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Are You Meeting Your Goals?

I love when other bloggers inspire me….

The first Monday morning of a new month, how I love setting up goals for success.  I am learning how to set goals in all areas of my life in an effort to stay focused.  It isn’t always easy on those “bad days” but there are things I want to accomplish, what about you?

Sometimes we focus on professional/ business goals, sometimes the focus is on personal goals and often it’s both. Regardless of the focus, many times we don’t meet our goals, even when they’re really important to us.  Admit it, I am  not alone, right?


When I am talking about goals, I don’t mean the proverbial to-do lists, I mean actual goals.    When we are trying to lose weight, the goal is a number on the scale.  In our careers, maybe it is a certain pay or job title.  In our business maybe it is the chance to have our own business which actually pays the bills.  Maybe your goal is freedom from debt.  Whatever it is,  why is it so hard to meet those goals?  You have the desire and motivation, right?  So why don’t we reach them sometimes?

Multi-tasking!  Yup, the main reason most people don’t reach their goals is because they are trying to do too many things at once. As we get ready to set ‘new year resolutions” or as I like to call them “new year goals”, how often do we list out more than two?  Think about how you started this past year, how long was your list of goals?

Maybe you wanted to lose weight, eat better, get a new job, find your passion, be a good mother, create a vibrant social life, start a business and so on. Sound familiar? All are terrific desires, but too much for one person to handle at any given time.

When we try to make lots of changes in our life, it is overwhelming and we become unproductive. Despite years of thinking “multi-tasking” was a good thing, recent studies are showing it is actually less efficient than focusing on one project at a time. WOW!  I was the QUEEN of multi-tasking.  With the onset of MS, I am finding this doesn’t work for me.  The truth is our brains just aren’t wired to do lots of things simultaneously.

Although it’s wonderful to have multiple goals in life (I know I do), the key to success is to step back, examine what you really want right now, and pick ONE goal to focus on. YIKES!  I know it’s hard to do, but if you spend the majority of your time focusing on just one goal, you’ll accomplish it in record time. Determine the steps you need to finish the project, follow those steps daily before you tackle anything else on your daily to-do list.  Remember no more than 3 things on your to-do list a day!

I will admit, my vision board for 2017 was filled with many things.  The reality is, when I focused on just two aspects – things began to happen.

First, I earned the Leadership Incentive Trip.  Then I moved on to being consistent in my business.  The results have been AWESOME!  While reaching for my goals in business, I built strong relationships and strengthened my walk with God.

I am already thinking about my vision board for 2018.  I really do like the simple drawings and words.  Handmade helps me to feel connected with it instead of just cutting out pictures from a magazine.

What’s amazing is with laser focus, you’ll reach the goal sooner and be able to move on to the next goal on your list. Handling your goals one at a time like this will actually enable you to achieve more each year than if you try to complete everything at once.

Set up a time frame (90 days is recommended) to devote yourself to the goal you’ve chosen to focus on first. After 90 days, if you’ve been taking consistent and concentrated actions you’ll have hit the goal – or at least come a lot closer to it than if it was just another item on your list of things to do.  Will some of the other goals overlap?  YES!  Will you make progress in other areas while focusing on one? YES!

Won’t it feel AMAZING this time next year to know you have accomplished the most important goals you’ve set for yourself? Try it for six months and see what happens!

Want to be accountable?  Share your goal with us and then come back in 90-days to share the results.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Unclutter Your Life

Powerful Year End Questions

goal settingChristmas is over and the New Year is knocking on the door.  I feel like the more years go by or the older I get, the faster they seem to fly.

As you look back on the past year, are you thinking “I could have done more.”?  As a result are you trying to squeeze in as much as possible and even considering rolling old goals into the New Year because you just didn’t reach them?

What if you were to take another approach, instead of racing through the end of the year, you stopped for a moment to reflect on “what’s been?”.  I know, many of us are not wired like this.  We figure the faster we move forward, the quicker we can push the reset button.images

First, let’s STOP to reflect on a year of life, wisdom and resilience. Whether you believe it or not, if you have made it to the end of December, these things are sprinkled into a chapter of your life book called 2016.

I love these three questions from Valerie Burton which helps us to honor the experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – of the last year.


1. What was your most gratifying accomplishment this year?

No eye rolling allowed.  You need to give yourself credit for the way you handled a really tough situation. Maybe you opened your heart to love even though it’s been broken in the past. Did you learn to swim or play a sport?  Did you spend more time with your family? Maybe you worked really hard on what matters most to you. Acknowledge it. Say it out loud. How does it feel?  Pretty good, right?


