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The Golden Hours


You have heard about the “golden years”, right?  Maybe you remember the television show by the same name.  Okay, am I showing my age???

Have you ever thought about your GOLDEN HOURS?  According to a recent blog, the golden hours are “your two most productive hours in your day.” According to Angie “they are usually right after you wake up.”   Think about the two hours after you wake up – what are you doing?  What are your first activities?

When I was commuting, I was up, dressed and out the door in about an hour then I spent the next 2 hours in the car driving to work.  Yes, I was one of those crazy commuters.  Not very productive except that by the time I arrived at work, I was on a mission with a list of things to get done.  Now, that I work at home, making my own hours – my first 2 hours are spent doing devotionals, checking emails and writing my blog.  Hmmm??

According to Daniel Ariely, Duke Professor of psychology and behavioral economics and author of the book Predictably Irrational, I am probably squandering away some valuable brain time.  Okay, so writing my blog may not fall into that category and I wouldn’t consider my devotionals in there either but maybe there is a better plan.

The Golden Hours have been called “Beautiful Brain Time”. It’s the best two hours for your most creative, and impactful work.  I have said it many times, my productive hours are usually between 7 – 9AM unfortunately my customers, hostesses and team are usually either sleeping or getting ready for work/school, etc. So, I adjust which is why I do my devotionals and blog in the early morning hours.  By the time the traditional work day starts, between 9 – 10AM, I am ready to go with a second burst of energy. Or maybe it is the coffee talking.

Are  you squandering your Beautiful Brain Time watching the morning news, getting lost in the black hole of Pinterest or Facebook?  How could you change that just a little to create something magnificent, leaning into your edge, or making a lasting impact with your talents on the world?

Figure out your Golden Hours and treat them like…gold.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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