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Beat the Summer Slump

Have you experienced the summer slump?  Did Vacation Veronica drop on your doorstep when the kids got out of school and never leave?  Have you looked at your Fall calendar and realized it is empty?

Many of us experience the summer slump.  When I was working in the non-profit world, it was a time when we took things a little easier.  As Belinda was growing up, it was when I took time off for major events in our personal life.  Why?  Because we are laid back in the summer.  The world (at least at the Jersey shore) moves a little slower.

When I started my Thirty One journey, my summers were pretty much the same way.  I didn’t ask people to party so as a result my summer slump became a fall fiasco!  My sales in the summer slowed to a dribble which made for a quiet Fall despite always having a new catalog.  “Summer slump” – most retailers and business owners experience it so why not you, right?

This season I did things a little different.  Everyone is online – from grocery shopping to clothes shopping to buying large items for the home.  So, I went virtual too. I became the face my customers associated with Thirty One.  I didn’t want them to be asked “who is your consultant” and they say “not sure” or “I don’t have a regular one”.  I wanted them to say “It is Hope and here is her information”.

Are thinking, I’ve been in a summer slump, my calendar is bare for September so it is “hopeless”.  WAIT!  Don’t let negativity overwhelm you! There is still plenty you can do to hit your sales goals for the fall.

FIRST! Kick Vacation Veronica to the curb.  Schedule some time to work on your business – even if it is just 20 minutes a day.  You will be surprised what you can get done in 20 minutes when you are focused.

It is time to work your business.  Despite being pretty happy with my business all summer, I was entering a new phase – 95% online business with Facebook parties, vendor events and an occasional home party.  YIKES!  It is scary but I am determined to make it work.  I mean it has all summer so why not into the busy holiday season, right? “Wine Down” has been the most popular themed Facebook party for September.  I mean who doesn’t like wine, right?

If you haven’t been working your business – it is time to get busy.  Here are some ways to ramp up your business these last 2 weeks of August so you are getting back on track for September….

#1 Upcoming Event and Celebration Packages.

Kids are headed back to school, fall sports are starting, people are looking to raise money… the list goes on.  People are getting together to celebrate  (any excuse for a party, right?).   Why not create some special packages for all the different types of celebrations and reach out now to offer your products. This could be as a present for others or for their own personal use.  Here are some examples of celebrations and events: Back to School, Weddings, Anniversaries, Family BBQs and reunions, etc.

#2 Show-on-the-Go.

Are you always prepared for a mini show presentation?  I have a mobile office in my trunk with some products ready to show off to anyone who asks.  Are you a walking billboard for your products? Be sure you always have your product on hand to demonstrate to potential customers.  Don’t miss an opportunity to share your products!  Have your business card ready – actual or electronic.  It means you will have to follow up with them but who knows what could develop…

#3 Follow-Up.

Just because your customers are away, doesn’t mean they don’t want to benefit from your products or replenish their stock.  I am always amazed when I get a text from a customer looking for a product they saw while on vacation.  Follow-up means getting on the phone, text or Facebook message (their preference) your customers and see how they’re doing. Also let them know if they are away, you can ship their products to wherever they want!

#4 Create More Content.

Did you know this is one of the most important things you can do online to help generate more profit for your business?  Videos, blog posts, demonstrations, tutorials and more.  Get in the frame of mind to teach people more about what you do and offer them value. The more you share, the more interested they become in your products. This is a great time to ramp up VIP Group and create amazing content for your Business Page.

#5 Markets and Vendor Events.

Check out the local fairs, markets and vendor events. Find local markets in your area and inquire about renting a table.  Many of the markets continue through September.  Look for those holiday vendor/craft events to help you gain new customers and get out of the summer slump.

What will you do to KICK your Fall into gear?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

Fundraising Can Be Fun

I hear the moans across the country…. Really?  You think fundraising is fun?  No, I’m not crazy.  I actually do LOVE fundraising and it can be fun for everyone.  For some it is the end of the fundraising season while for others summer fundraising has just started.  What are some of the ways YOU can fundraise for a cause, a team, or even a family struggling?  Is there someone or a group you have always wanted to help but never thought you could?  I’m going to be talking about some fundraising options available through me with Thirty One BUT if you are in direct sales or organizing a fundraiser, you may be able to use these tips.

#1 – Power Product Fundraiser.  

These are the kind most people are used to seeing – like the Girl Scout cookie order sheets. The traditional school sales were a small group of products are sold.  I’m sure I am not alone when those dreaded “forms” came home for candy, wrapping paper, or candles to raise money.  What if you were to pick 5 – 10 of your groups favorite Thirty One products and share them with friends and family?  This is easy because it limits the product line choices and it is all on one page.  The products offered on the front and the order sheet on the back. This type of fundraiser is very effective and popular because of the simplicity of it.  Great for team sports.

