Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: Gratitude


Gratitude is defined as “the quality of being thankful”…..or I think this one better “an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has”.

I will admit this has been a struggle for me.  There have been moments when I have appreciated what I have, not comparing myself to others or wishing for something better or different.  For many years, I never lived in the moment – I was always planning the future or regretting something in the past.  Over the last 18 months, life has become very different.  Recovery is teaching me (again) how to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have.  Do I slip into those moments of comparing myself to others?  ABSOLUTELY!!!

Every night as I relax and reflect on the day, I have been thanking God for the blessings he has given me.  Even on my worst days, there is a blessing to be had or a lesson to be learned.  Taking a gratitude walk through my day has helped me to appreciate where I am instead of regretting the past or wishing for the future.  It helps me to not miss out on the special moments of the day.  Have you ever taken a gratitude walk?

November is the kickoff to a season full of gratitude.  Some feel they have nothing to be thankful for.  Others are too busy trying to fit into a role others have set for them to appreciate what they have.  Some are dreading the holidays as this will be their first holiday with out their special someone. Some are just thankful they have lived to see another day. What ever your frame of mind is, I am hoping this video clip from Kid President will make you smile – I know it always brings a smile to my face.

How many of these have you forgotten to say sometimes? As we approach the holiday season and begin to consider our blessings, maybe it is also time to add some of these “words” back into our everyday conversations. It is amazing what a simple “thank you” can do to change a person’s perspective on a day. What was your favorite one?

Have a blessed day!

Hope Wissel

Tote-Ally Awesome Fall


I know there is a mixed batch of feelings this morning.  Some are jumping up and down celebrating the fact TODAY is the day kids go back to school.  Some mommas are crying to see their babies go off to school for the first time.  I used to always struggle with the first day “back to school” when Belinda was younger.  I was grateful for the routine her being in school brought but I missed the togetherness we had during the summer.

So, this is the perfect time for some “ME” time. I know, you are thinking… “I have NO time”. Money is tight –  school supplies and clothes cost a fortune!

What if I told you, you could earn some money to pay those school shopping credit card bills AND save some money to pay CASH for those holiday gifts?  What if you could earn money while chauffeuring the kids to activities (NO, I don’t mean an Uber driver) or sitting at the field while they practice?  What would you do with an extra $300? Or are you looking for some time away from the kids?  Maybe you just want to shop at a 40% discount and earn FREE products?  Yup, I have an answer to all of those questions….

First, there is the two options on the enrollment kit.  You can use it to kick off your business or you can do your holiday shopping in one easy step.  If you decide to kick off your business (of course I will help you); you can not only earn 25% commission BUT you can also earn FREE products or Disney Bucks or Visa Gift Cards.  I know, crazy, right???

If earning some money, gift cards or free product doesn’t sound good……….. you could be a  hostess and get some FREE and discounted products.  I know, still no time, right?

What if I said YOU could get some ME time AND some FREE products at the same time?  Say what???  How about you and 3 friends join me for coffee (my treat)? Or lunch at your favorite restaurant?  Working and can’t get away?  What if I parked my car in the parking lot and everyone came to check out my “trunk” to see all of the goodies on their lunch break?  Are you a social media junkie?  What if you just carried a catalog with you and sent all of your friends to an online Facebook party?

With Thirty One’s September Customer Special you (or your friends) can pick YOUR favorite product to get a discount on!  I have all THREE of these products and absolutely LOVE them.  No, I don’t have to say it because I am a consultant, I say it because I use all 3 of them!  The Colorblock Tote in Olive has become my everyday bag.  The Around Town Tote, I use when going to meetings along with my Super Swap it Pocket.  The All About the Benjamin Wallet is one of our top sellers over and over again.  Here is what you can earn in the month of September just by sharing your favorite products with friends and family: 

