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The Power of Connections

Happy Saturday!  While you are reading this blog, I am headed to an AMAZING conference being held right here in NJ – Freehold, actually.   This is the OFFICIAL 1 year Anniversary for the Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms (ETTM as we like to call it).  What better way is there to celebrate then with a conference packed full of powerful speakers.

It hardly seems possible that I was introduced to ETTM only 6 months ago by Nicole of Jersey Cookie Girl fame.  When I first agreed to go – I was nervous and definitely out of my comfort zone.  What did I have in common with all of these professional women?  I was “just a bag lady”.  WOW!  From the first meeting, I started to learn and grow.   When we got to the “think tank” part of the meeting, I was really ready to find an excuse to leave.  See, one of the best parts of the meetings is that in small groups, we talk about our business including setting 2 week goals that are recorded so that we are accountable at the next meeting.  Can you say BOLT out the door? I remember Fran from Beauty Control telling me that “everyone uses purses and bags, so why shouldn’t they use yours?”.  That is when I started learning what the power of connection was all about.  It wasn’t about how many sales I would make at each meeting, it wasn’t about how many parties were booked – it was about connecting.  Connecting to other like-minded women who really weren’t much different then myself.  Our businesses may be different, our struggles may be different but in the end our goal was the same – being able to network while we inspire other women by sharing our strength, hope and experiences.  I was building relationships and as a result, my business would prosper.

When people ask me  – How much business have you gotten from the meetings?.  My response is always the same – It is beyond measure!  Yes, I have had some sales but the greatest value is in how much I have grown as a person and as a result grown in my business.  I step out of my comfort zone and actually walk into a room without knowing anyone without feeling “less than”.  I am blogging!  What you read every day is a direct result of a challenge by Vanessa.  I am always amazed when someone likes my blog posting or even wants to follow me and they haven’t even met me.  I was humbled this past weekend when some amazing up and coming business women complimented me in front of a group about how much I had helped them to grow in their business. THE POWER OF CONNECTIONS.  I love it!

So, enjoy your day because I know that I will as I get a chance to meet and learn more about the “Power of Connections” from ETTM founders Vanessa Coppes & Lynette Barbieri along with Jennifer Tuma-Young, Mike Michalowicz, Patty Lennon, Susan Vernicek and a special performance by Michelle Cleary.  If you missed today’s conference, check out one of our meetings (two a month), you won’t be sorry.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

Anchors – Not the Boat Kind

I was looking for inspiration this morning when an email popped up about the Entrepreneurial Think Tank’s Conference –  Power of Connections in September.  One of the speakers is Jennifer Tuma-Young who wrote the book Balance your Life, Balance the Scale!

I was curious so I clicked the link to check out what Jennifer had to say.  Anything that will help me to balance the scale and reach goal weight is of interest to me!  I found an interesting posting on “Identify Your Anchors“.  To say the least, I was curious because I THOUGHT I knew what my anchors were but it seems that I had balance and anchors a little mixed up.  To me balance is having everything in a row or running smoothly – no ruffles in my feathers.  WOW!  Did she ruffle these feathers!  Anchors are core values – those that are part of who we are and yes, I had forgotten what my core values were in the midst of this crazy thing called LIFE.

So, I took the challenge to identity my list of values.  For some this may be easy but for me as I am peeling off the layers of who I am versus who I think I should be, it was a little bit more difficult. I have a hard time deciding what are MY values and those that are imposed by others.  So, I read the list (click the challenge link to see them) and begin listing all of them that I thought applied to me.  Okay, so now the true test – praying and deciding what were my anchors.  Here goes:

  • Faith
  • Marriage
  • Family 
  • Financial Independence
  • Giving 
  • Inspiration (I couldn’t decide between that or Encouragement)

These go along with my 4 Business principles that I had to identify during a recent training:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • An Encouragement to Others
  • A Balanced Life

What are your anchors?  Take the challenge.  Come hear Jennifer at the conference.  Read her book.  I can’t wait to hear what else she has to say.  Share your thoughts and comments, I love to hear from you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!