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The Battle of Negative Attraction

The ongoing battle of “negative attraction” or you may know it as a “fatal attraction”.  We know what a fatal attraction is in relationships, right?  It is that person that we are attracted to no matter how much in our head, we know that this person is not right for us.  We have all been there at some time in our life and hopefully have outgrown it.

Did you ever think about it relating to your business?  I know Negative Nellie very well and she hovers outside my door waiting for an invitation to come in.  I am often rude and slam the door in her face.

Have you been trying to reverse “negative attraction” in your business  by doing positive mantras, visualizing your desires, and thinking BIG!  Yet, despite your best efforts nothing seems to work.  You question the path you are on.  You question your purpose?  You wonder if your dreams are just not meant to be?  Does this sound familiar?  I have been there and on some days am still there…

The truth is that no matter how hard I “work”, my mind still drifts to my “lack of” and as a result, I generate more lack.  Does that make sense?  It is about changing our energy.  It is about only doing the things that align with our desires.  WOW!  Believe me, it is a lot harder (at least for me) then it sounds.

Let’s go back to “fatal attraction” relationship.  The person wasn’t right for you for so many reasons.  During that relationship, more negatives came into your life than positives.  If you are like me, you wrote them off and tried to push them aside.  Then one day – SMACK!  You realized that it was time to let the relationship go.  When you did, the universe started changing for you.  It may not have happened overnight.  It may not have been obvious but positive things started to happen.  Maybe you got a raise.  Maybe opportunities started to show up.  Now let’s go back to your business…

If you were to apply the same principle to your business what do you think would happen?  More parties, more recruits, and more goals/incentives achieved.  That is what happens when we are in harmony with our core values.

Do you know what your core values are?  There is an article in Inc magazine that helps you with this process.  Or, on

What are your core values?  Just when I think I know what mine our, I have another AHA moment.  So I am off to work on mine, then I will share.  What about you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Emotional Shopping

emotions - smiley faces

Another Monday morning…The month of September is going by so fast with the stores already stocking holiday items hoping to get people to start shopping early.  In direct sales, we LOVE the holidays because 70% of our business occurs during these 3 months.  Traditionally, the sales made during the holidays help propel us through the winter months with home parties.

Do your customers make decisions based on careful consideration and lots of good information?  I don’t know about you but most of my customers impulse (or emotional) shop at my parties.  There are the rare few that think about budget, use, and gift possibilities before they shop.   Do you know what the six emotions are that effect all buying decisions?  I didn’t but with the help of, I do now.

1. Greed. “If I make a decision now, I will be rewarded.”  Okay, so if we have a GREAT monthly special, people shop because they can get a great deal.  Greed, I don’t know if I would call it that or not.  My customers LOVE certain monthly specials especially when products are more than 50% off the retail price.

2. Fear. “If I don’t make a decision now, I’m toast.”  Buy it or lose it feeling.  Definitely an impulse decision but not one that I run across very often.

3. Altruism. “If I make a decision now, I will help others.”  People like to buy things that serve multiple purposes – they get a great deal PLUS a cause near and dear to their heart receives a donation.  A win-win for everyone, right?  This definitely helps my monthly sales especially during fundraising season.

4. Envy. “If I don’t make a decision now, my competition will win.”  Envy or is it the comparison game.  The old “keep up with the Jones’ theory”, right?  I want what they have – does that really happen in this day and age?

5. Pride. “If I make a decision now, I will look smart.”  I can’t say that I have every come across this with my customers.

6. Shame. “If I don’t make a decision now, I will look stupid.”  Really, do people really buy for this reason?

What is the emotion that you find most prevalent in you customers?  Do you appeal to that emotion when you are talking to them or presenting a product to them?

According to, it is not the information itself that is important, but the emotional effect that the information has on your audience. This is an essential distinction.

Isn’t that why we share our emotional why at parties?  We talk to our party guests based on the feelings (and products) that they can emotional relate to, right? So, do you plan your party presentation to have an emotional punch?  If so, share some of your best tips with us..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

6 Habits of Great Connectors

I am so excited… today, I am at ETTM‘s 2nd Annual Family Wellness and Beauty Day.  I wrote about this amazing event yesterday so I am hoping to see lots of you there today.

Another great perk of this kind of event is the ability to “connect”.  Notice, I didn’t say book, sell or recruit; I said CONNECT.  I mean isn’t it all about building relationships with people?