#2 – Party with a Purpose

How about a party where everyone brings an item to donate to a charity.  Attendees earn raffle tickets for donating toward a prize you offer PLUS a percentage of the sales from the party is donated to the same charity.  Here are some examples: shoes to donate to Soles4Souls, personal care items for the local domestic violence shelter, or hats and gloves for the homeless shelter.  Guests LOVE this kind of fundraiser and then they stay for the fundraiser party too.  This helps in two ways – a physical need donation and a financial donation to the charity of choice. This is one of my FAVORITE fundraisers and it gets amazing guest attendance too! People LOVE to help.

#3 – Charity of the Month Fundraiser

This is where you choose a charity you are very passionate about and you fundraise for them on your own. For example, if you are passionate about animal welfare, you can host a fundraiser for your local humane society (catalog, party or gift-in-kind) and donate a percentage of your profits to the organization. The great thing about a charity-of-the-month fundraiser is you get to highlight a charity near and dear to you every month.

#4 – Personal Fundraisers 

These fundraisers touch my heart.  They are for individuals who are not 501c3 non-profit organizations like a student raising money for a mission trip, a couple raising money for an adoption, individuals raising money for a surgery or medical bills of a friend. If it is friends helping friends, the cause may be public BUT there are those times when a hostess will want to keep the cause private so it is time to get creative in helping to spread the word.  Fundraising is a great benefit to these individuals to help them reach their financial goals.

#5 – Gift in Kind

I do fundraisers like these 6 times a year – dialysis bags, Fight Hunger, Vets, and seniors.  We offer a product and customers purchase the product to DONATE to a group or organization on their behalf. For example, the Chemo Comfort bags are delivered to a local cancer care center:

The best part about a gift-in-kind fundraiser is it helps in two ways by donating a product to someone in need and raises funds for the organization of choice.

#6 – Let’s PARTY!

Your hostess holds a fundraiser party for the charity or organization of her choice and she invites people to attend. You donate a portion of your commission to the person or group hosting the party. You treat this fundraiser the same way you treat a normal home party where you do a full product presentation, nothing changes except you are donating a percentage of your commissions to the charity. This party can be a Facebook Party event or a live in-home party event, or both!

#7 – A Catalog Fundraiser

This is a full Thirty One catalog party.  Get a  group of say 10 cheerleaders. Each one of them gets their own “hostess packet” and they go out selling as a catalog party!  This is a great way for them to earn funds for their personal account OR as a team.  You can donate a portion of your commission and offer the hostess credits to buy additional products they can use as raffle items, etc. OR you can donate your commission and keep the hostess benefits.

Who is ready to fundraise?  Want more details on doing a Thirty One fundraiser?  Contact me below:

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

Fundraising is FUN!

Fundraising is defined as the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies.


I have ALWAYS loved Fundraisers! Maybe that is why I loved grant writing so much.  Now, it is one of the favorite parts of my business!

I’ve been doing fundraisers since I started with Thirty One almost 6 years ago.  I had lots of practice getting the glitches out so I can make it fun for you and your organization.  There are lots of ways to do fundraisers to help you, your organization or cause raise the money they need this year.  What better time then during the holiday season when everyone is shopping anyway, right?14316741_10207561074928131_8710155584920521319_n

What if you aren’t a group or bold enough to ask online for help from family and friends?  What if you are the average family struggling to pay for unexpected expenses?  Or maybe your child (children) want to play on a sports team but you don’t have the money for uniforms or equipment?  What if you have overwhelming medical bills and an extra $100 or $200 would help eliminate the stress?  What if you are expecting a new addition to the family BUT the cost of new furniture, diapers (have you seen how expensive they are?) and formula is already stressing you out?

MY TOP 7 ways to fund raise!

Pick one or combine a few of them.  Whatever works for YOU!  Combining a few ensures success when it comes to hosting a fundraiser!

#1 Online Party

Easy Peezy!  We list your fundraiser on my website and then everyone can follow the link to order. 25% of all orders are donated to your organization.

#2 Home Show/ Open House

You host a home show and invite all your friends and family to see the product and order there!

#3 Facebook Event

Is everyone you know on Facebook?  This is a GREAT way to highlight product, HOW they could enjoy Thirty-One while donating to a great cause. I set it up and you invite your friends. Everything is done online.

#4 Bingo Night

OMG!  This is my favorite one!  Everyone LOVES to play Bingo.  They win prizes, and order to donate to a great cause!

#5 Fashion Show

We pick a collection of products or bundles.  Have organization members model them while we share tips for alternate uses.  Everyone has that hidden desire to be an “actress”.  We can have lots of fun while getting everyone involved.

#6 A Favorites Collection

We put together a collection of 5 to 6 products. I make a flier, and your group sells just those products.

#7 Registration Party

Everyone shows up on team registration night.  This is a great opportunity to get ALL the parents even those you don’t see all of the time. I would be happy to set up a table of products and collect orders.  We can also hand out packets so others can help collect orders.

