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Be a Direct Selling Superstar

WooHoo!!  Today is NEW Director’s Training at Thirty One‘s National Conference.  I have to admit, I am a little nervous.  This is my first conference as a Director.   I know you are probably tired of hearing it but I am hoping that it sinks in soon….

Last night was the opening session for Director’s and above.  Obviously I can’t share what it was like since I am doing the next few days of blogging BEFORE I leave for HOTLANTA. I am sure it was exciting, thrilling and overwhelming but there will definitely be pictures when I return next week.  The icing on top of everything is that when I returned to me room after an exciting day, I will be greeted by Belinda!

This morning’s general session speaker is Mary Christiansen.  Direct from her website:

Some speakers can inspire your people to want more,
and others can give them the skills.

Only Mary Christensen will inspire them to believe it and show them how to achieve it.

mary-christensen    Check out her new book: Be a Direct Selling Superstar.  As a direct selling leader you can achieve the income and lifestyle most people only dream about. And you’ll do so by helping others achieve the income and lifestyle they dream about. Mary Christensen has   hundreds of thousands of direct selling leaders to succeed worldwide. In this new leadership book Mary takes the guesswork out of how to build, lead and manage a profitable direct selling business with a step by step blueprint every aspiring leader can follow all the way to the top of your company’s compensation plan. It also provides existing leaders of all levels in network marketing/direct selling/party plan a template they can teach out. The ultimate skill in direct selling is to teach your skills and this book shows you how, brilliantly.  Here is a special offer on Amazon for her book: Be a Network Marketing Superstar: Book You Need to Make More Than You Ever Though Possible.

I can’t wait to be inspired to believe that I can achieve my next goal of Senior Director.  I am eager to learn how to partner with the members on my team that want grow into leadership.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!