it mean hounding them to book parties or buy things?  No.  Does it mean making them feel special?  Absolutely!

You have started to build a relationship with this customer, why would you throw it away after they have spent money with you?

Here are some steps I take to let my customers know I  care about them, not the sale. Remember, we are in the relationship building business.

Step #1 –

After the order is placed, I send an email or text message graphic to thank them  and letting know approximately when their order will arrive.  

Step #2 –

When I receive the email their product has been shipped, I forward it to the customer along with another note thanking them again for supporting my business.  When this email goes out, I also send a handwritten thank you card with a small gift from me letting them know how much I appreciate them.

Step #3 –

Approximately 7 days after the customer should have received their order, I pick up the phone and call.  I know, I used to hate it too BUT I keep it short letting them know I am just checking in to make they received everything from their order and it arrived in perfect condition. Be excited for them, to share in this new experience together. This is a great way to head off any complaints because you’re not waiting for your customer to contact you. If they didn’t get everything in their order, or it didn’t arrive in perfect condition, you want your customer to know you are there for them and will swiftly take care of the situation.  Most of the time I will just leave a message on their voice mail but on those rare occasions when I connect with someone, they are surprised I am calling “to check in”.

Ask your customer of they have started to use the product.  Get their opinion. Ask if they have any questions? Let them know you will be reaching out again to check in with them.  Be sure to keep notes on their comments –  what they like about the product, what they don’t like, favorite prints, products, etc.  This is all important to matching the right products or services for them now and in the future.  I DO NOT sell to them at all during this call.

Step #4

About 30 days later, I call them again.  I check in to make sure they still like the product AND let them know what other product(s) would work well for them too. Explain why you think it would be a good match for them. See if they would want to add it now, or if that is something they would like to look at a little later.  Maybe even hosting a party to get it for FREE.  If they are not ready to host a party now, ask them if it is okay to check back with them next month.

Step #5

Most of the time, my next call will be about 14 days prior to the 90 day “no reason return cutoff”.  This call is all about letting them know the warranty is about to expire so if there is a problem, we can resolve it.  I use this time to connect with them about things in their life and again ask them about booking a party or maybe even joining my team.

What is the bottom line?  Always be consistent in your follow-ups with your customers. They will see you as caring for their experience and you sincerely are looking out for what works best for them. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

What system do you use to ensure you are following up with your customers?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Follow Up

Today’s Tuesday tip is “follow-up”.  I know you are thinking, really, this AGAIN?

fortune in follow-up

The truth is, it is a topic that can’t be talked about enough.  Over the last week, I have talked to some new customers – exciting for me but disappointing for some other consultants.  Why?  The customers love Thirty One but they were not happy with their consultant.  The number one complaint was “they never heard from them” after their initial order.

Now, I will be the first one to admit that I am not the BEST at this but I do know that it can make or break your business.

Let’s start with how you follow up with your hostess.  I know, the party is over and you are breathing a sigh of relief.  You figure you have done your job and there is nothing more to do until the order comes in, right?  What if you were to go one step further?

A few days after the party, how about sending a simple postcard or handwritten note, thanking your hostess.  How about an email to the hostess and all of the guests giving them more details about the expected delivery date of their orders along with your contact information.  In this email, I usually let the guests know how much their hostess got for FREE as well as how much they could have earned if they were the consultant for this party.  You want to keep planting those booking and recruiting seeds.

Some would say that I OVER communicate but I don’t think there is such a thing.  Once I hear from Home Office that the party is shipped, I send another email to everyone.  If the party is being sent to me, I let them know when they can expect delivery to their hostess.  If orders are being direct shipped, I make sure that they each have their order tracking information.  While the guests are waiting for their delivery, they also receive a postcard thank you with my all of my information for their records.

So, the orders have been delivered and you are still not done.  Outstanding customer service should continue.  Two weeks after the orders are delivered – pick up the phone.  YES, I said PHONE each person.  See how they like their product.  Chat with them about things that are happening in their life.  Build on the relationship that you started at the party.

Does your company have a warranty?  Thirty One’s warranty is 90 days so I tag everyone for 70 days out and call AGAIN.  I know, you hate picking up the phone but the truth is even if you leave a voice mail message, you are connecting with them.  If you talk to them, remind them that the warranty is 90 days in case there is a problem or they don’t like their product.  I know, it doesn’t happen, right?  On that off chance, they need to know it is okay to return or exchange the product.  Most won’t exchange or return things because they don’t want to be problem.

Great Customer Services goes a long way in business.  Is there really such a thing as too much follow-up?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!