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Get Your Girl Back

This is another reflection from the AMAZING Mom Grows a Business Conference that I attended last week.

Traci Bild was a speaker who sparked a flame in me.  Her “Get Your Girl Back Movement” made me realize that YOU can build a large business and ONLY work 24 hours a week.  Traci is a full-time mom with a multi-million dollar business on the side.    She works only 24 hours a week and has ONLY worked 24 hours a week since she began to build her business.  Her simple solution – if you don’t like where you are, change your thoughts!  Okay, so that sounds really basic but not always easy to do.

Here are some of her suggestions that resinated with me:

  • LIVE YOUR DREAM!  She didn’t say, reach for the stars and just DREAM BIG.  She said, LIVE those dreams.  Re-ignite your passion for life.  Have FUN!  Let the little girl in you shine through.  Don’t watch the kids play, play with them.
  • Define your priorities!  Family, Business, faith, health, friendship, finances.  Whatever your priority is, focus on it.  You can always make more money but you can’t make more hours in the day.  I don’t mean become a work-a-holic, did that and it didn’t work for me.  I am saying, be in the moment no matter where you are.
  • Build your goals around your priorities for a great work-life balance.  Ask yourself “does my life reflect balance?” or are you always trying to juggle those balls?  We have all set goals for our business, that is a no brainer.  Have you ever set goals for the other areas of your life?  I know I haven’t… what if a priority is your family?  Then why not set a goal for that part of your life. Say “I want to spend more time with my children/family”.  Then set THREE action steps to achieve that goal.  Okay, so the goal was kind of broad but you get the idea.
  • Stop chasing “IT”.   I had to laugh because I feel like many of us are always chasing “IT”.  We don’t know what it is or haven’t clearly defined “IT” but when we find “IT” we will be happier, right?
  • What is YOUR #1 time sucker? Facebook, Pinterest, the phone, errands, etc?  STOP and schedule time for it.  I know sounds kind of crazy when many of us get business from social media.  The truth is, it is sometimes a black hole that we fall into and realize 3 hours later that we have not accomplished anything on our to do list.  In some cases, maybe we just need to eliminate it from our life.

I am thinking, I know, never a good sign as hubby would say.  I have to admit that I have gotten better with checking my phone for messages when I am with hubby. I am still a work in progress but each day is a bit better.  If you only want to work 24 hours a week, make those 24 hours count.  Schedule office hours.  WORK, don’t hide behind the social media facade to look like you are working.

What are you going to do to “get your girl back”?  Share with us your ideas…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!