Hope Wissel

Give the Gift of Hope


I can’t believe it has been almost six years since I started my journey with Thirty One with a goal to help others. Sometimes it is a fundraising project, or a donation to an event or giving to those who were in need.  It doesn’t matter whether it is for an individual, a group, a team or if we were just part of making a difference…. I always want to help.  Over the years, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of many….


This was our very first #31gives project for the kids who were in the hospital over Easter.  There are 6 beds at Ocean Medical and each child received one of these pouches. It was so humbling when we were one of the featured pictures in Thirty One’s Virtuous Women magazine.

No, I am not telling you all of this to toot my own horn. I NEVER do any of these projects without the help of my AMAZING customers, hostesses, family and friends. Individuals who believe in the cause, or just want to help. Okay, can you guess where this is leading…. YOU GOT IT!

I am blessed to know several people who are on dialysis, some who have received transplants while others still are waiting. Their daily struggles have taught me to appreciate my life so much – the good, the bad and the ugly. They go through their days with faith looking at each day as a blessing, appreciating all they have been given.

Over the last two years I have done Chemo Comfort Bags bringing smiles to those who are fighting cancer. I was asked by a friend to help those who are struggling with dialysis because her hubby is one of them. Silly me, I thought dialysis patients received their treatment in the same spot as the chemo patients so they would also be treated to the donated bags – sadly it is not the case. Here is her plea for help….

Please help! Kidney disease is horrible. It be wonderful for the patients to have a care bag to help comfort them during their dialysis appointments. These appointments can last 3 hours up to 4 & 1/2- 5 hours. That’s a long time to be sitting in a chair.

Your $30 sponsorship will pay for the actual bag and I will use 100% of my commission to fill them with a variety of things like a blanket, notepad, pen, bottle of water, lotion, warm socks, chap stick and crossword puzzle book. Donations will be distributed at the local dialysis center to bring a smile to the face of those who are fighting this dreadful disease.

chemo bags

Won’t you help me bring a smile to the face of those who are struggling during dialysis?

You can sponsor a bag in memory of someone, in honor of someone or just anonymously. Payments can be made via check or through Paypal at hopesgiftcloset@@comcast.net as a friend/family.  I can also accept credit card payments directly.

Won’t you help to make a difference today?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

The Gift of Giving

I was blessed this past weekend to be part of “Operation Spring Child” in conjunction with HK Missions.  HK Missions is all about Healing through Kindness! 

With the help of some of my Thirty One customers, friends and family from around the country, we were able to provide six filled zipper pouches to Ocean Medical Center in Brick,NJ.  The Administration were overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone.  Thank you to: Brandi Angus , Debbie Ventriello, LaQuitea VaughnJoan Heldreth , Stephanie Loder, Nicole Borato of Jersey Cookie Girl and the MOMS Club of Jackson for their wonderful get well cards. 

This is from the HK Mission Facebook Page – is named after two kids, Hunter and Kendra.  Their mom writes this: Both of my children were in the hospital several times throughout their young lives. They were each given an activity bag during their stay, and they were able to bring the bag home, as well.  This helped keep them busy and made them feel REALLY special while they were there! These activity bags were donated by local groups such as churches and other organizations.  

From a Parents Perspective: It really touched my heart to know that someone I never met, who didn’t know me or my child, could care enough to take the time, the financial burden and the love to put together a care package to make my child happy during such a difficult time. It brought tears to my eyes then and even now. I vowed one day, when my kids where healthy enough, to give back to children who are now in the position they once were. That day is now.

As a mom, I was blessed that despite my unhealthy lifestyle when I was pregnant with my daughter, Belinda Heldreth, she was born a healthy baby. Kids, especially sick or disadvantaged have always had my heart – from my days at the South Jersey AIDS Alliance working with HIV+ families to Bethel Development Corporation where we ministered to underserved families – my focus has been on helping kids.

In addition to the toys and activities for the kids, I included an inspirational book for the moms who spend many hours waiting by their children’s side.  There is also a card with a prayer for the parents and a note asking them to pass it on when they are able to another child.  

Random acts of kindness can change the world, one small step at a time.  I challenge each of you to do one random act of kindness – bring a smile to not only someone else but see how your life is blessed by that simple act of kindness.