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Heaven Is Real

I am loving two days off with hubby – this week it is three because he took an extra day.  We had a “date afternoon”.  Another AWESOME lunch at Taylor Sam’s (one of our favorite spots) and a movie.  The movie “Heaven is Real”.  WE loved the preview trailer so we had to make sure that we saw this one before it left the theaters.

Words can not express the many feelings that went through me during this AMAZING movie.  Tears flowed through the entire movie – tears of joy, tears for those who have gone to heaven and tears for the struggles in our life now.

I am sure that hubby would not be thrilled that I am sharing this but he experienced a near death experience.  When Rob had his first heart attack about 16 years ago, he died on the table TWICE.  He shared with me on several occasions exactly what happened when he was in heaven.  He said he came back because his guardian angel told him “it is not your time”.  I always listen but like those in the movie, it was hard to understand despite my belief in heaven.  Sitting beside him in the movie today, I realized how difficult it was as an adult to share these experiences.  I mean if it is tough to hear a child share about it, imagine how crazy people thought he was as an adult sharing these experiences.  I didn’t think he was crazy, I just couldn’t relate to it – or is it that I just didn’t BELIEVE that there was a heaven.  Okay, no hate mail, please!

We talk about heaven but when presented with the reality, is our faith or belief system shaken?  I often talk about faith as small as a mustard seed that gets me through the difficult days.  It is with this same faith that I will listen intently, curious about the details of Rob’s near death experience.  I am looking for reassurance that those I love are in heaven so that we are reunited in the future.  I believe that those I love are there celebrating pain free waiting for the day when our family is re-united.

My recommendation – see the movie!  I would love to hear your thoughts after you see it or if you have already, share your feelings.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!