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Thirty One Summer Kick Off

June is CRAZY busy….. end of the school year, graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, Christenings, baby showers, and of course birthdays and anniversaries.  Are you ready?  Do you have all of those gifts together?

In direct sales, June is usually one of the dreaded “J” months.  The story is “J” months are traditional bad for business.  Think about it – January is the month after Christmas so everyone is broke.  June is crazy busy who has time to shop.  In July, everyone is on vacation so the last thing they are thinking of is shopping or partying.  Thirty One “debunked” the myth in January AND  now they are planning to do it again in June.   Because Thirty One makes “J – months” AMAZING!

This summer’s Seasonal Catalog  is no different….. They have introduced EIGHT new prints for summer fun.  Check out these cute prints:

#1 – Did you know you could make some extra money with just 4 hours a week?  A little bit of work AND using some amazing products? Maybe you could pay off some bills? Or pay for the kids summer activities?  Maybe you just need some girl time?  Maybe you are looking for a career change?  Whatever your reason, I would love to help you reach your dream…For the month of JUNE, Thirty One is offering a $1 no-kit enrollment.  That’s right! You can start your business for less than a cup of coffee.  OR you can order one of the AMAZING enrollment kits.  Your choice.

PLUS with every $1,000 in orders for the first 4 months, you will receive Wishes Rewards you can use for……..business supplies product, VISA gift cards or Disney dollars.  Say what???

PLUS with Thirty One’s NEW Marketplace, you can save 40% off your own purchase of products or use the discount in helping a local team or organization raise funds.

PLUS with just $100 in sales each month, you will be able to buy one select product for 60% off the retail price the following month.

#2 – Maybe having having your own business is not on your bucket list.  So why not host a girls get together? Sip some wine (or your favorite beverage), catch up with friends, shop and have fun.  When was the last time you hung out with the girls without the kids?  You supply the friends and I will do all of the work. No time for a home party…. Why not a Facebook party?  Fun and games while everyone gets to shop from the comfort of their own home.

With a $600 party (the average), you get $100 in FREE products, TWO half price items, and TWO hostess exclusives.  PLUS you can get to pick ANYTHING in the catalog for just 80% off! I grabbed another Studio by Thirty One Classic Bag for just $16!

#3 –  I get it, you don’t need extra money and parties aren’t your thing.  BUT you just LOVE to shop? So here is the AMAZING Thirty One Customer Special for June…

For every multiple of $35, you can pick ONE of these bags at 50% off.  The Sling Back Bag, the Essential Storage Tote or a Cinch Sac are some summer favorites.  BUT if like BIG bags…. you won’t want to miss the half price offer for the City Park Bag or the Casual Cargo.  When you spend $35 and grab one of these two bags – it’s like getting two bags for the price of ONE!

So, to sum things up…there are THREE opportunities with Thirty One this summer:

3 options

Which opportunity is for you? Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

How To Accessorize Your Little Black Dress

Thank you Thirty One for today’s blog post.  I will admit…. I don’t have a little black dress BUT I do have my favorite pair of black pants and black top (that counts, right?)

Whether it is a black dress or not, everyone has go-to items in their wardrobe.  The things which  never let you down – you feel great when you put them on AND you can dress them up or down with a pair of go-with-anything heels to the perfect dark wash denim to the LBD – otherwise known as the little black dress!  Your staple piece can easily go from a casual day of errands to a night on the town. With so many silhouettes and styles, there’s a little black dress for everything life throws your way.

But when you have a dress to go with everything, how do you even begin to accessorize it? No matter the occasion, Thirty One has you covered with our favorite ways to dress up (and down!) the classic LBD.

Effortless Everyday

Whether you’re running errands around town, walking in the park or going to class, a T-shirt dress is the perfect way to stay comfortable and cute when you’re on the go. Throw on a denim jacket and the Avenue Scarf in Lovely Leopard or Deco Diamond to complete this simple yet chic look. Add a Retro Metro Hobo Crossbody in Twill Stripe for a subtle mix of patterns that stands out with ease

Need some fresh scarf styling tips? Learn 10 easy ways to tie a scarf!

