Hope Wissel


Happy Monday Everyone!  I am going to make a change today in my blog from business as usual to celebrating my hubby’s birthday.   I am sure if Rob knew that I was sharing with everyone he would cringe – he definitely does not like things on the internet.  Today is his 58th birthday and I am blessed to be celebrating it with him.

Almost 9 weeks ago, I was wondering if we would get the chance to  CELEBRATE.  He was suffering from congestive heart failure and I was worried that our life together was going to be cut short.  This is the first time that I admitted that I was scared!  See, the social worker in me kicks in during a crisis and I get through it – and then sometime in the future, I fall apart.  It may be days, weeks, months and in some cases a year or more but it will happen.  I have had my moments but I think they are passed and I am ready to CELEBRATE life with Rob.

When I think about how long we have known each other – over 40 years, I think about how long we have been together – about 11 years, then I am blessed that we have been married a little over 2 years.  It has been a roller coaster of a relationship up till now with many twists and turns.  On the outside, he may seem indifferent (since he doesn’t show emotion often), a workaholic, some may say boring and a definite planner (this is inside and out).  On the inside, he is a soft, gentle and a VERY emotional person with lots of tidbits of information flowing through his mind.  When we reconnected 11 years ago, he took on the role of father to Belinda.  Not always something that she wanted but I was grateful that he wanted to do this.  When financial struggles came along before I moved to Brick, he was there to help.  No, I didn’t ask – he just offered or took care of it.  He wanted to provide for my daughter and I, something that I thought would never happen for me.  I mean I was an INDEPENDENT woman.

Rob is my rock – he keeps me grounded in reality when I sprout wings and want to fly into dream land.  Yes, that is a good thing because he is planning and thinking ahead.  He is my opposite and they say that opposites attract, right?  So, as I wanted to PLAN for a day trip to Atlantic City to his favorite restaurant (Harrah’s Buffet), he paused and made me think about the expense as I was getting ready to go to National Conference.  Was I frustrated?  YES!  Was I disappointed? YES!  The truth is – it doesn’t matter where we celebrate or how we celebrate just the fact that we are together is what counts.  So, it might be a walk around the lake and dinner locally but we will be together – enjoying each other’s company, sharing our dreams and wishes for the next year.

Birthdays don’t have to be flashy, especially as we get older.  They don’t have to involve lots of presents (we buy what we need).  We need to reflect and celebrate with family and friends the gift of another year.  Time is precious and we never know what God’s plan is for us or those we love.  I love him more today than I did when we got married and am grateful that God helped him to find me again.

 Happy Birthday to my hubby, my soul mate – Rob Wissel.

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