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How to Buy the Right Wallet

I don’t know about you but I USED to struggle with finding the perfect wallet…. I would find one I thought I liked and then BAM, it wasn’t right.  here are some tips on how to buy the best wallet for you this season.  There are so many things to consider – the number of slots for cards, yah or nah on a coin purse, and will it fit my phone.  There are zillions (okay, so it may be an exaggeration) of wallets out there with just as many features, styles, colors and sizes.

What is a girl to do?

Thirty-One to the rescue! Here is a fun quiz to guide you toward which type of wallet best fits your needs – and your style.

#1 Which word best describes your personal style?

  1. Casual
  2. On-trend
  3. Classic

#2 Be honest: How much stuff does your wallet need to hold?

  1. Just my ID, credit cards and cash.
  2. Just essential cards – and my phone, of course!
  3. Umm…just call me George Costanza.

#3 How do you plan to wear your wallet?

  1. Tucked into my purse (although a wristlet option would be nice)
  2. Crossbody to stand in for a purse and keep my hands free
  3. In my bag during the day, then as a sleek evening clutch

#4 Now let’s talk prints and colors:

  1. Make mine easy-care fabric in my favorite Thirty-One print.
  2. This is tough: I love Thirty-One’s prints AND their faux leather.
  3. Let’s go all out with pebbled faux leather and silver-tone hardware.

#5 Do you want the option to personalize your wallet?

  1. I could go either way on embroidery.
  2. My initial or monogram would be nice.
  3. My look already has PLENTY of personality!

#6 What’s your budget?

  1. Under $30. But I still expect great function and style!
  2. Under $40. So I’ll need it to be even more versatile than a typical wallet.
  3. Under $50. This is an investment in quality I’ll use season after season.

Mostly 1s: Perfect Cents Wallet

This classic, budget-friendly wallet in plenty of print choices is just the right wallet for you to buy!  It may be small in size but it is big on functionality.   The Perfect Cents Wallet features a zipper closure, roomy front and back zipper pockets, 10 credit card slots, four bill slots and an ID window. Made of canvas or cotton in some of our top Thirty-One prints with a polyester lining, this billfold makes a great companion piece for our coordinating totes and purses – or wear it alone as a fun clutch by adding a colorful Wristlet Strap.

Mostly 2s: NEW! Call Me Crossbody

Millennials know a thing or two about minimalism – it’s why you see so many sporting chic, simple crossbody wallets! You don’t need to buy a big purse to stay organized (and stylish) on the go: Choose our Call Me Crossbody wallet for hands-free fashion which is super functional. With credit card slots, an open center compartment for your smart phone and keys along with a magnetic snap closure to keep everything secure, your everyday essentials stay right at your fingertips. The detachable faux leather strap adjusts to wear over your shoulder or as a crossbody. Make your wallet special with embroidered personalization!

Mostly 3s: All About the Benjamins Wallet

It’s our #1-selling wallet for so many reasons! Our Customer-favorite fashion wallet is the perfect choice: tuck it into your handbag or add a Wristlet Strap for carrying all the essentials. The roomy All About the Benjamins has the silhouette of a classic billfold and holds 12 credit cards, with reinforced stitching and interior structure to prevent stretching. Choose from sophisticated solids to coordinate with your purse or tote – or share the fun of Thirty-One for the opportunity to shop exclusive Benjamins in our famous prints!

Post a picture of the wallet you would pick OR if you have a Thirty One wallet, on my Facebook business page for a chance to WIN!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Spring Has Sprung


Not only is it HUMP DAY… it is the first day of February which means…. it is time for the NEW Spring Summer Catalog from Thirty One.

There are so many exciting things happening….

Let me ask you… have you ever thought of having your own business?  Have you thought about what you could do with an extra $200 a month?

This season, Thirty One has THREE – yes I said THREE Enrollment Kits available.