2. What is the message in your biggest challenge?

The message may take awhile to think of BUT I bet you could quickly name a mess from this past year.  What was your biggest mess? Whatever “mess” you had to deal with this year, there was a message in it. A lesson learned.  Maybe a way to handle the inevitable challenges when they pop up in the new year.  The biggest challenges in our lives are often the open door to biggest transforming opportunities.  This year’s biggest challenge for me was dealing with the symptoms and ultimate diagnosis of MS.  I have learned A LOT which has empowered me to move forward in my business reaching for my dreams no matter how scared I am. Yes, a health challenge has helped me in my business.  You never know where the message may take you.  Remember there is always a message in the mess even if we don’t see it at the moment.


3. Who added joy to your life this year?

Ultimately, our life is rich and fulfilling because of the people in our lives. Even if all isn’t going as you’d hoped, never take for granted the souls who make you smile and the people who come through for you. Research shows happiness is contagious. Having just one happy person in your inner circle can boost your happiness – even more than a $10,000 raise, according to one Harvard study. The goal of a bigger bank account this year could actually come from the joy of your relationships.  Remember the old saying “money can’t buy happiness”?  It is so true.  And when you are joyful and happy, the positive energy will draw more positive energy… who knows how big the bank account could grow?

Take a moment to reflect on the past year and answer the three questions.  Share with us what you discover.  Let’s CELEBRATE 2016 as we get ready for 2017!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Tap Into Your Power

monday morning

WOOHOO, it is Monday!  Hopefully you took advantage of the extra hour of sleep when you set the clocks back.  I always struggle with time change whether it is forward or back.  My body just wants things to be consistent, that is my comfort zone.

Today, we are going to take about POWER!  I have been working with the AMAZING Eryka Peskin for a few months now and wanted to share some tips from her on “tapping into your power”.  We have the power to make choices every day.  We can choose how we act, react, don’t act, think, respond, and so on.  We have choices.


Everyone has the power to make changes in their life and the world around them. Here are some ways to tap into your personal power to make the changes that you desire:

1. Set a goal and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

One of the most effective ways to build your sense of power is to set a goal…and then achieve it!  You may already have a goal such as losing weight or exercising 3 times a week or find a new job or to make more money in your business.  They are BIG goals.  Set a small and doable goal.  Something tiny so that you can accomplish it and feel the POWER that it brings to you.


2. Acknowledge yourself for achieving your goal.

This is one place where size doesn’t matter.  Make a list of ALL of the awesome stuff you’ve done in the last week (month, year or your life).  Actually write it down and post it somewhere so that you can reflect on it when struggles come. Now, CELEBRATE yourself and your accomplishments.  Focus on your greatness rather than draining your energy by thinking about all you lack or could have done better.  Feel the power?


3. Know the things that DISempower you, so you can choose how you react to them.

I have to admit that this simple step has brought the most POWER into my life.  I know the inner gremlins of limiting beliefs, the fears and my inner critic.  Each one has a name since we are on such a personal relationship.  What is your “thing” or “things” that take away your power?  I love that when those things get triggered, I get to decide how I am going to response because that’s where your power of choice is: the power of choice.

As for me, I make the decision daily to not let my fears or limiting beliefs determine why actions for the day. Let me tell you when the day is done, I feel AMAZING!

4. Speak up for what you yourself and to the world.

Speaking your truth is such a beautiful and powerful act.  This can be tough especially if you haven’t squashed those inner gremlins that like to take control.  When you speak up and get your A$K on, is an incredible act of power.  Okay, so they may say “NO” but that is okay.  At least you took control and believe me, it is a powerful feeling when you speak the truth about what you truly want for your life.

I can’t wait to hear how you tap into your power this week.  Hope you have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel


2014-09-14 21.30.23

WOOHOO Wednesday!  I LOVE when I wake up in the morning with an AHA moment.  I haven’t even finished my second cup of coffee and already my mind is in overdrive.  This week is about reflection in my Thirty One business and setting goals for the NEW YEAR!