So whether you live near me or you just follow my blog or are Facebook friends, we can party together so YOU can get some FREE products.  Trust me, I have heard it all…. no one buys when I have a party, no one comes when I have a party…..Why?  Because they figure it is the same “sales pitch” all of the time.  What if you had a theme or I could show you some simple solutions to make your crazy life a little easier?  Think about it…. what could it hurt especially with a Facebook party.  You invite your friends and I do all of the work.    What do you say…

Okay, I know some of you just like to shop!  You have already gotten your fall catalog, circled what you want and are ready to place your order.   So, click the link and head to my website and place your order.  WHAT?  You don’t have a catalog to circle your favorite items in? Click the catalog on the right hand side to request your copy!  I’m going to squirrel for a moment… Do you remember getting the Sears (or Toys R Us) Christmas catalog and going through circling everything you wanted Santa to bring?  I know I am dating myself BUT you can do the same thing with your catalog.  Then give it your hubby, your significant other, your kids or whoever buys you gifts.  I will help to make sure YOU get the gift you want for your birthday, anniversary or the holidays.

So, whether you are interested in starting a business, getting free products or just do a little shopping…..I want to be your “bag lady”.  No job is too big or too small…..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Unclutter Your Life

Are You Content?


It is the last day of November and the panic of the holiday season is about to start (if it hasn’t already).  My calendar is full with lots of business activity over the next 14 days which is exciting so this morning, I took just a moment to STOP!  A mixture of emotions have been flowing through me as the holiday approaches.  I am struggling with being content and not wanting more.  More money to pay bills.  More money to spend and give to others.  More time with my daughter.  More time to spend with family. More business.  More recruits.  More weight loss.  All of these things are attainable with prayer and thanksgiving.

I saw this and it made me think about my contentment…

Being content in our lives takes work. Contentment is not something which just happens. Far from it actually because we are a needy people. We always want something more. We always work harder to get the things everyone else has. We all have even been guilty of commenting on our lack of satisfaction of our life placement. It is once again one of those pesky human nature things.

We wonder why some people are successful or have what we want.  The grass is greener on the other side syndrome takes over in my case (more often than I would like to admit).  I forget to be content in God’s blessings. I forget to be content in the things God has given me. I forget to trust God is going to give me everything I need but maybe not when or how I want it. I simply forget.

Contentment is possible. It simply takes work. It takes commitment on our part to not complain about the things we do not have. Instead we need to focus on the things we do have. Focusing on the pure grace God has given each and every one of us. This contentment is important so that we can in fact continue to praise God the way that He deserves……

Today, as I reflect, I am content.  Content in my business.  Content in my marriage.  Content in my life.  I know God will continue to bless me if I remember everything I have is a gift from him.

Are you content in your life?  Are you struggling to find the positive when there only seems to be negative?  PAUSE and give thanks for everything – no matter how small.  You will be amazed at how this “gratitude walk” will change your outlook.  If we practice this each day, Negative Nellie will find a new home.   We will be content and happy in our lives.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Holiday Rush?

imagesA strange title for a blog post but I am feeling the holiday rush right now.  You walk into the store and you see Christmas decorations being set up, right?  Really?  The kids just got settled into the back to school routine.  Halloween is at the end of the month.  Then there is Thanksgiving. THEN it is Christmas.  At least the calendar says that is the order.  To the retailers, it is a time to see how fast they can cash in on the holidays.

I’m not here to rush the holidays.  I like to savor the Fall Season, even though I am excited the girls will be home for Thanksgiving.  I am not a fan of cold weather so the fall lets me be comfortable in my jeans and hoodie.

I don’t want to rush the holidays BUT I do want to be able to save you time and money so you can enjoy them.  October starts an exciting time at Thirty One.  The customer specials are all geared to help you with making the most of your holiday budget.

Now, I am sure you are thinking…”here comes the pitch for a party“, right?  I believe this is the calm before the storm.  A chance to enjoy some “ME” time with friends.  A chance to have a coffee break while the kids are at school.