Easier and different then the traditional candy bar or wrapping paper fundraiser. Everyone LOVES Thirty One.  The products are fun, functional, fashionable and affordable.  There is something in everyone’s price range.

Interested in knowing more about fundraising opportunities, fill out the contact form below:

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Business Tips and Tricks

October Party Themes


October is almost here and I love sharing new party ideas. Themed home parties are so much fun.  It is easy for the hostess and I am able to help her keep things simple.

Here are some theme parties for the month of October (or anytime):

How about a Football Wives party?

football wives party

I am football fanatic but what a great way to pass the time for those who are not into football (or hockey).  I told my hubby just the other day, he got me hooked on football and now I am the one yelling at the TV during football games.  We have some NEW Fall prints which will give you a chance to shop for the men in your life so they can sport their favorite team’s colors.4347bad3acf34b429d415c4837ef2de4

Chocolate Lovers Party – Serve chocolate goodies. Guests bring their favorite chocolate bar.  We play a chocolate game and the winner takes home ALL of the chocolate bars.  I mean who doesn’t love chocolate…

funin fundaising

Fundraiser Party – October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Why not support your favorite cause at the same time guests are doing their shopping? I will donate 25% of all sales to your organization or cause.  Encourage guests to bring their gently used bags to be donated to a local shelter and I will give them a discount on their new purchase. A win-win for everyone.b4f2ca2633a840278d1024a91784899e-1Halloween Party – Do you like Halloween? Challenge your guests to come in costume and earn a gift.  Trick or Treat bags from me.  Serve apple cider,pumpkin pie or candy apples.images

Brunch – Nights too busy?  Busy moms would love a moment in between dropping the kids off and the next errand to grab a bagel or donuts, and a fresh cup of coffee or tea. This is can be done as an Open House but for a shorter period of time. It solves so many concerns – no time, what to serve & keep things short and sweet. A great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning or that week day morning when the kids are at school.

Men’s Only Party – Invite the men for an afternoon of football, pizza, soda (or beer) and Thirty-One.  Set up a display and let them shop for Christmas presents during halftime, tell them that when they place a $35 (or whatever) order, I’ll wrap the gift for them.  I will help you gather a wish list from your friends (their wives/girlfriends) to make the shopping easy.

What are some of YOUR favorite October party themes? Share them with us.  Better yet, when you have one, take a picture and post it here so we can all see the fun!

Have a Thirty One-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Memories of My Buddy


It has been 17 years since I heard your voice.  Seventeen years since I smelled snickerdoodles baking in the kitchen.  Mine just never taste as good as yours did.  Seventeen years since we spent hours talking. Elsie Marie Weston, my mom’s baby sister, lost her battle with breast cancer 17 years ago and will forever be known as one of the strongest women I know.


Elsie‘s battle began when she was about 18 years old with lumps which were always removed and were not cancerous. Until the life changing diagnosis in 1990.  Her first mastectomy in 1990. Her second reconstructive surgery 6 years later to replace a leaking implant.  That’s when they found it in her bones. She went through medication regimes, and chemotherapy. And through it all she fought.

Sure, Elsie was family but she was also my best friend. Growing up, Elsie was privilege to some of my deepest secrets. I went from being the pesty niece she was forced to babysit to her buddy as we partied at the Headliner during our years working in Neptune Township. We both went to Atlantic City to open the Claridge Casino. We weathered hurricanes, blizzards and life itself. Elsie was there when Belinda was born – she even cut the cord before heading out to attend a wedding.

Elsie and Belinda were buddies. She was there to help. When I was in detox and rehab, she made sure life remained as normal for Belinda. I remember being in detox, not being able to have visitors – she helped Belinda make a sign and they stood outside the hospital window to show their support. When I came home from rehab, Elsie took us in when we were homeless.


Elsie taught me that dreams can and do come true – NEVER GIVE UP.  She fulfilled hers when she opened Small Wonders, a gift shop in Ocean Grove.  When the cancer spread, to Elsie’s eyes, things got a little tougher but she was  determined to work every day in her store. We all helped – Belinda learned how to work the register and run credit cards at the ripe old age of 10.

Belinda put together one of her famous surprise parties for Elsie’s 50th birthday. Elsie was mad but she never stayed mad for long at Belinda. That would be her last birthday with us. On May 23rd, Elsie was admitted into the hospital – she had lost 95% of her eyesight to cancer and had given up her will to live. Seven days later she became another Weston Angel – joining her parents in heaven.

She left behind a legacy…. She was a fighter. She was loving & kind. She was Belinda’s Buddy! A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her. When there is a crisis or we are in the hospital, a sense of calm comes over me and I know that everything will be okay – see all my Weston angels are always with me – Mom-mom, Pop-pop, Elsie and Edythe.


Elsie, I miss you and I am sure that I didn’t tell you enough how much I loved you. Cherish the moments today – the good, the bad and the ugly for life is precious.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.