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How To Be a Remarkable Recruiter

For those in direct sales, we know the best way to build our income AND to make a difference in someone’s life is to share the opportunity.  We call those individuals new to our teams “recruits” so we are in essence “recruiters”.

A term I am not thrilled with.  Why?  The term recruiter by definition is “a person whose job is to enlist or enroll people as employees, in the armed forces, or as members of an organization.

For years, I would say “I’m not good at recruiting”.  I would play the comparison game with those who grew their teams by leaps and bounds.  By no means would I call myself a remarkable recruiter, at best an average recruiter and most of the time not recruiting at all.  I tend to miss cues of those who may be interested, or not sharing with everyone while asking if they would be interested in the opportunity.  I could blame the MS but the truth is I worried about those I invited to be a part of this pink bubble.  I worried if they would be successful. I worried if they would think I mislead them.  

Then one day, I stopped worrying.  I just shared the difference Thirty One make in my life and things started to happen.  Did all of those who joined, stick and stay?  NO!  But the odds are getting better.  

Here are FIVE habits which make a REMARKABLE recruiter – rate yourself on  a score of 1 – 10 with 10 being ALWAYS to see how you do.  Don’t score yourself on where you WANT to be or be too hard on yourself.  Be honest, this will help you to achieve your business recruiting goals.

  1. Remarkable recruiters work consistently smarter and not harder.  They consistently have parties booked on a monthly basis.  They are sharing their products with EVERYONE they run into whether they know they or not.  
  2. Remarkable recruiters ALWAYS smile.  No matter how bad the party or the day, they always have a smile on their face and a positive thought to share.  Did you know smiling is a reflection of what’s inside of you?  Share the joy you feel about your business with everyone simply by smiling.  I remember a comment a friend made “your face lights up when you talk about Thirty One“.  I am learning to wear the joy all of the time so people are curious why and I can share the blessing given to me.
  3. Remarkable recruiters are active not passive.  They take the lead when someone shows interest in the business.  They get on the PHONE (I know the dreaded 500-pound one) and don’t rely on flyers and emails to recruit new consultants.  
  4. Remarkable recruiters think about what is in it for someone else!  Yes, more recruits mean more money for us.  The key is to focus on how your business will help someone else – make more money to reduce debt, have a vacation, pay for their kid’s activities  etc.  CONNECT with people.  Our business is all about relationship building – go out and BUILD one today.
  5. Remarkable recruiters stay in control of the recruiting process. If a potential recruit says they want to think about it – do you wait for them to call you?  The fortune is in the follow-up.  How about asking them what the TWO things are that keep them from jumping in?  LISTEN to their answer and see if you can overcome those doubts.

Okay, so how did you do?  What were your weaknesses – where you scored yourself below a 5. Now focus on developing those skills.  Habits can be learned so if you are trying to GROW your business – find some training calls and then practice these habits.  Honestly, I have some weaknesses but I am working hard to overcome them by listening to training calls, talking with those who are successful in this area and seeking out ways to overcome my fears.  
Love to hear from REMARKABLE recruiters with their tips for success.  
Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!
Hope Wissel

Blogging – Share What You are Learning

Since I was challenged almost 2 months ago – thank you Vanessa Coppes, I have been asked by lots of people why I do it, how I do it and most of all my favorite question “will people read it?”.  

Why I started is because it was a challenge that had an accountability factor to it.  I have read many blogs  and enjoyed them but always thought it was something for “other” people to do.  I was curious about blogging and had always wanted to start one.  So, when Vanessa Coppes  challenged me to write for 30 days – I was ready to take the challenge.  Now, my why is to get all of the “stuff” that is in my head out.  I used to tell new employees who wanted me to share everything that I knew – just keep asking questions because I don’t know what is in my head.  Sometimes I amaze myself.

How I do it is just by writing like I would talk to someone.  Sometimes I write about personal struggles or business tips that I read or just sharing some amazing personal development items.  I make notes on my planner on topics (words or phrases) that will motivate me to write when I get stuck.  I just read an article by Belinda Ellsworth  that talked about sharing what you are learning so that you can remember it better.  What a great way to start blogging?  As you learn something – share it.  Of course some of my learning lessons seem like they should be no-brainers but I am a slow learner.  I always say that is because I am OLD, you know creeping towards that Senior Citizen classification. 

Will people read it?  I am still amazed (and humbled) that people actual read my blog.  The numbers may not be great but it is the emails and the comments that are shared on a personal basis that touch my heart.  No, you may not become a professional blogger.  No, you may not have thousands of readers.  What you may have are friends, family, employees, team members or followers who not only read what you write but will share it.  I share my blog on Facebook for all to see.  Most people don’t comment on the blog publicly but they do write me or tell me when they see me about something I wrote and how it helped them.  It is the person in Weight Watchers who is inspired to keep going.  It is the team member who finds encouragement or an idea to help their business.  That is who I am writing my blog for.  

The direct selling business is all about building relationships and I am building relationships every day through my blog.  Some people I already know while others are learning who I am.  When all is said and done, if I have helped one person to smile or get through a day – my job is done.  What do you have to share?  Remember it takes 21-days for something to become a habit – so try it everyday for 30 days.  Then, if you want, do it weekly.  Try it.  Don’t let fear stop you from building relationships or sharing your knowledge.  Believe me you probably have more to share then you think – I know I am finding out that I do.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Pictures Help You Grow Your Business

Picture taking has become so easy over the last few years with smartphones.  You can take a picture anywhere you go as long as you have your cell phone.  I mean, how many of you leave the house without your cell phone?  I know, I don’t and if I do, I head back to the house to get it.  Once you take pictures, it is so easy to post for Facebook and Instagram. 

There was an article in January of 2013 on the Direct Selling Education Foundation website  called “4 Ways Photos Can Help You Grow Your Business“.  Here are their suggestions:

1.  Take pictures of yourself and other people using your product.  I have been using this suggestion the most especially when I am at vendor shows.  It allows me to share not only my display but encourage potential customers to visit other vendor friends at the event.  Photo contests are a great way to get customers to share their pictures.  I have done this as well on my closed Facebook group for my VIP customers. 

2.  Take pictures of your parties (with permission).  This is one that I haven’t tried but would love to.  My problem is that I am usually so involved partying with guests and the hostess that I forget about taking pictures.

3.  Take pictures of things you get to enjoy as a result of your business.  This could be of a vacation you have earned, a program or sport that your children get to participate in because of your business or product that you have earned from your company.

4.  Share pictures of things unrelated to your business.  This lets people know that you are not all about business.  

I was using this marketing strategy before I even knew it was a strategy.  It was just a way for me to reach out to family, friends, and potential customers to let them know about me, my products and where I am doing vendor events.  Just another way to network and build relationships with customers.  As soon as I learn how to post pictures on my blog, I will begin sharing photos here as well.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!