First, let me recap 2013 – 2014:

  • Personal Volume: $26,028
  • Recruits: 4
  • Parties Held: 48
  • Average Party: $542
  • Team Sales: $104,112
  • Total Downline: 22

Now, here is 2014 – 2015:

  • Personal Volume: $21,834
  • Recruits: 4
  • Parties Held: 37
  • Average Party: $590
  • Team Sales: $191,795
  • Total Downline: 40

You are probably wondering, why WOOHOO?  Because I learned from this comparison.  First, the obvious – the money is in the parties.  Not as many parties, not as much personal volume.  Okay, this is a no-brainer right, especially in the party plan business.  You have to work your business like a business for it to be successful.  You need to put yourself out there, try new things and keep showing up.

This past year was full of personal growth and challenges for me.  I CELEBRATE that I was able to maintain my business while dealing with my depression.  I CELEBRATE that I was able to ENCOURAGE my team to reach for their goals despite my difficulties.  I CELEBRATE that my I have a 90% retention rate with my recruits which means not a lot of kit nappers.  I CELEBRATE that I increased my party average which means more FREE products for my hostesses.

Along wit a NEW year full of excitement comes NEW goals.  Those goals won’t just be written on paper but there will be ACTION steps to go along with them.

small steps

I am going to share my journey on how I work my business with you.  I hope that no matter where you are in your business or with what direct sales company you are with, we will be able to CELEBRATE together when goals are achieved.

Today is going to be AWESOME… not only am I meeting with TWO potential recruits BUT I am also working with Eryka Peskin.  Eryka is an Abundance Coach and a Fierce Cheerleader.   She is committed to freeing you from the limiting beliefs and scarcity mentality that keeps you locked into unfulfilling, uninspiring and soul-sucking situations.  WOW!  Doesn’t that sound exciting?  Check her out on Facebook.  Like her on Facebook so you can hear about some of her programs – the last one was a Celebration Challenge for 14 days.  It was FREE and it helped me reframe and CELEBRATE all areas of my life.  What a great way to kick off the NEW YEAR!

Do you have your business or personal goals written down?  Maybe you can’t think past this week, that is okay.  Write them down.  Ready to leap to the BIG goals, don’t just write them down put steps with them.  I will share some of my steps this week along with my goals to not only help you but to keep me accountable.


Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

What Kind of Goals Do You Set

I had an AHA moment recently.  Of course, it came after reading a blog from Amy Porterfield.  I just have’t figured out if it was an AHA moment or if it just gives me an “excuse” not to set goals.

How many times have you set a goal and not achieved it?  How many times have you set a BIG goal and fell short?  Is goal setting a positive or a negative experience for you?  Let’s be honest here…in direct sales, we set goals all of the time.  Whether it is to reach our monthly requirements, or for that AMAZING trip or to promote to another level.  I have done it – sometimes I am successful and other times I fall short.

Think about it – you get off a motivating call or return from National Conference, pumped and excited.  You are ready to conquer the world for a few days or maybe even weeks.  Then you become stressed or worry whether or not you will hit that goal.  Now the new attainable goal looks overwhelming creating stress and fear.  Okay, so I can’t be the only one who feels like this, right?

Maybe my goal was based on what I thought was “expected” given my title as Director.  Maybe the goal was based on where I “thought” I should be instead of where I am.  In other words, I set my goal with my head and not my heart.  The goals were based on the tasks I wanted to accomplish and not the WHY.  Yes, that dreaded WHY that I struggle with.

Goals without the why are empty promises. Dare I say it…even meaningless.

Thank you Amy Porterfield!  I don’t want my energy level to drain and I don’t want to feel overwhelmed.  Most of all, I don’t want to feel like I have failed which leads me on a path of Negative Nellie thinking which is never good.

Amy suggests starting with the question, “WHY do I really want what I want?”.  I am going to give it a shot before I set my goals for 2015 –  I am doing a little gut-check first.  Here are some questions to ask yourself – see how many you answer YES to:

  1. You’ve worked REALLY hard this year, but still feel like you are not where you want to be . . .
  2. Or you’re SO CLOSE to achieving what you want, but feel you’ve still got an uphill battle to climb .
  3. Or at times if feels like the work you’re doing for your business is draining you of your energy and creativity . . .
  4. Or you tell yourself, “If I keep hustling and pushing forward, I WILL get what I deserve… I just need to work harder.”

I have been there, done that and got the tee shirt. I can answer YES to all of these questions.   The truth is this happens when we set goals with the why.  It all goes back to our WHY… UGH!!!

This year when setting my goals, I am going to start with my WHY, getting to the root of what I really want and focusing on what matters most.  Reaching my emotional WHY has always been tough but I am hoping with the help of my NEW life coach, things will be better and easier.

Have you been setting “head” goals or “heart” goals?  Which will it be in 2015?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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