Want the FULL package, you can pick from either A or B for just $9915873230_10158116044525220_7698053581236575355_n


BUT, maybe you don’t have $99… from now till February 10th, you can start your business for just $31.16386881_1527273297297356_171145178868350601_n

During your first four months as a consultant you can earn approximately $150 in FREE product every month for submitting $600 in Personal Volume* (PV).  You get to choose one of these six kits to help you in your Thirty-One business.

startswell-graphic-sp17-kit-a-jpg   startswell-graphic-sp17-kit-f-jpg  startswell-graphic-sp17-kit-e-jpgstartswell-graphic-sp17-kit-d-jpg  startswell-graphic-sp17-kit-c-jpg    startswell-graphic-sp17-kit-b-jpg

You will also receive pre-selected Business Supplies to set you up for success, and a $14.95 credit will be added to your next commission check, covering the cost of one month of your personal website/Customer email subscription. When you earn the first level, you will also earn a Cherish Bracelet, and at every level earned you will receive a StartSwell charm.


When you submit $1,000 in PV during any of the StartSwell earning periods, you’ll earn your choice of Hostess Exclusive – either the Triple Duty Caddy or Rolling Cooler – or a $75 product credit.

If this was the kit offered when I joined Thirty One, I wouldn’t have hesitated for a minute. I also would not have taken so long to get my first $1000 in sales. Here is my Enrollment Kit from February 2011:my enrollment kit- taco

So, if you want to earn some extra money or LOVE the product and want the discount or just want to add to you bag collection……..now is the time to join the Thirty One pink bubble. You get ME too! I will help you set-up your launch party and work with you to make it a success. If you want me details or have any questions, contact me by completing the form below:

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Fall into Thirty One

13900129_1316099998400603_4952567617660917123_nI know that we are in the middle of the summer.  I know that we have been dealing with extremely HIGH temps.  I have not totally lost my mind…..

The truth is that August brings Thirty One’s NEW Fall/Winter catalog.  I have been sitting on it since I came home from National Conference.  I didn’t even open the boxes with my FREE products because everyone knows that I stink at keeping a secret.

So, here it is……

#1 – August’s Customer Special will help you get ready for Back to School!  The special is spend $35 and get either a Cinch Sac, a Wander Tote or the Go To Tote for 50% off.

#2 – Going to the beach or sitting around the pool? Doing things with the kids? Share the catalog and you will be surprised at how fast those orders come in.  Did you know that just 6 orders of $35 will get you FREE and discounted products? 13920688_849527973434_7394069642411413830_n

If your party hits $600, you can get this AWESOME Hostess Bundle.  A Deluxe Utility Tote PERSONALIZED (yup, that is new), a Top a Tote (yes, more newness) and an Essential Storage Tote.

13716106_10207170652527815_9171519645294669837_n#3 – Thirty One is so much more than a purse.  It is so much more than just a GREAT $99 pink box full of AMAZING products.  From my upline, the Beacon of Hope team to my personal team, the Rays of Hope – our mission is to #impactasoul.  Whether that is just a random act of kindness, fundraising, helping someone find financial freedom or fill in what every matters most to you; we are hear to help.

In addition, when you enter $600 in orders every 30 days for the first 4 months, you get to pick ONE of these AWESOME bundles. That is an additional $150 in FREE product in the first 30 days on our StartSwell program.  Better yet, if you enter a $1,000 in orders during that same period; you can get some additional perks:13710023_10209242702041291_3026050067061658217_n    13707665_10103510441444268_3409463371428474050_n

Thirty One LOVES to celebrate, encourage and reward their consultants for doing what we do every day.  Now through September 30th, you can also earn DREAM REWARDS! You collect points based on your sales and new team members with the chance to earn up to a $1,300 gift card!


So for a $99 investment you will get LOTS of FREE product, a gift card AND you earn commission. You will get paid to have fun and #impactasoul.

Not sure if any of this is for you?  That is okay, check out my VIP customer page by clicking HERE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!





Hope Wissel

November’s Top 5 Solutions

November is here!  What does that mean?  You started making a list of the things that need to be done for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You have already started to stress about there not being enough hours in the day or week, right? So the thought of hosting a Thirty One Girl’s Night is just another stressor, right?  What if I could give you some reasons why it would make YOUR holidays so much better?