Office chic

When you can’t bring yourself to put on another pantsuit, turn your little black dress into a sophisticated ensemble perfect for the office! Choose a sheathe or shift silhouette, then throw on a blazer or structured jacket for a put-together look. Add flats in a pop of color or fun print like leopard, and stack on a few Cherish Bracelets for some shine. And don’t forget your work bag! Choose a Cindy Tote in one of three neutral prints and you’re ready to rock the work week.

Girls’ night out  

Everybody needs a girls’ night every now and then, and with the right little black dress you’ll feel ready to paint the town!  Try a dress with a fitted silhouette, then go black-on-black with a black moto jacket and black booties for the perfect mix of feminine and fierce. Keep the accessories simple with a Rubie Mini or All About the Benjamins and Wristlet Strap for a hands-free bag you’ll feel comfortable carrying all night!

Wedding season

Have a wedding or other special occasion approaching? Don’t rule out black just yet! When it comes to wearing black at a celebration, it’s all about the details. We recommend a classy fit-and-flair silhouette, but go for whatever you feel most comfortable in. Add coordinating jewelry like our Gallery Necklace and Luxe Loop Dangles in Silver or Gold-Tone, and go for a sleek pair of heels for the perfect finishing touch.

Date night

Even the iconic little black dress needs a makeover from time to time, so why not try a little black jumpsuit on your next date night? The one-piece trend has been in full swing for several seasons now, and there’s no question why! A jumpsuit or romper is a head-to-toe outfit, so you won’t have to stress over pairing tops and bottoms. For a fun and funky look, choose a pair of chunky statement heels, a simple belt and a Fringed & Fabulous necklace. Add a bag from our Studio Thirty-One collection for a personalized piece that expresses your unique style!

So whether you are headed out on the town or to work, show us how you rock your little black dress with the #thirtyonepartywithHope hashtag.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

It’s Not Just A Party …

The new year brings new ideas, hopefully, for working your business.  We have all set New Year’s resolutions on how we will do things bigger and/ or better, right?  Our goal is to increase our business for whatever reason – more time, more money or more of our wonderful products.

January is one of those “J” months.  If you are in direct sales, I’m sure you have heard the tales of “J” months being tough on business.  Think about it – January, June, and July.  What did your business look like last year during those months?  Truth is, January, June and July last year were three of my highest months in 2016.  Crazy, right?  So, how did I do it?  What was the magic formula?  Honestly, I don’t have a clue.  I didn’t have a plan.  What I did have was determination to NOT be one of those who said “It is a J month so I will just wait until next month”!

My parties during those months were non traditional.  I had a party using ZOOM because it was during the middle of a snow storm.  Then there was the girls night out with wine, food & shopping.  I held fundraisers and did Facebook parties.  I had hostesses who were excited about earning FREE and discounted products.  Why?  Hostess coaching was key.

So, here we are in the middle of January when the supply of parties is high and the demand for them is low, what are you going to do to fill your calendar?

The secret is …

Stop doing parties and start consciously creating experiences for people.

Think about the service businesses and the people in them…. are they outside their office shouting discounts?  NO!  In most cases, they are busy supplying a service to those in need.  The question is: how do you do that?  They are making a difference in people’s lives by creating an experience for them.

I know you are thinking, I sell product.  You have been taught, in most cases, to SELL SELL SELL.  If you don’t believe me, check your Facebook newsfeed on any given day when people are pushing their products.

Why not consider these things when “sharing” your product with potential customers and recruits….

  • Experiences can be both good and bad.  They are created through our five common senses of sight, taste, touch, sound and smell.  Then for many women through their six sense of intuition or gut feeling.
  • Think about the sensory experience you are creating when you are with a group of people or one on one.  I don’t just mean your physical products but also your party experience, and your business opportunity.
  • When you share your story or your “WHY” what experience are you sharing with them? The gift of more time with family and friends because of your business.  The confidence you gained.  The sisterhood.  The “me time” for a busy mom. How the extra money has helped you to pay bills, or leave a job you hated? Has the additional products allowed you to donate to your favorite causes?  Focus on what matter’s most to you and share it.  Chances are your guests will willing join in your experience.

Remember …

You can’t control people’s experience because everyone processes information differently through their senses. You can however use conscious creation to influence their experience.

