Unclutter Your Life

Organizing Your Home 


The first week of the New Year and you are already wondering HOW you are going to accomplish this resolution, right?  It seems overwhelming – new toys for the kids, new clothes, buying seasonal decorations when they are on sale… you get the picture, right?

Now is a great time to create or fine-tune your household systems.  Getting organized doesn’t mean that your house will look perfect all of the time.  Getting organized doesn’t automatically mean the kids will put their toys away.  What it does me is that there will be simple systems in place that will keep you from wanting to declare


Here are three of my favorites:

  1. Create a family command center.  You’ll need a monthly family calendar with everyone’s activities on it including Mom and Dad’s.  Color code each family member and write in all activities, parties, birthdays, travel, homework assignments due, etc. This can be a big paper calendar or a white board calendar that’s wiped clean and started over every month. It can hang on the wall or on the side of the refrigerator.  Hubby and I do this now even though it is just us.  It makes life so much easier.  You can keep pens, paper, scissors, tape, etc. in the drawer and it gives the family a place to put their activity schedules and party invitations so you can get them on the calendar right away. You can also use the space to make your grocery list. This becomes the hub for your family and you’ll be on top of their activities.

  oh snap pockets collage

2.  Let the kids help!   Okay, so maybe it won’t be done exactly the way you want.  Maybe you will need to practice patience since I am sure they won’t move as fast as you want them too.  Let the younger kids pick up all the recyclables i.e. papers, magazines, plastic bottles and put them in the recycle bin.  As they grow, they can help load and unload the dishwasher. You can stop laughing now!  It is possible for this to happen  🙂  How about a place for back packs, jackets, shoes and school work.  This will save you HOURS of hunting every morning.   You’ll need is a small place to hang some hooks and some shelves. Even a small peg board with shelves under it helps control the clutter.


3.  Have a dedicated space to work.  I know that not everyone has an extra room to turn into an office.  I began my first craft business with a small table in the corner of the living room.  It definitely was not perfect, yet it worked. Maybe you  have a big closet you can turn into a work space.  It doesn’t matter where it is; it just needs to be dedicated space for you and your business.

everyday solutions

Organizing isn’t about making MAJOR changes, it is about taking small steps to make life a little easier for you and those around you.  What are some of your best organizational tips?  Share them with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

Mobile Office to the Rescue

What do you think of when we talk about “mobile offices”? Social media, cell phones and email? Or are you a paper person?  Is your truck  full of catalogs, order forms, samples and anything else that you might need if a customer should approach you?   Maybe you just carry a large purse so that you have stuff at your finger tips?  I am guilty of this one!

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, you want to be ready, right?  Ready to capture a new customer or hostess or maybe even a new team member.

An article on Direct Sales Education Foundation shared some tips on how to be mobile friendly in a cost effective way. Most of us in direct sales have been bombarded with this kind of training while some of us are a little slower to catch on (count me in this group).

For those of us who are old school, we have a mobile office in our car.  I have been using Thirty One’s  HangUp Activity Organizer.  No need to take up space in the trunk.  It hangs behind the passenger seat for easy access.

mobile office


For those that carry samples, Thirty One’s Zip Top Organizing Tote is a perfect solution with 7 outside pockets for carrying all those extras.

ZOT & fold n file

The Fold n File fits right inside the tote and is great for hanging files. You never want to be unprepared, right?  This is also a great set-up for teachers, social workers or anyone whose business is on the go.

Maggie from BeautiControl is a great testimony to how her mobile office saved her.  She arrived at a party only to realize that she forgot ALL of her paperwork.  How could she do a home spa without catalogs, orders forms, etc? Too far from home to go back or to have anyone bring them to her, she remembered that she had a complete mobile office in her trunk.  What a great feeling to get a text that tells me that I “saved” her party.

There are many other uses for these products so what if you don’t need a mobile office.? How about: diaper bag, overnight bag, gym bag, quick trip to the grocery store, travel bag, car organizer, snack bag, dvd holder…..what would YOU use these bags for? We would love to hear from you…

Be sure to also gather information from people you talk to.  The purpose of gathering information is with the intention of connecting with them SOON. When you meet someone and give them YOUR company information, get their name and their email address.  Most people will share their email.  Then be sure to FOLLOW-UP.  The fortune is in the follow-up, right?