What if said YOU could reap all of the benefits of a “home party” without the work? What if I could meet you for coffee or at restaurant for lunch or in the parking lot at work? What if you just carried a catalog with you and sent all of your friends to an online Facebook party that was fun?

Check out this month’s “stuff” and then let me know what you think….

#1 – October’s Customer Special is AWESOME!

Thirty One’s Customer Special for October is the All About the Benjamins Wallet AND the Littles Carry All AND a Mystery product.  I LOVE the Benjamins – a great wallet and it is the perfect size for a wristlet when you add one of our straps.

The Littles Carry-All Caddy is the perfect gift for just $5.  For teachers, add a box of tissues and some hand sanitizer with their favorite gift card.  Add a plant or some homemade cookies for a co-worker.  So many options and even the holiday littles are on sale.

#2 – Be a hostess and the gifts just keep on coming…..

Did you know that an average Thirty One party is over $600 in sales? So what does that mean? Check out all that YOU get

There are some extra perks with being a hostess this season….FIRST, you will get an early pass to the December Outlet Sale to shop.  If you have been to one of our sales, you know how exciting that is.  SECOND, there is a NEW Hostess Exclusive for just $25… the medium utility tote bundle which is a medium utility tote, a stand tall insert and a lid.  Oh, did I mention it comes in the Snow Daze print which was one of our biggest sellers last season?
#3 – Now, if paying CASH for all the gifts at Christmas interests you, then we need to talk.  You could earn some extra money while chauffeuring the kids to activities or sitting at the field while they practice?  What would you do with an extra $300? How about $500 extra?  Or are you more interested in having some ME time? Time with friends away from the kids?  Or do you just love FREE products? Whatever your reason (or dream), Thirty One can help you reach it!enrollment-kit-page-0

PLUS you can get up to $600 more in FREE products over the next 4 months with our StartSwell program. Which one is YOUR favorite? You could get up to 4 of them!start-swell


See how this “purse gig” can make a difference in your life or someone you know…


Which opportunity is for you? Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Enjoying The Fall


October means the kick off of the “dreaded holiday season”.  Okay, so maybe you are thinking “It’s only October” but let me tell you it goes by really FAST.  It won’t be long and you will be planning Thanksgiving Dinner and browsing the Black Friday Sales.  Then before you know it – Christmas is here.  You are left feeling worn out.  You probably meant to get together with friends but the time went by too fast.

What if I told you that you could enjoy a “girl’s night in” with very little effort.  Impossible, right?  Picture you and a few friends gathered in your living room. Laughing. Talking. No kids. No significant other. Light music plays in the background. There are some cute products on display. You feel like you are getting a private showing in a small boutique. When the night is done, you feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world.  The best part is that you were able to grab some great deals on products that will help make your life a little easier (and maybe even some holiday gifts) PLUS they were at up to an 90% discount.

hostess stack

My hostesses can expect:

  • that I will partner with them to make it a night they won’t forget.
  • I will take care of the invitations.
  • I will take care of the follow-up to ensure friends are coming.
  • No sales pitches.
  • I will provide some simple solutions to your every day organizing struggles.
  • I will celebrate you for your hard work and ability to take care of everyone else.
  • I will encourage you so you feel like a star.
  • Best of all, I will reward you with FREE and discounted products for you, your friends and your family.

Want to change it up a little, how about:

  • A Bingo Party!
  • A “Wine Tasting Night” party theme.   Everyone brings their favorite bottle of wine. I will bring the tasting glasses
  • A costume party themed girls night! Pick a year (70’s or 80’s) or your favorite super hero
  • A Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice themed party…all pumpkin goodies!
  • A Pinterest themed craft night! Pick a simple and inexpensive fall craft

Keep the snacks light – really, does anyone ever eat?  Your friends aren’t coming to see how clean your house is or because you will have lots to eat. They are coming to spend time with YOU who they have not seen in a long time without the kids or hubby.

So who’s ready to kick of the Fall Holiday season…. contact me to book a date…

Giving of myself so others smile

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!