So I’m curious.. … how are you going to create an experience for your potential hostess and her guests?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Thirty One BINGO Blast


Is this how you are feeling this morning?  Do you feel like the weekend went by WAY to fast?  Did you plan on getting together with friends but then “life” got in the way?

When was the last time you played BINGO?  What do you think of when you think of BINGO?


Do you have visions of rows of tables where women guard the “good luck charms” and their cards like  they are gold?

Are you one of those who wins with only one card while everyone else has multiple cards that just needs one number?


How about enjoying a night of BINGO while getting some FREE and discounted products?  Imagine a group of your friends gathered together to play BINGO at your home or maybe a local restaurant that also has happy hour.  Let me tell you a little bit more about BINGO Thirty One Style:

bingo home party

My hostesses can expect that I will partner with them to make it a night they won’t forget. I will take care of the invitations. I will take care of the follow-up to ensure friends are coming. No sales pitches. Just some simple solutions to your every day organizing struggles.

Everyone pays $10 cash to play 4 games of BINGO.  The money collected goes right back to the guests who win BINGO.  The more people, the larger the prizes.  I will bring the BINGO boards.

Keep the snacks light – really, does anyone ever eat? Your friends aren’t coming to see how clean your house is or because you will have lots to eat. They are coming to spend time with YOU who they have not seen in a long time without the kids or hubby..

I will celebrate you for your hard work and ability to take care of everyone else. I will encourage you so you feel like a star. Best of all, I will reward you with FREE and discounted products for you, your friends and your family.  Your guests will have a fun night of BINGO while being able to shop for gifts for their family and friends.  The money that they win goes towards their purchases of product for the evening.  Not only do you as the hostess earn FREE product but so do your guests.

It is a win-win for everyone!  So who is ready to book their Thirty One BINGO Blast?

Hope you have a ThirtyOne-derful week!

Hope Wissel

An Act of Kindness


Today is Throwback Thursday and I got to thinking…. I know scary, right?

I am going WAY back to about 8th grade and freshman year in High School.  I had a good friend, A.  We spent lots of time together.  We shared secrets.  Our boyfriends were friends.  We walked to the beach almost every day in the summer.

Then my memory gets a little foggy.  Somewhere during our high school years we grew apart.  Hubby and I talked about her once in awhile, wondering what had happened to her.  Fast forward to our 40th HS reunion.  I saw her name on the list and couldn’t wait to reconnect. It was awkward at first but I wanted to hear all about her life.

reunion picture

In the midst of talking, she shared that she would be starting chemo treatments when she got home.  The realization that the dreaded “c” was wrecking havoc on another friend’s life hit me hard.  After the reunion, she was headed home but the thought that she was going to be going through life long chemo kept nagging at me.  I reached out to someone on the Reunion committee for her address.

I talked with hubby and we agreed that we wanted to do something that would hopefully encourage her as she traveled this long road.  I ordered the bag above and had it shipped directly to her.  I didn’t include a note – just the packing slip would be included in the box.  I wasn’t looking for accolades, I just wanted to make her smile.  I wanted her to know that someone cared.  I wanted her to know that her friendship all those years ago meant so much to me.

Then I forgot about the order.  I didn’t even get a shipping notice so I didn’t know when it would be delivered.  Then I get a “tag” notice on Facebook.  A announced to everyone that I had sent her this gift and what it meant to her.  It makes me smile even today as I think of the blessing that I was able  to give someone else.  As she started chemo, she shared how the bag was packed and ready to go.  She was taking it with her all the time.  A constant reminder of her “courageous“-ness.

Okay, so what is the point of this story, right?  It is not about selling a bag.  It is not about the thanks we received.  It is about bringing a smile to the face of someone who is struggling.  That is my mission….

The mission of my business is to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD women (children too).  To bring a smile to their face when they are struggling.  To share my strength, hope and experiences that they might know that they are not alone.  It can be with a coffee/tea break, happy mail, a gift of a product, some business tips or a girl’s night out.  I want those who are struggling (and maybe don’t even realize it) to SPARKLE!

Do you know someone who could use some sparkle?  Let’s see if we can turn that frown into a SMILE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!