Don’t be caught out and about without YOUR tools to conduct business this holiday season (or anytime of the year)!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Be Prepared


When I hear this question, I have a flashback to my days as a Girl Scout Brownie.  I could say that my “S” personality developed back then when my focus was on helping others.  I didn’t make it far in Girl Scouts but I always remember the saying “be prepared”.

What about you are you prepared in your business?

The truth is that “Be Prepared” should be your motto.  Imagine getting a last minute phone from someone who wants you to be at their house in an hour for a impromptu party.  I know that is what we all dream of, right?  Would you be ready to head out the door? What if a fellow team member had an emergency,could you step in to do their party?  Do these thoughts make you sweat?  Do you cringe thinking of the 1000 things you need to do to prep for a party?

Could you head out the door?  Would your bags be packed and ready to go?  Could you walk out the door after a quick change of clothes (or not) and do a home party?

If the answer to these questions are a resounding NO, then you need to get it together.  Your party display should always be packed.  Your customer folders should be prepped with the current flyers.  Your hostess packets should be ready with all of the materials for your future hostess.  I know, you are wondering how is this possible if you just had a party and your life is crazy busy, right?  Honestly, my display bag is always ready.  It may not be packed just so after a party but I could pick it up and go quickly.  I always have extra hostess and guest packets ready just in case I use them all at a party.

Now imagine this: You are out shopping with your kids, heading to the car using all of your Thirty One products.  Someone stops you and asks about your bags.  Will you have mini catalogs in your purse?  Will you have a hostess packet in your car?  Would you have product in your car if they wanted to see something?  Will you remember to get their information to contact them?

First of all, if you aren’t using your products on a daily basis you are missing out on an AWESOME marketing opportunity.  If I am carrying a purse, you will find a zipper pouch full of mini catalogs, 2 full size catalogs, recruiting information,  a kids out and about bag, “enter my drawing” slips to get their information and the current sale flyer.  When I switch purses, that zipper pouch is always with me.  If I am just using a wristlet, I will at least have business cards and a mini catalog.  My car is now stocked with catalogs, order forms, sale flyers, pens, etc.  Was it always? No but I didn’t want to NOT be prepared.  I use the Hang Up Activity Center to hold everything and it is easy to access.

So, will you “BE PREPARED” the next time an opportunity comes to share your business?  That opportunity to could be a customer, a hostess or even your next Rockstar team member.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Thirty One’s Hottest Customer Special

WOOHOO!  Thirty One’s May Customer special is AMAZING.  It is one of our biggest sellers.  I mean, you can never have enough large utility totes, right?

So in May, you spend $35 and you can get the Large Utility tote for $10 or the Stand Tall Insert for $15.  I know you are wondering what the Stand Tall Insert is, right?  It helps keep your tote standing tall while giving you pockets to hold lots of stuff and it fits perfectly inside your large utility tote.

11084141_10204358907995959_6395357409473831088_o       11066608_10205307540425268_2889904988560012452_n

So what do you use your totes for? Grocery shopping? Collecting “stuff” in the trunk of the car? A beach bag? Sports equipment?  Overnight visits to friends and family’s house? Share some of your favorite uses with us.  Pictures would be GREAT!

11008543_10205307541425293_6892537078846642291_n 11015197_10205307542425318_2927263897782736778_n


In addition to one of the hottest selling monthly customer specials, this NEW Hostess Special will help you to organize your car.  For just a $200 party, you can get an “organize on the go” set valued at $131 for just $31.  This AWESOME set includes the hang-up activity organizer, the pack n pull caddy, the made in the shade pocket and the flip top organizing bin.  Better still, if your party is over $600, this set is FREE!


When you host a party, not only do you get FREE product, half price items and this NEW hostess special BUT you also get your choice of  FOUR Hostess Exclusives.  How about this Limited Edition Style Setter for just $40:


So, who is ready to party in May?  I have a few dates left for home parties, catalog/ online party dates are always available AND if you prefer to party in you pajamas, there is always a Facebook party.  No matter how you do it, you are a WINNER with this month’s specials.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!