I always think of myself as a “connector”, not great but good.  I mean what kind of Social Worker would I have been if I couldn’t connect people with appropriate services.  Now, I connect people with AWESOME solution sets to their organizational challenges while in some cases helping them find some extra cash by becoming a consultant.

Ilam Mochari wrote an article entitled “6 Habits of Great Connectors” – how many of these do you do?

1. Smile. “Smiles are contagious and the simple act makes people feel better”.  I mean it doesn’t cost anything to smile, right?  I have to admit that I didn’t smile as much when I had a problem with my front tooth.  A root canal many years ago caused one of my front teeth to turn yellow.  It wasn’t until last year, after overcoming my fear of the dentist, that I got it fixed.  YEAH!  Now, I smile all of the time.

2. Make friends.  “How would I treat this person if they were my close friend or someone I’d want to be a close friend?”  When you meet someone, talk to them, get to know them and don’t think “what can this person do for me”.  Reverse that and see what you can do for them.

3. Pay attention. “People want to tell their story. Be the person excited to hear it”. I LOVE hearing people’s story.  It is a great way to connect with them.  Then the next time you talk to them, you can relate to something that you heard in their story.

4. See friends, not strangers. “When you walk into a room, see the new faces not as strangers but as friends you have yet to meet”.  This used to my biggest struggle.  I have overcome so much in the last year that I see friends everywhere.  This is a great way to overcome your FEAR of not knowing anyone in a room full of people.

5. Contribute. “Meeting people is about making their lives better….Give like crazy, embrace generosity and make others more successful”.   Hubby says that I am always giving away the store.  Okay, so this is something that I need to be careful about in business.

6. Be open to conversation. “Embrace conversation with those around you. Everyone has something to offer–your server or the guy next to you on a park bench or plane flight,”  If you’re the shy type, the only way to get better is to make an effort–even if it’s a fruitless effort.

Are YOU a connector?  Which of these traits do you have to work on?  Share with us and if you are in the Freehold, NJ area – stop by our event at the Radisson Hotel from 10AM – 8PM to connect.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Time Management

Does this word make you shake with fear?  Does it make you want to run out of your office screaming?  I always thought that I was good with time management.  The busier that I was the more that I seemed to get done in any given day.  Then, my daughter left for college, I left my full-time job & a crazy commute and began working for myself.  Seems like time management would be an easy thing, right?  No more juggling schedules to make sure that everything got done.  Okay, you can stop laughing.  The more time that I have, the less that I seem to get done during the week.  Crazy, right?

Last week, I met with my Thirty One accountability partner to set goals for the upcoming week.  I am great at setting the goals, awful about writing them down and then even worse at getting everything accomplished on my goal list.  So, we both agreed that time management was the source of our problem or should I say the lack of time management.  I calendar block for my business so that I know when I am available to book parties – easy.  I know that I don’t plan anything on Monday and Tuesday because it is hubby’s day off.  Seems like the rest of the time would be relatively easy to juggle.  Like I said, the more time the less time management.  I went on a hunt for some ideas and found an article from that talked about 6 thing that REALLY PRODUCTIVE people do.  I figured it was worth checking out…

1.  Pick your priorities.  This seems logical then it said “focus on spending time on things that for you is fun and productive”.   Somehow the two don’t always go together for me.  What about you?

2.  Go for Efficiency.  WOW!  If I knew how to do that wouldn’t I be better at time management?  Their suggestion – Live your life by design, not default.

3.  Integrate Your Activities.  I can do this one but I am not so sure that my family and friends are totally on board with this.  I think once in awhile they would love to hear something out of my mouth that is NOT Thirty One related.

4.  Actively Manage Time-wasters.  Again, if I knew how to do this – I could budget my time.  I have tried not going on social media (my biggest time sucker) until I am done with other things but then I have a party task that is part of social media.  Can you hear the vacuum sucking me in?  Is it only me that has this black hole in their computer?

5.  Be an Active Learner.  I LOVE to learn new tools but I seem to have a problem implementing them or knowing what is going to help me free up some time in my day.

6.  Lighten UP!  “The world won’t come to an end” just because you left a few things undone.  No, but my business may be on shaky ground if I don’t learn to do steps 1 – 5.

As a direct sales consultant, I have a MILLION reasons why I am not good at time management.  I have tried lists with some success but then I forget to write everything down on the list.  I have tried alerts so that I remember to do things – easy to ignore or dismiss. I am still searching for the system that will help me to be more productive – working smarter AND NOT harder.

henry-vacuum-cleanerDo you have any tips that you can share before the vacuum sucks me in?  I would love to hear your suggestions.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!