Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Generate More Money

The first full week of a new month and a new quarter….A time to start fresh because we can’t change yesterday and tomorrow is not guaranteed so let’s see what we can do today to make the most of it.


When you started your direct sales business you had a passion and the desire to make some money.  For some, it becomes a career while others are just looking for some extra play money. Whatever your reason for being in business; we ALL would like to generate more money (aka as sales, parties, recruits, etc.).

I know what you are thinking –  this is the usual book, sell, recruit speech right?  You couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The real way to increase the flow of money in your business is to increase your IPA time.  IPA time is your “income producing activities”.  The time and energy you invest into activities that will bring you more customers and more money.  I mean, you know who your potential customers are right?  You know where they hang out?  You know what some of their likes are, right? So what are you doing to make the most of that information?

Here are some ways to increase your IPA time:

1. Creating a special or promotion.   Send it out to your family, friends and potential/past clients and customers.

2. Book a trade show or craft show to sell your products/services and add new people to your newsletter list.  These types of events are not about the sales but about the contacts that you make and the relationships that you begin to foster.  You may make sales and book parties and maybe event recruit BUT that is not the primary goal.  Change your focus and you will find success in all of these events.

3. Follow up with past customers.  The money is ALWAYS in the follow-up.  Offer them a VIP special and/or a referral bonus if they refer customers to you.  If we don’t ask for referrals, they may think we have enough business and don’t need any more.  Yes, that is true!  How about a “Miss You” postcard to remind them who their consultant is?

4. Collaborate with another entrepreneur to create an offering or product that compliments one another. ​ I LOVE this one because the focus is off of our own personal goals and we are looking for ways to help others.  I do this via my Saturday Spotlight.  It has gotten my name out to people who might not otherwise have read my blog or checked out my Thirty One products.

5.  Get OFF Social Media.  Yes, I went there.  If your potential customers are in various organizations, why not join in on one of their events.  Support a local cause and start building relationships.  Hang out at a local favorite restaurant and meet people.  Start conversations.  TALK to people.  You can continue to foster that relationship via the internet but let them see your face.

So what are you going to do to take action?  Make a list of one or two IPA activities that you would like to take action on this week.  Share the results with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!