You get this entire hostess bundle with FREE embroidery on all 3 items for $35 when you collect just $200 in orders!! You can knock out THREE Christmas gifts just by collecting a few orders from your friends and family!!


Our new HOLIDAY shopping list is chock full of gift giving ideas for your friends and family!  Do you know someone who can NEVER find their name on things?  Guess what?  We can solve that with a personalized gift to show them that you were thinking of them.


How boring is it to put a gift card in an envelope?  It seems impersonal, like you didn’t put much thought into it.  The truth is, gift cards are one of the TOP gifts during the holidays.  How many of YOUR friends give gift cards for the holidays?  We have lots of options but my favorite is the Letters from London.


This is the perfect gift to put a GIFT CARD in!  I attach mine to my Thirty One Key FOB when I am out and about.  It is the perfect size for my driver’s license and my debit card.  What more does a girl need, right? So why not help your friends with their holiday gift giving while you can earn YOUR Christmas gifts for FREE.



Would you rather have a few friends gathered in your living room (or at a local restaurant). Laughing. Talking. No kids. No significant other. Light music plays in the background. There are some cute products on display. You feel like you are getting a private showing in a small boutique. When the night is done, you feel refreshed and energized.

Or would you prefer this?

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 23:  Shoppers fill Macy's during the Black Friday sales on November 23, 2012 in New York City. Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season and busiest shopping day of the year for many retailers got it's name as it's said to put retailers 'in the black'. (Photo by Andrew Kelly/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 23: Shoppers fill Macy’s during the Black Friday sales on November 23, 2012 in New York City. Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season and busiest shopping day of the year for many retailers got it’s name as it’s said to put retailers ‘in the black’. (Photo by Andrew Kelly/Getty Images)


FREE and discounted products if you:

  • Host a Facebook party!
  • Host a catalog party or party to go!
  • Host a Home Show!
  • Host a Fundraiser!
  • Host at your favorite Restaurant during Happy Hour for a girls night out!
  • Host a holiday BINGO night!

There’s are so many ways to have fun with Thirty-One while earning FREE and HALF PRICE items.  Let’s figure out the one that works for YOU!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

September is for Redeem-Her

31 gives

Happy Saturday!  For many this is a LONG weekend as we celebrate Labor Day.  For some it is the last taste of summer – either the kids have already gone back to school or they head back this week.  I have to be honest – growing up on the Jersey shore, I longed for this weekend.  It meant the return to normalcy or at least a little less traffic and a few less shoobies.


I am excited to announce that this month is dedicated to Redeem-Her.  I will write them a check for 10% of my total sales for the month, including fundraisers.  So it is a double win for the fundraising group AND Redeem-Her.  I am inspired by the work that they are doing in making a difference in the lives of women who others have given up on.

Redeem-Her successfully transitions women recently released from prison,jail and drug rebab to become valued and contributing members of society.

Redeem-Her, a non-profit organization founded and operated by formerly incarcerated women, provides a safe, sober, supportive environment that is enhanced by positive role models who meet the tangible needs of clients.

Redeem-Her employs a model emphasizing that positive opportunities can transform the lives of women to become responsible, generous members of society.

So, how can you help?  Check out Thirty One’s September Hostess and Customer special. There are THREE opportunities in September to help this AWESOME cause:

Want to be a hostess?

Thank you to Christina’s Creations for the visual. For just $200 in orders, YOU can have a qualified party. Did you know that was only 6 orders of $35? I offer home, catalog/online, on the go and Facebook parties. Which one will fit into YOUR busy schedule?

September hostess

Do you just LOVE to shop?

Thirty One’s Customer Special for September is the Deluxe Utility Tote – a top 10 product for $15 or the Double Up Crossbody – a NEW Fall product for $10 with a $35 purchase.  Spend $70 and you can get BOTH of them for $25.


both specials


The third option is to EARN money. Want to join my team?


So, there are THREE opportunities with Thirty One this summer:

3 options

Which opportunity is for you? Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!